Best Italian Watch Brands: List of Top 8

If you have to think of luxury watches, your mind comes right into Switzerland, the home of watching-making. However, it’s not the only nation renowned for making those timepieces.

Italian watch brands are what we’d like to share today. This country gives birth to some of the globe’s most famous labels and iconic watches that you’ve ever known!

So, sit down and enjoy what we may take you through the origins of the finest watches in Italy.

Top 8 Best Italian watch brands for your collection

1. Breil (1939)

Breil watch

Breil is renowned for offering high-class watches made in Italy aside from its jewels, eyewear, fragrances, and other leather stuff.

Back to its history, Breil got established in the 1900s in Milan as a clock manufacturer, the fashion hub nowadays. It’s also a subsidiary of Binda Group, a giant Italian corporate founded in 1906 specialized in the watchmaking industry.

In 1942, Breil moved from manufacturing clocks to watchmaking. Since then, the brand has flourished and become well-known for creating high-quality designer watches.

Its products feature distinct traits, often the most decent in their price threshold. Most of their collections got designed for unisex and mainly intended for leisure time.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo (1927)

Salvatore Ferragamo watch

Among Italian watch brands, Salvatore Ferragamo reminds us of a mosaic of memories, people, and values. In the 1930s, Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian shoe designer and the founder of luxury products succeeded in building his reputation. He also experimented with different materials, ranging from fish skin, kangaroo to the crocodile.

After he passed away in 1960, Wanda and their kids operated the company. The brand began expanding its industry by including bags, watches, eyewear, perfumes, and clothes.

Its watch design feels unique thanks to the delicate combination of creativity and Italian craftsmanship. These two amazing elements can identify the brand and keep growing over the years till today.

3. Roberto Bianci

Roberto Bianci - famous Italian watch brand

People get familiar with the line of watches from Roberto Bianci, which is famous for its great style and elegance. All of its timepieces got made by professional watchmakers and designers.

The history of the brand extends to seven decades of watchmaking and through two generations of the family. It got founded by Roberto Bianci and carried the name of its founder.

His father was an expert in making jewelry in childhood. For this reason, he followed in his footsteps by pursuing this major. After a while, he introduced a watch brand widely known for Italian designs with Swiss motions. Watches from Roberto Bianci are also some of the most affordable Italian goods you might love to collect.

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4. Anonimo (1997)

Anonimo - best Italian watch brand

Anonimo company got founded in 1997 by Federico Massacesi. The brand produces mechanical watches with Swiss movements by ETA SA.

Its vision is to make timepieces with a mix-match of good looks and high functionality. More than that, the founder wants to build Anonimo and beautiful watches to honor the city of Florence, Italy.

The watches from the brand are famous for their delicate design and exceptional readability. Some of them can handle more than 2,100 meters. The company is indeed a perfect example of a success story.

Its products have a fantastic finish, good durability, and the finest details, which can stand for your personality, from lady watches to men’s watches.

5. U-Boat (2000)

U-Boat - style Italian watch brand

When it comes to the brand that is typical of inspiration and style, U-Boat is the first pick in this roundup. It has a base in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy, manufacturing and handcrafting watches for nearly 20 years.

In 1942, there’s a commission renowned for designing and manufacturing wristwatches for pilots. These can meet accurate technical specs and ensure maximum visibility along with strong design. Italo Fontana took them as his source of inspiration for creating the first U-Boat watch in 2000.

Most of them got made by Italo Fontano and guaranteed by Italian craftsmanship. They feature unique traits plus special techniques to build such high quality. Each of its watches owns a story of inspiration and design. This makes U-Boat stand out from other Italian watch brands.

6. Panerai (1860)

Panerai watch

In 1860, the Italian watchmaker named Giovanni Panerai opened his first store for offering watch services in Florence. It’s also the home of several Renaissance architecture and art. He ran his shop for several years.

Later, he decided to produce watches and clocks for the Italian Navy in the early 1900s. His office got mixed with a watchmaking school, a showroom, and a watchmaking school at that time.

Though Panerai watches have masculine characteristics, women still love to wear them since the look is amazing. That’s the reason why ladies’ watches were born in the thick and oversized case. Today, it’s not only a trend but also a legend of the luxury sports watchmaking industry.

7. Aventino

Aventino - made in Italy watch brand

It’s about a story defining time and changing the way time gets used. Not only creating cheap yet good-quality timepieces, but Aventino also wants to share versatile style with the world.

Its origin started in the Aventino Hill, one of the most popular places witnessing the Rome foundation. It used to be a suburb of the old Roman City in past.

Today, it becomes a serene place for Italian to live and walk away from the busy and noisy modern city. So the growth of this city turns into the inspiration for the brand. Most Aventino watches own their parts completed to the smallest details. This ensures them to satisfy any degree of precision and facile calibration.

8. Filippo Loreti (2015)

Filippo Loreti - Italian watch brand

Filippo Loreti is a famous Italian luxury watch brand that produces classic timepieces for men and women. The company ran in 2015 after the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. Around that time, they created Italian watches and accessory collections every month.

In the following two years, the brand welcomed over 300 thousand clients. They all love their styles and quality.

Each of the brand’s collections gains inspiration from different icons of Italian art, history, and culture. Its watches get made from a stainless steel polymer material.

So Filippo Loreti is a serious designer watchmaker who created the waves in the high-end watch industry. The brand doesn’t only have good customer reviews, but also from Forbes and Business Insider.

Final Words

Following our recommended Italian watch brands, we hope you can find the best one packed with your favorite style. Each of them has individual watchmaking history, creating the world’s most well-known pieces till today. Let’s hunt for one that’s worth taking a look at in terms of fashion, innovation, and quality.

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