Top 8 Best Italian Oven Brands To Perfect Your Kitchen

A high-quality oven is an important part of any kitchen. If you want to be a smart shopper when purchasing such an expensive product, you should check out this list of the best Italian oven brands. Here you will find the kitchen appliance that meets your cooking demands.

Most of these brands below provide various different styles, designed to match customers’ specific needs.

Top 8 Best Italian Oven Brands To Perfect Your Kitchen

1. Bertazzoni (1882)

Bertazzoni oven

Bertazzoni is one of the best oven manufacturers in Europe. The brand was founded over 135 years ago to help people in cooking the best meal for their families. It is famous for its engineering quality and its passion for food. The company is now active all around the world.

The company’s first gas cooking ovens were produced in 1956 but they still keep the wood-burning stoves. Until 1975, they introduced the first electric ovens and got tons of compliments on those. With an oven from here, you can cook a delicious meal with flair, flavor, and precision.

Bertazzoni ovens are created depending on designs and colors which are inspired by the Italian automotive industry. Besides ovens – their best sellers, they also provide other appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators, and more.

2. Candy Home (1945) – The oldest Italian oven brand

Candy Home oven

Candy Home is one of the oldest Italian oven brands and is also a subsidiary of the company Haier. Its headquarter is located in Brugherio, which is near Milan.

The company’s products gain their reputation through the commercialization of the Kelvinator and Hoover brands. They export more than 80% of their products.

The brand brings to you many smart ideas to make your daily life simple by providing connected solutions and home appliances. You can surely get the best oven on your budget. Their products are accessible, easy-to-use, and also fashionable. They pay attention to every detail of their electric ovens.

One of the most outstanding products from Candy is the oven that has full touch control, released in 2017. This device even wins the “Red Dot Award” in the same year.

3. Alpes Inox (1954) – Best Italian stainless steel oven brand

Alpes Inox oven

Alpes Inox started in 1954 as a supplier for metal cabinets made in Italy. In 1964 the brand began to sell built-in home appliances including ovens, sinks, exhaust hoods, and hob.

Thanks to their high technique and good standards with their delicate design, and stainless material, they soon became a famous brand. With their ovens, you can enjoy functionality, safety, and quality.

The most special thing about the company is that the owner sticks to stainless steel on all of their products, from ovens to sinks, cookers, grills, barbecues, and kitchen hoods. This is what makes the company so successful in this industry.

4. ILVE (1952) – Best Italian oversized oven brand

ILVE oven

ILVE has been a famous brand specializing in cooking products for more than 50 years. Right from the start, the company gained its reputation through its continuous innovation. It released the oversized built-in oven in 1969 and then the Panoramagic cooker – which has set a new standard for kitchen appliances.

By restyling the Panoramagic, the company achieved the “Good Design Award” in 2017. Their design helps to enhance safety, effectiveness, and satisfaction for cook lovers.

The company’s ovens are not only aesthetic but also effective for any chef. Their quality has been proved to meet European standards as they are made of cast iron, stainless steel, copper, and brass. Any other components are also carefully checked before putting in production.

Here you can also ask to customize the oven the way you want.

5. LOFRA (1956)

LOFRA - best Italian oven brand

LOFRA is among the top Italian oven brands that produce built-in ovens, freestanding cookers, and home appliances. It was founded in Torreglia, Padua by brothers Lovato.

They started by creating pots with materials left from the war. Then they produce heating and wood stoves. Finally, they got to manufacture gas stoves with stainless steel.

After a short period of time, they also introduced their first camping stoves.

The main products from this brand are gas and electric ovens, gas ranges cookers, built-in hobs, and cooker hoods.

Besides home appliances, LOFRA also provides accessories for the kitchen and prefabricated houses from the 70s to 80s.

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6. Smeg (1948)

Smeg - top rated Italian oven brand

Located in Guastalla, Smeg is a popular brand that supplies home appliances. It has subsidiaries all over the globe and a wide sales network. The brand has been famous for its innovation in design, color, and technology on all of its household products since 1948.

The company owns 4 factories in Italy with certified laboratories for its manufacture. The production team has broadened knowledge of materials and the modern art technology to meet the needs of life.

Thus, their appliances are guaranteed to be durable, safe, flexible, and effective.

They are always strict in checking every detail during the whole production process to raise reliability. Every product purchased from here will match your standards.

7. Officine Gullo – Best Italian handcrafted oven brand

Officine Gullo - famous Italian oven brand

Officine Gullo stands for the perfect combination between innovation and authenticity. The brand was founded to bring the highest quality cooking ranges and appliances.

As the name of it, all products here are beautiful, crafted by hand with metal including burnished coppers, cast iron, brass, and high-thickness steel. They are also hand-shaped by qualified artisans and mechanical workshops. Since all of them are handmade, each product here is a signature.

The company is dedicated to bringing the highest level of perfection to customers through continuous innovation. If you love good food and want to experience an elegant space full of handcrafted appliances, Officine Gullow is ideal for you.

8. Verona (1958)

Verona oven

Founded in 1958, Verona is a home appliances brand that offers ovens, ranges, and cooktops. Every product from this company is sophisticatedly designed and produced in the Venice suburbs, Italy.

It has set the standard for the durability and beauty of professional appliances. All products here are guaranteed to have the finest quality.

The company has a whole collection for you to choose from no matter what size your kitchen is. With Verona ovens, you can enjoy professional and luxurious cooking that improves your meal and the beauty of your kitchen too.

They also use a unique cooking technique that will take less energy and fuel when compared to other burners.

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Final Words

With the list of the best 8 Italian oven brands above, you can purchase any kind of kitchen appliances that you want, from small countertops to built-in ovens. You just need to take a look and choose the one that is most suitable for your demands.

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