Top 9 Best Plus Size Clothing Brands To Flatter Your Shape

Fat fashion is still out of what the fashion industry sees as a norm. Therefore, getting size-inclusive garments is a frustrating task. Besides, most of those with plus-size bodies love clothing that’s not just of quality but also comfortable.

So today, we introduce the best plus-size clothing brands with fun fashion styles to women who want to feel confident.

To find suitable apparel for you, prepare to be pleasantly amazed at what we share below.

Top 9 Best Plus Size Clothing Brands To Flatter Your Shape

1. Torrid (2001) – Best Plus Size Clothing Brands for size 10 – 30

Torrid plus size clothing

Torrid wants to assist women and change their lives positively regardless of their races, ages, and sizes. Based in the city of industry, California, U.S. Torrid is a popular retail chain designing trendy clothing for women.

This no-middle top brand offers garments for sizes of 10 – 30 and you can wear them on any occasion. On top of their elegant clothes, they also provide accessories and footwear to complete the whole outfit.

In 2020, Torrid owned more than 600 stores running across 36 states in the United States.

2. Dia & Co (2014)

Dia & Co plus size clothing

Dia & Co is one of the best plus-size clothing lines for women in sizes 10 – 32. According to them, style doesn’t have to follow any rule. In other words, it’s the way you can celebrate who you are.

Nadia, the founder & CEO says that she found it struggling to find anything fitting her body. Therefore, she co-founded Dia & Co in 2015 for anyone like her to express their individuality.

The company was born from a personal demand. Now, it becomes where every woman can discover whatever the style can do.

3. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective plus size clothing

Ellie Dinh is the co-founder of Girlfriend Collective together with her spouse Quang Dinh. They both had the idea of making a conscious and sustainable label.

The Seattle-based clothing chain focuses on producing minimal and activewear. The apparel utilizes fabric made from recycled plastic bottles in Vietnam and Taiwan.

It’s a good plus-size brand that delivers high-quality clothes in a wide range of cute shades. The eco-friendly brand name avails 25 recycled water bottles in pairs of its comfy and flattering leggings. For people, these are not a trend, but a movement.

4. Eloquii (2013) – Best plus size summer clothing brands

Eloquii plus size clothing

Eloquii is a popular name that offers chic dresses, skirts, and blouses among the best plus size clothing brands. The label has been reinvigorated by the original creators since 2013. Here, you can find your style available in sizes 14 – 28 for a great fit. The brand mainly serves plus-size fashion that showcases different personalities.

Eloquii knows exactly what you want for both professional and summer wardrobe. They specialize in offering plus-size women’s apparel with fashionable and lively collections. The brand has a unique color and flair that makes them stand out from other competitors.

5. ASOS (2000) – Best plus-size clothing brands in over 30 sizes

ASOS plus size clothing

Asos trusts in the world where we have the freedom to be ourselves without getting judged by anyone. That’s the reason why the brand got created to help men and women express their personalities. They offer Asos Curve and plus-size collections for women in over 30 sizes at affordable prices. So they can feel more confident after finding their perfect fit.

The brand is now staying ahead of the game with low-key occasionwear and graphic prints to embellish your wardrobe. It’s where you can choose a Scandi style with knits or shop’s Curve dresses and jeans for a daily vibe.

For Asos, it’s crucial to promote a healthy body image. Thus, making wearers look and feel great with the adaptive clothing is on top of anything.

6. Shein (2008)

Shein - best plus size clothing brand

Like other best plus size clothing brands, Shein excels at delivering the coolest products at affordable prices worldwide. Shein finds it easy to reduce inventory waste with on-demand technology. Yet, it still offers high-quality items.

The brand concentrates on women’s wear, but it also has men’s garments, children’s clothing, and other fashion items.

If you’re searching for some plus-size options here, Shein has over 75,000 choices to make. However, some of their small plus-size clothes cannot fit real plus-size bodies. For example, if their size chart claims to go up to 6X, then those sizes only fit a 3X.

Since its birth in 2008, Shein now covers over 150 nations and territories.

7. Universal Standard (2015)

Universal Standard plus size clothing

Like Shein, Universal Standard is an online platform where you can come to break the fashion stereotypes. Besides, it’s well-known for being the globe’s most size-inclusive fashion label.

Go online, and you will find women’s clothes in US sizes from 00 to 40. Waldman and co-founder Polina are those who constructed plus-size apparel known as Micrograding.

Universal Standard started with two people on the furniture floor of a department store. It later became a trusted brand for 67% of U.S women. They want to innovate, push themselves, and set new standards.

8. Henning

Henning - top rated plus size clothing

Henning got set up by Lauren Chan, a fashion editor who designs chic and elegant attire for plus-sized bodies. When she was a size 14, she had to try hard to fit herself into the tiny seats at some fashion shows. And that’s the reason why the company serves sizes 12 and up with a variety of styles and office looks.

If you need some cool blazers and silk dresses crafted for detail, Henning is the top site to visit. At Henning, luxury won’t pause at a size 12. So plus-size women still have their chic clothing and feel sharper in the look.

By wearing their clothes, you not only feel confident but also can deal with things like pants ripping in both thighs or shirts busting open.

9. WRAY (2015) – Best plus size hand-painted clothing brand

WRAY - famous plus size clothing brand

WRAY got founded by Wray Serna in 2015 and became well-known as a fine art-inspired clothing line in the U.S. Her fashion collections are mostly designed in New York. But all the clothes get made by a fair-trade manufacturer in Delhi, India. This ensures the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Serna takes an interest in art and designing, which influences the way she makes clothes. She believes that what we wear daily should not only be comfy, they need to be provocative. Most of her outfits evoke a playful sense, particularly through the hand-painted prints and vivid colors.

Final Words

Retailers are now waking up to the fact that plus-size women also need to look trendy. So if you desire to shop around the best plus size fashion brands, this article will help you! These brands mentioned above are our superb selections of extended sizes, which earns them one place on this list.

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