10 Best Portable Generator Brands To Keep Your Home Powered

Power outages are always frustrating, especially spending several hours leading to more unsafe situations. Let’s keep your essentials up and running with these best portable generator brands we’re about to reveal!

This list will give you an idea about the leading brands selling generators in the market. Browse through the list and pick up your favorite to add to your house today.

10 Best Portable Generator Brands To Keep Your Home Powered

1. Champion – most reliable portable generator brand

champion portable generator

Champion Power Equipment is the most reliable portable generator brand on the list. It has several years of experience offering durable power items. These get engineered in America for North American and global markets. No matter if it’s in the house, at work, or play, Champion products can meet standards of performance excellence.

The brand also had its successful generator line in 2003, which quickly climbed to the upper echelons. It’s all thanks to its innovative features and low prices. The generators can operate on gasoline or propane.

Champion also has an expanded line of generators ranging from 2000-watt inverters to 12000-watt ones.

2. Honda – best high-quality portable generator brand

Honda portable generator

Honda deserves a purchase for home power backup among the best portable generator brands. Honda always sets a high standard for this product, which puts the brand’s reliability to another level. With simple 4-stroke engines, their generators have gained fame for smooth and silent operation and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Whenever you need power, come to Honda due to its high quality and great design. Since the 1940s, Honda has increased its engine production to two million engines per year. That thing makes it become a popular label for everyone around the world. Besides generators, Honda also makes snow blowers, tillers, pumps, and string trimmers.

3. Yamaha – best portable inverter generator brand

Yamaha portable generator

Another good name out of the best portable generator brands by consumer reports is Yamaha. It’s a multinational company best known for inverter generators with creative designs. The machines can run smoothly and quietly with a volume level from 51.5dBA to 61dBA. They get designed for fertility for 4-wheel driving, fishing, camping, and many uses.

Its headquarters are still in Japan. Any of its generator models are made in Japan as well. Till now, Yamaha is considered a premium brand in portable generators in the world. With 50 years of engine experience, its products are the lightest and most fuel-efficient.

4. DuroStar – best affordable portable generator brand

DuroStar portable generator

DuroStar is recognized for building up its brand name by creating affordable and trustworthy products. Its powerful product line can deliver power for every need no matter if it’s the laptop, lights, power tools, or a fridge. It’s the brand of generators produced by DuroPower, a firm based in America.

They’re both known as the leading brand in offering decent generators at reasonable prices. Besides, DuroStar pays attention to environmentally-friendly power solutions.

That means their generators satisfy exact standards that keep the air clean. However, DuroStar doesn’t produce inverters or hybrid generators like other sister companies.

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5. Sportsman

Sportsman portable generator

Whether you need portable generators, power tools, or more, Sportsman has whatever you need to get the task done. The brand receives good reviews for its Surge-watt generator which is perfect for running TVs, grills, and other small appliances. Sportsman is famous for giving aid for several recreational purposes.

Most generators of Sportsman get made in China by the globe’s famous manufacturers called Buffalo. That’s the parent company of the US firm where it makes trusted products for customers in China. Their products are one of the most demanded items in the industry and have met the electricity needs of different sectors.

6. Generac

Generac portable generator

Established by Robert Kern, the firm started making portable generators for Sears under the Craftsman brand. During that time, the company expanded its product line in the recreational vehicle markets. And in the 1980s, it got into the industrial markets with backup power generation systems.

Generac is widely known as a Fortune 1000 American maker of power generation items for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. It’s the most reliable and popular label among the best portable generator brands out there.

Since 1959, the brand has succeeded in building great fame for creating robust emergency power generation units. Generac also brings the power to the hands of every homeowner with a full line of washers.

7. Duromax

Duromax portable generator

If you’re seeking the leader in portable generator tech, serving the American market, Duromax is the best choice. Its full product line is composed of portable generators, water pumps, power cords, pressure washers, and much more.

The company is located in California, but if you want to find one based in Los Angeles, go for LT Generators!

Duromax is always linked to reliability and affordability. It has more than 20 various models and 2 special designs for triple or four-cylinder engines. We highly recommend this brand to everyone because it sells solid generators that meet all our needs.

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8. Energizer

Energizer portable generator

Energizer is still new to this industry, but it’s best known for alkaline batteries. Furthermore, the brand is synonymous with innovation and globally-recognized technologies. It knows how to shape the portable power market with a wide range of ground-breaking items.

Energizer’s models come from Midland Power, a company that specialized in selling generators under the Hyundai brand.

A generator model of the brand can give you 7500 watts of peak power and 6500 watts of constant power. Its products also feature Dual Wave technology that allows the inverters to control voltage and current. All equipment gets designed in North America, giving consumers access to the best customer service.

9. Pulsar – best portable generator brand for outdoors

Pulsar portable generator

Pulsar’s generator gained high ratings for power and portability. Besides, it provides dual fuel features with modern technology to make it easier to transition between gasoline and propane.

The first thing that makes you choose the brand is its compact design. Secondly, it must be the control panel of a generator. Lastly, fuel technology would make Pulsar the best choice.

Whenever you need an ideal option for outdoor gatherings with smoothly running, Pulsar is the best brand to consider. Its power equipment is often made in black and gray tones.

Beyond that, their styles have solid units that look sleek and compact for easy portability. For those who are searching for a diesel generator, opt for Hyundai.

10. Caterpillar

Caterpillar portable generator

Generators from Caterpillar are a perfect choice according to everyone.

How come?

They own enough power to run well in any situation. Better than thought, these engines are highly durable with dependable power sources. Another good part of them is that you can set up with ease and work without issues.

For later generations, the brand has been the leading maker of generators you can rely on. Its products are famous for the finest quality equipment and machinery.

Also, Caterpillar provides its customers with several years of trusted safety and outstanding service. Once you need power, it’s ready to tackle your challenges with a lineup of commercial and industrial generators.


Pick up your favorite from these best portable generator brands whether you’re in a place getting hit by storms. Having an emergency generator will help create enough power to keep your electric gadgets and appliances running.  They mainly focus on consumers’ needs to help the firm increase the client’s experience.

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