Top 9 Best Italian Swimwear Brands For Beach Time

Ladies love to look great under the glowing sun this summer season. Let us share with you some of the best Italian swimwear brands to pack in your suitcase! Each sporty piece never goes out of style, not to mention its high-quality textiles and fantastic craftsmanship.

We have updated the trendiest designs with elegant prints and colors. Check them out now! The following just-launched swimsuits will give you uncompromising perfection at the beach.

Top 9 Best Italian Swimwear Brands For Beach Time

1. Aurumroma

aurumroma swimwear

The brand got founded by Michele Morrone’s vision and the talent of the designer Chiara Pollano. If you are seeking some versatile garments for casual occasions with a stylish touch, Aurumroma is a good choice to make. It represents the aesthetic sense and mysterious beauty of women through their clothes.

Both Michele Morrone and Chiara Pollano want to make women’s fashion shine bright by increasing the experience of Italian clothing pieces. The meeting between these two people was meaningful when getting united by their passion for fashion.

The aim of creating the brand is to capture the elegant shapes of female bodies. And they do that with Italy’s decent fabrics.

2. Anjuna (2014) – Best Italian Bohemian Swimwear Brand

Anjuna swimwear

Anjuna got founded in 2014 and was named after a coastal village in India. The brand aims to deliver the carefree spirit of the beach to its customers through bohemian swimwear. What makes it special from other Italian swimwear brands is the way it interprets the collection.

It adds an irresistible charm to dresses and a creative twist on vintage bikinis under the hands of Emanuela Corvo. This woman is the founder of Anjuna and is well-known for her unique and beautiful designs. She gains inspiration from art and culture to give vivid life to her products.

So coming with the label, you would have the loveliest beachwear made in Italy and summer dresses with trendy vibes.

3. Calzedonia (1986)

calzedonia swimwear

Recently, Calzedonia has been looking for ways to attract the attention of the U.S. market. Back to its history, the label got established in Verona in 1986. Sandro Veronesi is the president and began in this business by working for the Italian king of hosiery.

Calzedonia is also a subsidiary of the Calzedonia Group and has wide popularity in European markets.

The brand features abundant affordable Italian-made swimwear, leggings, and socks. This is one of the main reasons why it soon became the leader in these sectors.

There are over 1,600 stores of the brand found worldwide. It specializes in manufacturing swimwear, leggings, hosiery, and socks for men, women, and kids. Not only that, but Calzedonia also releases basic collections, where people can find their favorite clothes for daily use.

4. Missoni Mare (1958) – Best luxury Italian swimwear brand

Missoni Mare swimwear

Missoni Mare is a luxury Italian swimwear brand based in Varese, and famous for eye-catching knitwear designs. The brand got established in the 1950s, and quickly gained success with signature crochet knits.

Two founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni decided to build a small workshop at that time and soon displayed their first collection under this brand name in 1958.

Another line of the brand named M Missoni got introduced in 1998. By 2019, their sales reached about 30 million euros. Today, Missoni is recognized as one of the best Italian swimwear brands with their symbolic swimwear in zigzag patterns.

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5. Grimaldi Mare (1991)

Grimaldi Mare swimwear

Grimaldi Mare is a renowned swimwear manufacturer in Meda, Italy. It was born just a few km from Milan, the capital of the fashion industry. The passion is the first thing we can spot from its classy collection. Most products from Grimaldi Mare get inspiration from the beautiful beaches of Southern Italy. It specializes in offering the finest swimwear, cover-ups, and beachwear.

Recently, the brand has launched the best African-inspired bikinis and bathing suits that feature vivid colors, embellishments, and animal prints. Everything focuses on the quality and glamor of the products, so it’s hard to find better swimwear than Grimaldi Mare.

6. Sundalia

Sundalia - best Italian swimwear brand

The brand got founded in the land of sun, Sardinia with a wide range of chic beachwear and swimwear. It’s an elegant combination of tradition and metropolitan style that every woman would love to put on. The collection fits a comfortable stroll through the roads of the fashionable summer locations.

Choose Sundalia style if you want to pose with a cocktail by the pool in the most expensive resort in the world. The brand highly pays attention to the fabrics, details, and finishes of its products. Each swimsuit features wearable cuts and a unique design that guarantees the wearers’ comfort and portability.

7. Tezenis (2003)

Tezenis - top rated Italian swimwear brand

Tezenis is a lingerie label of Calzedonia Group, an Italian firm having 5 other brand names. These companies include Tezenis, Falconeri, Outlet, Signorvino, and Atelier Emé.

For Tezenis, it got established in 2003 and aims to embody the innovative soul of the Group. What makes the brand unique as compared with other labels is its cutting-edge styles.

Its collection gets renewed every four months to catch up with every new trend in underwear, knitwear, and swimwear. Today, Tezenis owns an expansive network of more than 700 stores in 32 countries and 25 stores online.

8. Parah (1950)

Parah - famous Italian swimwear brand

Parah got established in 1950. After decades, the brand has achieved great success for beachwear and lingerie. Behind every successful firm are those who have made brave decisions. Edda Paracchini and Giovanni Piazzalunga started their adventure by producing corsetry products for the Italian markets.

Throughout the 1980s, Parah claimed itself as the leader in the industry of swimwear. Even now, it pays high attention to the quality of materials and details of its handmade items. And innovation has always been the value the company wants to aim at.

9. Panarea Couture – Best Italian fast-drying swimwear brand

Panarea Couture swimwear

One of the coolest emerging swimwear brands in Italy from this list is Panarea Couture. The label is a classic swim and resort-wear label that gets inspired by la dolce vita. Not only that, but it’s also well-known for using luxurious materials with stain-proof, fast-drying, and pilling-resistant features.

The brand got named after the chain of volcanic islands in the north of Sicily. Then when was it born?

Designer Valentina Shah is the one who found out about her grandmother’s beach fashion from the 1960s and 70s. With that in mind, Panarea Couture has got created to meet any trendy traveler’s demand.

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Final Words

After this article, we hope that you’ve finally found the best Italian swimsuit brands to bookmark. It’s time to look badass and trendy at the beach this season. Some of the labels on our list have been designing swimwear for years. A few others are emerging brands but deserve a look. They all have the coolest styles that fit all shapes and sizes.

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