10 Best Kimchi Brands To Fire Up Your Dinners Tonight

If you want to know what foods are best for gut health, kimchi will be the first choice to make. Make sure you won’t miss a thing on our list of the best kimchi brands today. They have the freshest crunch and deep flavor that anyone loves to get hands-on.

Beyond that, probiotics are the major nutritional feature of kimchi. These are super vital for your gut health. To have that goodness, find out which ones are the healthiest among these best brands of store-bought kimchi.

10 Best Kimchi Brands For Your Healthy Digestion

1. Tobagi – Best Kimchi brand in the US

Tobagi Kimchi

After hours of researching several kimchi brands, we can declare Tobagi is one of the best ones in the United States. It has gained a place in every Korean meal thanks to its crunch and full taste.

Tobagi kimchi is also the only one relying on Guhchulee (거처리). It’s a seasoning mixture of daikon radish, red pepper flakes, scallions, and Korean pear.

Tobagi sliced cabbage kimchi product here is a national brand name. You can feel the fishiness here due to the salty shrimp, oyster sauce, and anchovies. The sweetness turns on with the presence of pears, apples, and sugar in this dish.

Overall, the flavor profile of Tobagi is usually intense, rich, and round. So if you’re unsure about it, search and get one for a try!

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2. Jongga – Most popular Kimchi brand

Jongga - Most popular Kimchi brand

Are you ready to make Korean foods like Tteok-bokki or kimchi pancake? Let Jongga do that for you!

It’s a popular kimchi brand that does an excellent job of bringing out the fullest flavors. Currently, several brands use apple, pear, and white sugar. In the market today, Jongga does contain some fructose. Yet, they’re not adequate to raise kimchi above the rest.

Jongga is the leading kimchi brand in the food processing industry in Korea. It’s considered the pioneer in advertising kimchi. This food is one of the top 5 healthy foods in the world. Its Mat Kimchi (also known as Cut Cabbage Kimchi) gets naturally fermented. You can use it as a side dish to compliment your rice, noodles, and soups.

3. Mother In Law’s Kimchi – best kimchi brand with dishes

Mother In Law’s Kimchi - best kimchi brand with dishes

Mother-In-Law brand gets started to share a real and tasty batch of kimchi. Only the finest and natural ingredients are used to make the dish.

Lauryn Chun is the founder of the brand. She got inspired by the charm of Korea’s tradition of making kimchi in the ranks of fermented foods.

In 2009, their first kimchi got introduced to the public with the original recipe from her mother’s restaurant. It’s named Mother-In-Law house built in 1989 in Garden Grove, California.

Till now, that product keeps being the best seller of the brand. Nowadays, Mother-In-Law is one of the best kimchi brands with dishes sold in specialty markets.

4. Wang Globalnet

Wang Globalnet Kimchi

Wang Globalnet is an Asian food distribution firm specializing in Korean cuisine. They can handle more than 2,000 products from fresh to frozen foods.

All you can say about Wang kimchi is “delicious”! Not sour or overwhelming, but kimchi from the brand is quite spicy and easy on the palette of many people. Their kimchi usually got packaged in tins which are handy to carry around on the road. It gets imported straight from Korea.

The kimchi from the brand contains Chinese cabbage, carrot, chili peppers, and spring onions. This dish tastes fresh and can be eaten with anything.

If you’re looking for real kimchi, Wang will show you how. Its kimchi tastes original.

5. Madge – best vegan Kimchi brand

Madge - best vegan Kimchi brand

When it comes to vegan kimchi, Madge appears as one of the best kimchi brands. While some sugar is vital for the whole fermentation process, Madge tends to use sweet rice flour. Aside from this, the brand is supposed to pack many umami tastes by using shiitake.

Their vegan kimchi gets fermented much longer for high nutrition. Doing so will help enhance all gut-healthy microbes. They love the use of sweet Asian pears, ginger, and garlic to create the explosive umami flavor without fish.

6. Sinto Gourmet – Best American-made Kimchi brand

Sinto Gourmet  - Best American-made Kimchi brand

Sinto Gourmet is a family-owned company based in San Francisco. Here, they make food that is essential to health and happiness. Since 2010, the company has always followed the philosophy of its name and logo.

Hyunjoo Albrecht, the founder of Sinto Gourmet, claimed to get raised by her grandmother, who had a small restaurant. The place mostly serves American and Korean soldiers. So she gained a lot of experience in cooking, food, and business from her grandma. Her dedication to Korean cuisine remained till now. For her kimchi, it’s not too salty and contains no artificial preservatives.

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7. Simply Seoul – Best spicy Kimchi brand

Simply Seoul - Best spicy Kimchi brand

It might be not the #1 kimchi in Korea, but certainly offers delicious and spicy kimchi in every bite. Its dish simply has Daikon radish, Napa cabbage kimchi, pork buns, and vegan mushroom buns.

According to Hannah Chung, the creator of Simply Seoul, “Korean foods take a lot of time and preparation”. She’s the one who builds an impressive business from these fermented vegetables.

In 2013, the brand got founded with its first launch of homemade kimchi at local farmers’ markets. The business started to blossom quickly and earned them fame for having affordable, clean, and casual food.

8. Lee’s Kimchi

Lee’s Kimchi 

Another good kimchi brand in Singapore we want to mention here is Lee’s Kimchi. Its secretive recipe for making the dish lies in the fermentation process. Without adding any MSG or preservatives, the brand ensures you can enjoy a real vegan kimchi version. It’s also low in sodium and sugar and comes in five flavors.

What makes Lee’s Kimchi unique among many brands is its well-structured mix of 100% plant-based ingredients. They take advantage of the natural sweetness of veggies, which gets enhanced by the bright notes. These only make you want to crunch into this side dish at once.

9. Eden Foods – best Kimchi brand for probiotics

Eden Foods - best Kimchi brand for probiotics

Eden Foods is an organic food firm headquartered in Clinton, Michigan. It’s well-known for its line of organic soy milk, Japanese foods, condiments, and Kimchi Sauerkraut.

Since 1923, they have grown the sweetest cabbage, so they decided to make sauerkraut the way their family did. Eden Kimchi gets made of the top organic veggie grown in rich organic soil.

The soil there can retain moisture and grow tasty, nutrient-dense food. As a result, they can create the savory flavor of the old-world Kimchi you ask for. Besides, the cabbage gets harvested and shredded by hands before being fermented with sea salt for six weeks.

With 90 years of experience, Eden Foods is the best kimchi brand for probiotics through traditional methods.

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10. Lucky Foods

Lucky Foods Kimchi

Their business started on the foundation of family, for the purpose of sharing their culture through food. The company began as a single restaurant but then turned into a manufacturer of its products.

Lucky Foods has expanded its line to Korean recipes. That also means they need to concentrate on high-quality products by finding fresh ingredients. You will never spot MSG, colors, and preservatives in their Kimchi and other dishes. What you only find here are healthy and aromatic spices.

They’re just proud of introducing every bite of their family’s products to customers through multigenerational recipes.

Final Words

Adding kimchi to your rice or tacos is a lot more fascinating than shredded lettuce for sure. Moreover, it’s super nutrient-rich as well. So choose your favorite out of the best-tasting kimchi brands we highlight above. Each of them is brilliant for your gut health thanks to their probiotic bacteria as it’s usually grown during fermentation with sea salt.

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