Top 10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands To Remove Your Dishwashing Worries

The sink is the heart of any cooking space. Yet, there are several famous brands to choose from on the market. Therefore, we decided to put together the list of the best kitchen sink brands today for you. Let’s get one that fits in with your lifestyle and can last for years.

Remember to weigh your options with caution before making a purchase. By having one of them, you will gain better value with so many exceptional features.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands To Remove Your Dishwashing Worries

1. Kraus

Kraus kitchen sinks

  • Founded year: 2007

Based in New York, Kraus takes pride in making sophisticated kitchen and bathroom units for a range of needs. The company began its journey in the midst of 2007. After that, they opened another headquarters in Washington.

Kraus is an innovative kitchen sink brand that concentrates on design and functionality. Their products get made to last long with high-end components. They want to empower users by making fixtures that enhance industry standards of functionality, quality, and style.

The company is also a good place that brings teams of people who get motivated by enthusiasm. They recommend teamwork and innovation, with an ambiance of mutual support.

2. Blanco

Blanco kitchen sinks

  • Founded year: 1925

After Kraus, we’d like to put Blanco in second place on this list. They use different premium materials to create the best sinks.

Among the best kitchen sink brands, Blanco is the top choice for designers and builders in terms of good-quality sinks. Founded in 1925, the company got owned by Blanc & Fischer Family Holding.

For those who desire to have the smartest solution, the Blanco unit will offer you a fantastic masterpiece. The company features functionality and intelligence in its products that every consumer needs. The brand’s purpose is to guarantee that the highest standards apply when it comes to quality and production.

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3. Houzer

Houzer kitchen sink

Out of the best kitchen sink brands, Houzer sinks are quite comfy, functional, versatile, and inviting in the look. Houzer understands its customers more than anyone. According to them, your kitchen is a personal space that reflects your spirit and style. Thus, they combine high-quality materials with the artisans’ attention to create the best possible sinks.

Each detail gets empowered on sinks they make to offer eternal beauty and value to the house. For more than three decades, they have been improving millions of kitchens throughout America and the world.

Houzer believes that their sinks can better up anyone’s life in the kitchen and make it more enjoyable.

4. Elkay

Elkay kitchen sinks

  • Founded year: 1920

Elkay was born from a vision of Leopold Katz and his son Louis in 1920. Their goal is to create the best-quality sinks and deliver unique service. Elkay is now known as a famous American manufacturer of faucets, sinks, drinking fountains, and other food service items.

They’re proud of being the No.1 selling stainless steel sink firm. And till now, Elkay has kept launching new items, designs, and innovations in different industries.

More than that, the company provides jobs for over 2,600 employees to support families and communities in the world. As you see, Elkay understands and listens to diverse perspectives in large communities and the workplace.

5. Delta

Delta kitchen sinks

  • Founded year: 1954

If you’re looking for a drop-in kitchen sink for easy-to-install features, then Delta is an excellent choice to make. The company began in 1954 as a subsidiary in Detroit, Michigan. They come up with different finishes and configurations. The brand exists to create changes inside your home and better your daily life with their designs.

For Delta, they aim to make all moments you spend in the kitchen or bathroom worth remembering. Coming with the brand, consumers get to experience innovative ways to turn on the water.

Delta wants to revolutionize the way you experience your water for a better life. They also own recertification for their products, making the brand a reliable one with high standards.

6. Zuhne

Zuhne kitchen sink

  • Founded year: 2013

Zuhne sinks will tell you it’s not just a piece of jewelry for the home, but also a durable workhorse. If you want it to be granite, ceramic, or porcelain, pick up the DRI series of pop-up drains of Zuhne. The brand was born out of a vision to offer premium kitchen and bathroom items at affordable prices.

They began the journey by understanding their customers. Zuhne would like to talk to designers, homebuilders, and cabinet-makers about making the products. Currently, the brand is one of the fastest-growing ones in the industry with its headquarters in Houston, Texas.

7. Nantucket

Nantucket kitchen sink

  • Founded year: 2003

Nantucket sinks amaze people with their unique designs and inspiration. The company is a popular American label and supplier of luxury sinks and other fixtures.

Most of its products get imported from Italy. You can have an undermount kitchen sink from the brand. The sink is resistant to every stain and scratch thanks to its granite composite.

There’s also a vast selection of farmhouse options in various sizes and colors from Nantucket to choose from. They help facilitate any design or functionality requirement. Italian-made sinks get seen as the premier option for quality and style.

8. Bocchi

Bocchi kitchen sink

  • Founded year: 1950

With 67 years of experience, Bocchi is the major brand in the kitchen and bathroom item industry. Since 1950, its values have never changed! That’s all about creativeness and innovation at all levels. Not only that, but the brand also focuses on care for people and the environment.

You can find a quartz kitchen sink or a granite one for a timeless vibe to your space here. They use all-natural materials and the latest technology or style. Coming with the brand, you’ll experience tradition and design that speaks for durability and quality.

9. Rohl

Rohl kitchen sink

  • Founded year: 1897

There’s no need to use a kitchen sink marker to restore the look of your kitchen space. Their range of products has the most elegant luxury designs as if you’re watching some art pieces in a gallery.

Well, Rohl is a good brand to rely on. It got owned by the Rohl family till 2016 when got acquired by Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. The company strives to improve and create the best possible designs.

Rohl had many innovative products in the past, ranging from anti-scald valves to filtration solutions. Their designs combine the modern aesthetic with advanced engineering. They get made to be effortless to avail, adding luxury to your daily life.

10. Kohler

Kohler kitchen sink

  • Founded year: 1873

Kohler is one of the oldest brands in this industry. It’s also named the best quality and most used one in the bath item category.

Since its establishment in 1873, Kohler company has continued improving its level of living by offering exceptional products and services. They believe that our future gets shaped by technology developed through the years.

Apparently, they want to boost their customers’ homes and lifestyles through unique craftsmanship, design, and innovation. Kohler also works with other charitable organizations to bring clean water to families and schools across Puerto Rico.

Final Words

It’s hard to determine the best brand for kitchen sinks among so many famous brands on the market. Hopefully, you can find your favorite from our recommended list based on the product’s features and price. Their sinks come up with different styles and finishes for a wide range of your needs. So let’s get the one that fits in with your life!

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