10 Best Kendama Brands For Your Tricks

Kendama does such a great job of making up a community. It would be more fun to play with friends and increase your social experience. So go to find your favorite among the best Kendama brands we mention today. Each offers a wide variety of Kendamas no matter what your skill level is.

Kendama has several benefits for players of all ages. It’s a perfect full-body workout allowing players to be out of their comfort zones.

10 Best Kendama Brands For Your Tricks

1. Ozora – A legendary Kendama brand

Ozora Kendama

If you’re looking for a Japanese-made Kendama, find Ozora. Known as the legendary Kendama brand, Ozora was born by Yamagata Koubou. He has been creating Kendamas in Japan since 1977.

In 2005, it changed its name to the Yamagata Koubou company. And the toy’s notoriety of Ozora has grown so far. Their products also get certified by the Japanese Kendama Association and are recommended to this day.

Like other best Kendama brands, Ozora brings a simple and interactive toy to power up everyone’s mental and physical skills. Its Kendama stands out by its creative design and fun ways to entertain ourselves.

2. Sweets Kendama – First American Kendama brand

Sweets Kendama

Sweets Kendama is the first American company to produce its brand of Kendama. As its name gets mentioned, people think of quality, design, and function. Each product gets hand-painted and assembled in Minnesota.

It’s the brainchild of Matt Sweets Jorgenson who loves to take on all challenges. He once broke his back while doing a backflip on a snowboard. This event forced him to concentrate on hobbies with less risk of injury. At that time, he wanted to find something he truly loved and began his own business.

As you see, Sweets succeeded in finding Kendama and doing a mission to make them accessible outside of Japan. Sweets has never enabled the company to launch a product that he didn’t use himself. Therefore, you can rely on the quality and function of Kendama.

3. Krom Kendama – best Kandama brand with many creative ideas

Krom Kendama

Krom is one of the most renowned Kendama labels in Europe with its base in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the brand, its goal is to create the largest sport in the world. To do that, Krom would bring back great old toys through brand new formats.

Till today, Kendama never stops developing across the globe and grew with it with many creative ideas. Krom is proud of bringing this play to new people and new heights every single day.

Different from others, Krom is unique in its skill to boost your cognitive abilities and hand-eye coordination. With a high concentration on the original style, they’re working as professional players to promote the game globally.

4. Sol

Sol Kendama

In 2014, two brothers named Chad and Shelton joined together to begin a Kendama brand with one strong vision. It’s about growing the Kendama community and building relationships.

For Sol, they’re aware that Kendama is not only a toy but something bigger than that. As a result, we have Sol, a premium Kendama label headquartered out of America.

Sol knows that it’s a good way of expression and a bridge among strangers. It enables focus and mediation. More than that, playing Kendama means higher motivation that can help encourage your self-improvement.

5. Terra

Terra Kendama

Terra is a Canadian Kendama firm based in Vancouver. It started the business of creating Kendama in 2011. Till today, the company has been helped by a team of enthusiastic players and creators in the world.

If you would love to know which Kendama is right for you, go check its different shapes and features. Each player will have their style, so Terra was born to create a wide range of products to match.

Besides, the company won’t love the idea of paying somebody to make a Kendama with their name on it. They want to do it themselves!

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6. Grain Theory – best premium kandama brand

Grain Theory Kendama

Grain Theory is known as a specialist in Europe where you can discover the best Kendamas in the world. The brand focuses on technical Kendama design, fashion, accessories, and media. People love to come here to find a trick and bring it to the next level with their products.

It’s a premium company creating small batches of Kendamas which are some of the best they ever had. Its recent releases are already launched to bring quality to a larger audience. The toys encourage you to push the limits with Kendama. Each wood here shows its unique power which you can feel and join the vibe.

7. Duncan Toys

Duncan Toys Kendama

It’s an American toy maker headquartered in Middlefield, Ohio, and best known for its yo-yos. The firm got established in 1929 by Donald F. Duncan Sr. and then acquired the Flores Yo-Yo firm.

Duncan Toys also makes Kendamas which originate from early 18th century Japan. With them, the players have to hold the Ken and do tricks catching and tossing Tama.

Kendama turns into a staple at Duncan, so you can find your favorite here! With more than 85 years of experience, Duncan Toys have experience in crafting classic skill toys for all generations. And they’re committed to exciting children of all ages and every generation with top products.

8. Kendama USA

Kendama USA Kendama

For over a decade, the company has introduced people from different parts of the world to the Kendama. Kendama USA is one of the most trusted and original Kendama sources. Its store offers toys from the top brands that it makes or plays itself. With over 16 years of experience, you can find all the great toys and accessories here.

The first staff of the brand got introduced to Kendama in 2006 during their Japan tour. At that time, they played with the toys continuously while waiting at various stations and walking around the city. Thus, they introduced the first Kendama in Downtown Tokyo and shared it with the others once getting back home.

9. DA/O

DAO Kendama

The name of the brand is a shortcut that represents your expression when having fun. And that’s the reason why DA/O was born. Joy is what the company pursues to bring to each of us. Currently, the brand has never stopped striving for a balanced skill toy on this market.

Balance serves a crucial part in Kendama. Thus, DA/O is in charge of the weight and where they source the goods. Most of its products get weight matched to perform and excite the players at once. Every product gets made on high-precision CNC lathe machines in the most decent wood quality possible.

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10. Active Kendama

Active Kendama

It got founded in early 2015 to spread the passion of playing Kendamas in a larger community. Active Kendama is now widely known across the world. The firm never stops looking for ways to inspire others with this classic toy.

To do that, they sponsored and hosted different Kendama events around the world. Doing so will help players to gain more physical, social, mental, and emotional benefits from Kendama.

Besides, their team has all players coming from different nations, such as America, Sweden, Romania, Poland, and Japan. Each has a special set of Kendama skills that they love to share with the community.


We bet that you have already known where to get the best quality Kendama without breaking the bank. All of these best brands of Kendama have what you need and keep you playing and more.

For anyone who wants to find the best Kendama brand for beginners, check out Kendama USA or Analog for further options. At these places, you can find Ken and Tama made of ash and a pocket trick guide.

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