Top 10 Best Beginner Ukulele Brands That Suit Your Personality

If you cannot think of a better ukulele to splash the cash on, check out our guide here. In this roundup, we run you through the best beginner ukulele brands. They fit all your levels and budget. They can do different styles in different colors, so you no longer struggle with your choice.

We choose them by comparing some reputable brands and their products. So before opting for the ideal label, you need to figure out more about these brands as below.

Top 10 Best Beginner Ukulele Brands That Suit Your Personality

1. Cordoba (1997)

Cordoba ukulele

Cordoba is one of the biggest names in the world of nylon-string guitars and ukuleles, manufacturing instruments for beginners and professionals. The company’s headquarter lies in Santa Monica, California. Meanwhile, its other manufacturing facilities get based in Oxnard, California.

The brand aims at mixing conventional craftsmanship and modern developments to make the best quality products.

Founded in 1997, Cordoba remains a new brand name. However, its instruments get made with tradition and authenticity. Each gets handcrafted by the most skillful luthiers in the United States, Spain, and China.

2. Kala (2005)

Kala ukulele

Kala is the home to the most diverse world of ukuleles in history. The label comes in different sizes and styles. It was born by Mike Upton who initially fell in love with this instrument in the 1990s.

Mike started designing and creating ukuleles he loved after returning to Petaluma, California. The whole Kala sales and techs team got formed in 2005. They worked out of a chicken hatchery.

When you want to get your hands on decent ukuleles at affordable prices, Kala would be worth your try. The brand produces high-quality instruments with clever designs. They also have a great variety of ukuleles that sound amazing and might suit your needs.

This brand is also the choice for many artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Walk Off the Earth, and Vance Joy.

3. Martin (1833)

Martin ukulele

Among the best beginner ukulele brands, products from Martin are known for more than their craftsmanship and tone. Whenever mentioned, Martin is not only about guitars and strings. That’s a long history of legendary musical instruments. Back to its beginnings in 1833, when Civil War soldiers strummed their ukuleles around campfires.

Decades later, the brand took the spotlight on MTV Unplugged with countless contemporary songs and music genres. Several artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Mayer, and many others played Martins.

The company has been owned by a family in which each generation has been dedicated to craftsmanship. This thing helps to maintain the highest quality standards.

4. Lanikai (1857)

Lanikai ukulele

Lanikai specializes in offering ukuleles for musicians who love the playability and style of the instruments. Like Kala, Lanikai is also a good starter ukulele brand when offering entry-level and high-end models. The label is a part of the Hohner music company. Their ukuleles were first made in China at cheap prices before moving into the higher-end models.

Coming with Lanikai, you will experience premium models made from tonewoods. Some popular models are the Exotic Series and the Quilted Ash Series. Such woods deliver special tones and a pretty look thanks to the natural patterns of the trees they’re made.

5. Luna (2005)

Luna ukulele

The brand comes from the mind of a stained-glass artist and quickly becomes well-known due to its unique designs and sound. Since 2005, Luna has expanded the line by including electric guitars and ukuleles that turn out to be increasingly popular. Their design idea is to create a mark and inspire others by using various tropical woods in the manufacturing process.

As a lifestyle label, Luna never hesitates to promote happiness, learn new things, and deliver inner creativity.

If you want to buy a ukulele to perform like nobody’s watching, Luna is a good choice. The brand supports the tough yet rewarding journey of musicians of all ages. For them, music helps the world become a better place, so their instruments do not need to be costly.

6. Fender (1946)

Fender - best beginner ukulele brand

It’s the brand that every newcomer and professional is aware of. Yet, they rarely relate Fender with a soprano ukulele or a concert ukulele. Fender is excellent at creating some high-quality instruments, especially ukuleles. For this reason, their products always draw the attention of all guitar followers in every market.

Fender or simply FMIC is a US maker of stringed instruments, including acoustic guitars, amplifiers, ukuleles, and bass guitars. The company got established in Fullerton, California by Clarence Leonidas Leo Fender. Since then, Fender has become famous for its wide range of guitars for all players and all kinds of budgets.

7. Oscar Schmidt (1871)

Oscar Schmidt - best ukulele brand for beginner

Another historic ukulele brand is none other than Oscar Schmidt.

Back in the 1800s, the company used to work out of factories in Europe where music shops did not exist. At that time, they created stringed instruments that are similar to ukuleles and classical guitars. By the early 1900s, the firm owned five different factories in Europe and another one in Jersey City.

They make all stringed instruments such as mandolins, ukuleles, zithers, guitars, banjos, and Autoharps. Till now, the brand gets recognized for some of its unique products. They get made of premium mahogany and koa wood. Each product gets inspected and then adjusted in America by a skillful technician.

8. Lohanu

Lohanu ukulele

Lohanu is a Canadian company specializing in making the best ukuleles for beginners. The company strive hard to provide decent ukuleles in various sizes for kids and adults. They also have some of the best-selling ukuleles on Amazon USA and Canada.

Not surprisingly, the brand is worth the hype for quality and price. They’re proud to bring excellence in craftsmanship and customer service to each ukulele. Most Lohanu ukuleles appear like professional instruments. They own beautiful designs with attention to detail and get made with premium materials.

9. Mahalo (1999)

Mahalo ukulele

If you need a ukulele brand with a Hawaiian feel, then Mahalo is one of the best beginner ukulele brands. For those who don’t know, Mahalo means “thank you” or “appreciation”.

With their origin in China, Mahalo ukuleles were made to deliver a real musical experience at affordable prices. These instruments are small, but the first decent and playable ones on the market.

Mahalo’s manufacturer started distributing the label around the globe under license to Kikutani Music. Sure enough, this thing made the brand enjoy big overnight success.

Mahalo is now the best-selling ukulele brand in several nations. Many music stores worldwide have chosen Mahalo as their major ukulele line till now.

10. Donner (2012)

Donner ukulele

Donner is a music firm that creates a great selection of instruments, mostly targeted at players seeking their first instrument. Since 2012, the brand has become the pioneer of mini pedals. These are committed to bringing the joy of performance to customers by making the sound of their guitars more special.

Besides, Donner started selling online, including ukuleles, electric pianos, and guitars. According to them, they trust that playing instruments can create happiness. So only by using their high-quality tools, you can begin the musical adventure without difficulty.

Final Words

It’s easy to see many best ukulele brands for beginners you can trust to add a layer to your songs. Maybe you have a limited budget and want to shop for young kids or simply for camping. Go ahead and find your favorite from our list of favorites. These models quality as fantastic instruments at reasonable prices.

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