Top 10 Best Beginner Guitar Brands To Jumpstart Your Music Career

Getting the first acoustic guitar is a rewarding moment you’ll ever do. However, that choice needs to be based on some factors. These include sound, aesthetics, and versatility.

Today, this guide will help you find out the best beginner guitar brands for your guitar playing. It keeps you interested in your new hobby by getting the ideal instrument for your needs.

Now keep scrolling to choose your first guitar and start your musical adventure!

Top 10 Best Beginner Guitar Brands To Jumpstart Your Music Career

1. Yamaha (1941)

Yamaha guitar

Yamaha started producing classical guitars in 1941. Most of their guitars are comfy and easy to play. Since then, the brand has made notable guitars, such as BB basses, APX electro acoustics, and the TransAcoustic guitar.

Yamaha is also committed to offering the best products for global guitar players through three major brands. They are Line 6, Yamaha, and Ampeg.

Hangzhou Yamaha Musical Instruments Company Ltd. is now based in China and creates 500,000 acoustic guitars annually. There are 1,500 employees here getting trained by a Japanese craftsman.

So if you look for an affordable guitar to play, especially for self-enjoyment, go for Yamaha! From our experience, it’s one of the best beginner guitar brands to consider.

2. Squier (1890)

Squier guitar

If you’ve got $200 for the first guitar to buy, then Squier is one of the best bets here. The brand delivers good value for your money for sure. Most of the products from this label are affordable guitars for newcomers.

The Squier company is a manufacturer of strings for banjos, violins, and guitars. In 1890, Victor Carroll Squier set up the firm in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Squier got acquired by Fender in 1965 and started to advertise its strings under the Fender brand name. For that reason, beginners can buy legendary guitars without spending big bucks on a Fender.

Over time, Squier guitars became successful from Japan to different Asian countries, such as China, Korea, and Indonesia.

3. Ibanez (1908)

Ibanez guitar

Ibanez is owned by Hoshino Gakki and has its base in Nagoya, Japan. It’s also a good starter guitar brand with top-of-the-line models for your initial musical lessons.

The brand is well-known for producing guitars for newcomers and premium instruments for professionals. After Fender and Gibson, Ibanez is the third-largest guitar name you can count on.

In the 1990s, the company kept growing its business by opening another store in Los Angeles. This branch serves the professional trade. At the same time, Ibanez expanded to China and South Korea to cater to the blossoming rock and pop genres.

With its courage to take risks and attention to what clients want, Ibanez easily makes its name on this list.

4. Donner (2012)

Donner guitar

Since its establishment in 2012, Donner claims to create amazing experiences in music performance. Their vitality and innovative spirit drive them to research and create the best quality musical instruments.

As time passes, Donner has been more famous for their decent yet cheap guitars and accessories. According to the brand, they can deliver ideas and values to the players. They began selling electric guitars, pianos, drums, and ukuleles online.

Donner trusts that playing musical instruments can make those who love all kinds of music happier.

5. Cordoba (1997)

Cordoba - best beginner guitar brand

Whether you want to play classical music or not, guitars from Cordoba make fantastic options.

As claimed by Cordoba, they want to make instruments incorporating passion and love for individuals. In 1997, the brand showed up as the creator of symbolic guitars in Spain. So coming with Cordoba, it’s all about mixing tradition with state-of-the-art solutions.

Not only creativity but also craftsmanship makes the brand popular among other best beginner guitar brands. The brand also owns a long history of delivering high-end guitars to musicians from beginners to experts.

Through the design, you can tell their lightweight, comfortable, and resonant features. Each instrument can release a rich sound and versatile playing options.

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6. Fender (1946)

Fender - best guitar brand for beginner

If you own a Fender acoustic guitar, the sleek playability would give you a pleasant experience.

Fender got founded in Southern California and soon became a cultural icon resonating worldwide. Since its first electric guitar was born, Fender continued fueling the musical passion by serving players at every stage.

In 1985, the company opened its factory and base in Corona, California. Fender knows how to accommodate their customers’ requests for certain features of guitars. That’s why its “Dream Factory” never fails in creating dream instruments for artists and collectors.

The company is proud of giving newcomers what they need to begin their musical adventure.

7. Gretsch (1883)

Gretsch - famous guitar brand for beginner

Gretsch is a U.S firm that produces musical instruments. It was founded in 1883 by Friedrich Gretsch. Since then, the brand keeps bringing high-quality guitars with amazing tone and quality control to the players.

Gretsch is famous for making the most beautiful instruments from decent materials. The brand also maintains the versatility, style, and legacy of its iconic guitars.

Today, Gretsch gets recognized as the largest musical instrument maker in America. Come to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, you’ll see 75 classical Gretsch guitars displayed here. These have been the first choice for anyone who is seeking something as unique as the player’s emotions.

8. Epiphone (1873)

Epiphone guitar

Since 1873, Epiphone has created instruments for different music styles. The brand gets used by the Gibson company for many of Epiphone’s exclusive models and Gibson products. It got acquired by Gibson in 1957 and later became one another’s sister company.

Gibson moved Epiphone’s manufacturing factory from Queens, New York to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Not only that, but the brand also changed its product construction to other facilities in America and globally.

Apart from guitars for male and female players, Epiphone has produced banjos, amplifiers, and other string instruments.

9. Martin (1833)

Martin guitar

The first guitar came up from the workbench of Christian Frederick Martin in 1833. Six generations of the family have helped the company through dramatic changes in music and the world. Each of them is dedicated to craftsmanship and works with high care and patience to maintain the highest quality criteria.

Having a Martin guitar means you own one of the best beginner guitar brands. Their instruments have been around since 1833, and they have successfully produced amazing guitars.

Many famous artists like Elvis Presley, BobDylan, Neil Young, Hank Williams, and many others played Martin instruments.

10. Taylor Guitars (1974)

Taylor Guitars

In 1974, Taylor Guitars got established by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug. They met each other while working at a guitar store in San Diego known as the American Dream. The company is an expert in manufacturing acoustic guitars and semi-hollow electric ones.

Taylor guitars release a crisp and balanced sound, not to mention their unique materials and aesthetic details. Through 10 years, the brand has grown up so much to be one of the most popular guitar brands worldwide.

Its acoustic line gets separated by a series in which each one features a particular musical personality.

Final Words

Are you finding a guitar with a more balanced and sweet tone? Check out our list of the best beginner guitar brands above! We bet that you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Many of these models feature a brilliant and natural-sounding bass, which makes the collector favorites today. Besides, they’re affordable and worth-to-buy guitar brands in terms of build quality and playability.

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