10 Best Marinara Sauce Brands To Toss Noodles In

Marinara is more than just crushed tomatoes, so this jar of sauce can be hard to find. For that reason, we want to recommend the best marinara sauce brands today. These sauces stand out in terms of flavor and nutrition. Besides, we also judge them based on aroma and coating ability among dozens of options.

Some would be sweet while others can feel like you’re eating tomato syrup. How to decide which sauce is your favorite? Check our roundup right away!

10 Best Marinara Sauce Brands To Toss Noodles In

1. Barilla Marinara

Barilla Marinara

Barilla is famous for its wide range of flavors in which each appears unique. You can find chunks of tomatoes and other veggies in the product with some herbs. Guido, Luca, and Paolo have developed the firm for 30 years. Now three brothers succeed in creating the future.

Later, Barilla acquired the Muggia pasta plant near Trieste from Pasta Zara. This event announced the beginning of the growth path through investments and those who become part of the Barilla Group.

Until now, Barilla is still passionate about pasta, from the field to the dining table. The company is also committed to offering us the best experiences with its marinara: delicious and helps preserve our planet.

2. Ocean’s Balance – best premium marinara brand

Ocean’s Balance Marinara

You still want it to taste good and be healthy. More than that, you want it to be made in a way that feels gentle to the planet. For these reasons, Ocean’s Balance introduces its line of seaweed products and premium marinara sauce with a twist of kelp.

Ocean’s Balance can help elevate your comfort-food meals into nutritional ones. It’s an award-winning label that specializes in making pantry essentials.

Try Mariner’s Marinara Pasta Sauce made with farmed and harvested kelp from the waters of the Gulf of Maine. The company takes seaweed, a trending food for everyone, and adds it to items like pasta sauces and seasonings.

3. Bove’s – best Italian marinara brand

Bove’s Marinara

Bove is one of the best marinara sauce brands from Italy you can consider from the list. Its marinara pasta sauce gets handcrafted with plum tomatoes, onions, and garlic. The product is gluten-free and has no extra sugar, preservatives, or GMOs.

There are three different generations involved in this adventure. And for years, Louis and Victoria Bove had been creating sauces and Italian dishes. All the ingredients get produced and grown in their backyard garden along with those bought from local markets.

At Bove’s, they translated recipes into success stories, availing the finest ingredients and their decades of experience in this industry.

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4. Ragu – best marinara brand with no extra sugar

Ragu Marinara

In 1914, Assunta and her husband Giovanni left Italy for the USA with her cherished family sauce recipe. They decided to put roots in Rochester, New York. How come? By using their backyard garden, they grew herbs and tomatoes that inspire their tomato sauce and tasty meals.

When the firm grew, they’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality for every batch of tomato sauce. Ragu soon became a centerpiece on every dinner table across America. As the brand claims, simpler is better.

And that’s the reason why Ragu Simply Sauces got introduced, made with olive oil and no extra sugar. For more than 80 years, Ragu Sauce has been supporting those who cook like a mommy.

5. Bertolli

Bertolli Marinara

Bertolli should never be missed by our best marinara sauce brands. It’s a popular brand of Italian food products. They’re manufactured by several companies worldwide.

From the start, Bertolli was known as a label of extra-virgin olive oil, pasta sauces, and ready meals. Its story began in Lucca, Tuscany in 1865. Around that time, Francesco Bertolli and his wife, Caterina, opened a little grocery store beneath the house. They sold decent regional wines, cheeses, olives, and olive oil.

In 2015, the brand celebrated its 150 years of offering authentic Italian flavor. Its customers everywhere select Bertolli for delivering tasty pasta sauces, oils, and frozen dinners.

6. Rao’s

Rao’s Marinara

Founded in 1992, Rao’s Homemade is the major brand of pasta sauce with growth unmatched by any other firm. Besides, the company provides a great selection of tasty soups, dry pasta, and frozen entrees without artificial ingredients.

Are you finding some marinara sauce for meatball subs? Rao’s premium sauce is the best one to consider. The brand only uses high-quality tomatoes and olive oil without the use of any added coloring or preservatives. The sauces get hand-prepared and simmered for the perfect flavor.

7. Victoria Fine Foods

Victoria Fine Foods Marinara

In 1929, an Italian family immigrated to Brooklyn, New York City to begin a business using decent ingredients and fresh veggies. Over 85 years later, they still keep doing the same way in which ingredients should come first. If you’re searching for fresh tomatoes from the marinara sauce, check this brand out!

Its conventional marinara sauce gets prepared with imported Italian tomatoes, fresh garlic, and fresh onions. Everything will get slow-cooked to perfection. Doing so will help give the pasta sauce an authentic homemade flavor.

Victoria Fine Foods trusts that great dedication to the finest ingredients and cooking process is worth your time and effort.

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8. Mezzetta – best marinara sauce brand for mozzarella sticks

Mezzetta Marinara

Mezzetta is the best marinara sauce brand for mozzarella sticks from our roundup this time. The brand started packing and distributing its food products in 1980. Later, Mezzetta acquired Kona Coast Hawaiian Sauces and Marinades before moving into a new factory in America.

It’s a California food processor that specializes in packing olives, and pickled vegetables in glass jars. According to customers, the brand makes perfect sauce, olives, and preserved veggies.

Unlike others, this sauce tends to have a bright and intense tomato flavor as well as a bit of onion-forward.

9. Prego Farmer

Prego Farmer Marinara

We must give credit to Prego for making a sauce that relies on fresh ingredients. The longer it simmers, the more the taste goes away. The brand’s sauces kick off a step up from its traditional varieties. Its line provides high-quality products at affordable prices.

The marinara sauce of the brand begins with simple ingredients, including tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness. In 2016, Prego Farmer established a mason jar at Chelsea Plaza. Visitors get to tour the garden featuring planters and walls covered in vegetables and herbs. They can test out its new sauces if they want.

10. Fody Foods

Fody Foods Marinara

At Fody, you can find a world of tasty and gut-friendly foods and marinara sauces for your favorite pizza. With its FODMAP foods, customers have a chance to treat their irritable bowel syndrome.

Through Fody’s line of snacks, sauces, and kitchen staples, your meals have never been easier and more delectable than that.

Currently, Fody products get made in various parts of the world. Its pasta and olive oil get manufactured in Italy. Meanwhile, their BBQ sauce, marinara sauce, and salsa are made in America. Like other brands, the Marinara sauce of Fody has a good tomato flavor and unctuousness from olive oil.


Some pasta sauce tastes like a bunch of oregano and undercooked tomatoes. However, there is still some good stuff for you. Pick up your favorite from our best Marinara sauce brands above to save you a ton of time. They’re deeply flavorful, and savory, and can give a mouth-smacking quality.

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