Top 8 Best Italian Makeup Brands For Your Gorgeous Look

If you are looking for new beauty products, you should take a look at some of these best Italian makeup brands below. Every brand will bring you a whole new shade of makeup to match your style and personality. You may find the most gorgeous lipstick, foundation, brushes here.

Top 8 Best Italian Makeup Brands For Your Gorgeous Look

1. Collistar (1983) – Most Famous Italian Makeup Brand

Collistar makeup

Collistar is the most famous cosmetic brand made in Italy. The company was established in 1983 in Milan and belongs to the Bolton Group. The brand is now active in more than 45 countries. After 18 years of operating, it became the best-selling brand, with the purpose of representing beauty.

They also do a lot of research with scientific techniques to make sure their products are good for the skin and the environment. All of their ingredients are claimed to be unique and sustainable.

One of their most popular products is the jet-black and ultra-volumizing mascara with the ability to make lashes thicker in two weeks.

2. Kiko Milano (1997) – Best Italian high-end Makeup Brand

Kiko Milano makeup

Kiko Milano is a high-end brand, specializing in Italian beauty products. Percassi founded the brand in 1997 to provide professional cosmetics including makeup, body, and face treatments. These products are guaranteed to be high-quality, and safe for the skin of women of all ages.

The brand brings to you a wide and diverse range of makeup products so you can feel free to show your special style. Here you can find various effects, colors, and sensations that are suitable for your skin type, skin tone, and your particular demands.

What makes the brand stand out among others are its pigmented eyeshadows, nonsticky lip glosses, and liquid matte lipsticks. They also have a lot of limited edition collections that offer new textures and colors so you can do your makeup the way you want.

3. PUPA Milano (1975) – The Oldest Italian Makeup Brand

PUPA Milano makeup

PUPA Milano is one of the oldest Italian makeup brands, created in 1975. The brand is active in Italy and more than 70 countries around the world. It provides luxury yet still affordable cosmetics including lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, suncare, and skincare products.

For this brand, red is the theme color because it shows the spirit of passion, charm, and vitality. It brings great energy to anyone using these products.

The brand still keeps evolving by scientific research to offer new colors, sensorial emotions, and textures to meet customers’ demands. If you are looking for the best European brand, PUPA Milano is highly recommended.

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4. PureBIO Cosmetics (2014) – Best Italian Organic Makeup Brand

PureBIO Cosmetics - best Italian makeup brand

PureBIO Cosmetics is founded to produce organic and natural makeup products, with all ingredients safe for health and not tested on animals. This Italian brand aims to bring the cleanest and most authentic cosmetics without compromising the quality.

You can feel safe when shopping here because they have many qualified certifications including NATRUE, Vegan Ok, Nickel tested, and CCPB. Each item here has been designed and created to supply freshness for your organic makeup. You can enjoy delicate makeup without sacrificing the health of your skin.

Makeup products here are claimed to be made with waxes plants, oils, and mineral pigments, which are all safe for people with allergic reactions or sensitive skin. They contain no silicones, parabens, preservatives, petrolatum, perfume, gluten, and synthetic dyes.

5. Nabla Cosmetics (2013)

Nabla Cosmetics - famous Italian makeup brand

Nabla Cosmetics specializes in supplying top-quality makeup products which are effective and also safe for your skin. The brand does various research to make sure their cosmetics have the best natural ingredients.

They use innovative formulas with many details to bring the difference in their products. Every piece that comes to customers will be practical, beautiful, and unique. The brand understands that people want their makeup to enhance their beauty and also match their style.

Nabla is also proved to be cruelty-free, which means they do not test on animals. They also don’t sell their products where it is compulsory to test on animals before commercialization.

6. Deborah Milano (1962) – Best Italian Affordable Makeup Brand

Deborah Milano - top rated Italian makeup brand

Deborah Milano was established in 1962 and quickly became one of the most popular Italian makeup brands. Its target customers are the younger generation who are more fun and want to hang out and enjoy life.

In spite of its amazing quality, the brand offers reasonable prices on all its products including lipsticks, skincare, and nail polishes.

If you are looking for fine quality and affordable cosmetics, Deborah Milano is strongly recommended for you. They usually collaborate with many celebrities to bring more unique products.

The brand’s main purpose is to promote the quality and glamor of products made in Italy through the ingredients, colors, and shapes.

7. Diego Dalla Palma (1970) – Best Italian Luxury Makeup Brand

Diego Dalla Palma makeup

Diego Dalla Palma is known as a luxury makeup brand with a history of effectiveness and science soaked in its cosmetics. The brand aims to enhance the beauty of every woman. Here you can find anything you need for your makeover, from make-up to skincare, and hair care for all skin types and hair types.

This is one of a few brands that have such great quality. You can feel the one-of-a-kind luxury here with special delicate colors. People love this brand because of its superiority in its technology, its image, and its uniqueness.

They also provide a lot of make-up looks on their website so even beginners can purchase what they want easily.

8. EspressOh (2018)

EspressOh makeup

EspressOh is the youngest cosmetic brand on this list but its quality really deserves a place here. The brand was founded in 2018 and promptly became a leading company in the industry with its easy-to-use products that has a coffee tone.

This brand brings to you a simple makeup routine that is important and easy to have a bold and authentic look. It gives a new touch to basic makeup by adding the Italian bold attitude.

All of their cosmetics including eyeshadows, lipstick, foundation, mascara, concealer are carefully checked before commercialization to ensure that they are safe for your skin. Moreover, they offer a lot of makeup tutorials so that you can easily do it by yourself even when you are a newbie.

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Final Words

With the list of the best Italian makeup brands above, you can easily get yourself a full package of cosmetics for your makeover. You will feel safe and confident when choosing these brands because their quality has been tested and certified all over the world.

Which one is your favorite? Leave comments to let us know.

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