Best Italian Jewelry Brands: List Of Top 8

Italy is really popular for its art, architecture, food, fashion, and so much more – but Italian jewelry brands are the most widely recognized things. Jewelry designers from this country get admiration from people all around the world for their incredible creativity and quality in their process of making jewelry, creating masterpieces.

It ranks first position in the gold jewelry industry. Italian gold is well-known all over the world for its standout color and quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best made-in-Italia jewelry brands here.

Top 10 Best Italian Jewelry Brands for Your Jewelry Box

1. Bulgari (1884)

Bulgari Jewelry

Bulgari is one of the most popular Italian jewelry brands known for its jewelry, watches, accessories, leather goods, and perfumes.

It was firstly opened in 1884 by Sotirio Voulgaris with the name “Bulgari” in Rome. Since then, this company has put Italian heritage into its main identity and designs. It then redesigned its logo in 1932 to BVLGARI, replacing U with the traditional Roman V.

The jewelry maker stands out with the Serpenti motif inspired by the seductive serpent characters of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. They use the iconic Tubogas technique for their watches and jewelry designs.

If you are looking for jewelry, then this brand is a great option for you with many collections: Divas’ Dream, Parentesi, B.zero1, Serpenti, and a bridal line.

2. Roberto Coin (1996)

Roberto Coin jewelry

Roberto Coin is a company familiar to most jewelry lovers. This luxury brand was founded in 1996 in Vicenza and quickly developed into a universally recognized name.

Every product is designed in the classic style and crafted in 18k gold. What makes it special is that it allows people to create their own special looks by layering or stacking their jewelry with other pieces. A lot of celebrities love the designs and even wear them to red-carpet events.

All of the company’s products are made in Italy, starting with Roberto and paper designs. Roberto then handed his design to the most renowned jewelry artisans, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technological innovations.

Every year, this company produces more than 600 new pieces of jewelry, including a number of unique and limited-edition items. The most famous collection is the romantic Princess Flower Collection, which cannot be seen in department stores.

3. Buccellati (1919)

Buccellati jewelry

Buccellati was established in Milan in 1919 as a jewelry boutique in Largo Santa Margherita. It then quickly became a chain of stores throughout Italy in Rome and Florence.

Today the brand shows its tradition of amazing craftsmanship through its Unica Collection, which is intricate and exquisite. This collection takes up to 70% of the brand’s total annual sales.

Buccellati jewelry is designed around brilliant gems and center stones. Every piece in the collection is unique thanks to the richly textured hand-poured gold and a delicate engraving pattern.

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4. Marco Bicego (1958)

Marco Bicego jewelry

Marco Bicego was founded in 1958 in Vicenza, Italy as a gold chain business.

Marco first introduced his collection in 2000. Nowadays, his jewelry is known for mixing contemporary design with Italian craftsmanship. Each item is created by goldsmiths in Trissino headquarters in Italy.

Jewelry from this designer is special for its hand twisted coils, hand engraving, and multicolored gemstones. Marco uses the hand-twisted coil technique to introduce contemporary design to gold then he combines 18k gold with precious gemstones and diamonds in many colors and cuts. That’s how he makes sure his jewelry is one-of-a-kind.

5. Damiani (1924)

Damiani - best Italian jewelry brand

Damiani started as a small family business in 1924, specializing in diamond jewelry. His elegant designs quickly get tons of compliments from the Italian elite and noble families and the brand becomes more and more famous throughout this country.

Today, people think about it as the top brand in the Italian jewelry market with 18 Diamonds International Awards. Its collection is still handcrafted in his homeland and known as the “ambassador of Italian style”.

The most trademark design is the Metropolitan Dream Collection, cast by master goldsmiths. It represents an urban skyline with diamonds shining with metropolitan charm.

6. Palmiero (1979)

Palmiero jewelry

Palmiero was established in 1979 by Carlo Palmiero as a jewel company. He used the high technology of the laboratory to become one of the leading companies in jewel production.

In the meantime, it still remains a large traditional laboratory, where manual skill is appreciated and shown through the ability of highly qualified goldsmiths and stone-setters. That’s what helps this brand earn a place in many high-end boutiques around the world.

This jeweler producer brings to you the best quality and creativity, authentically pieces made in Italy.

7. Pino Manna

Pino Manna - famous Italian jewelry brand

Pino Manna is one of the Italian jewelry brands that makes the most stunning bejeweled animals including chickens, spiders, butterflies, and more. Their special things are their sense of humor in making jewelry. It’s strange to think about a spider necklace but Pino Manna still can enchant you with it.

If you have a unique taste in jewelry, you should see their famous chicken rings, which are appropriate to wear on any occasion. Compared to other brands mentioned above, the price for one piece of ornament here is much more affordable.

8. Casato (2004)

Casato jewelry

Casato jewelry is well-known for how it twinkles. The company creates its jewelry so dainty and sparkling with an unequivocally feminine touch.

Even though they add many colors to their jewelry, the elite clients prefer gold and silver pieces. If you need a finishing touch to your outfit, this is a perfect choice.

9. Santagostino (1969)

Santagostino - top rated Italian jewelry brand

Santagostino is a famous jewelry brand thanks to the wide range of colors they provide. Some of their pieces can be a little overwhelming but it still catches the eyes of the old-school opulence.

This may be the only brand that gives you an item with more colors than the rainbow. Santagostino also focuses on nature as an inspiration as other jewelry brands but it still stands out when being put next to them.

10. De Simone Fratelli (1855)

De Simone Fratelli jewelry

De Simone Fratelli is the opposite of Santagostino since it embraces only one color for its fine jewelry: coral. While other jewelers pick gold, silver, or the jewel tones of sapphire, emerald, and topaz, it goes with that color.

This jewelry designer specializes in humorous sea creatures and surreal pieces so if you are into enamel jewelry, it may not be suitable for you.

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Final Words

If you are looking for some best Italian jewelry brands to put in your jewelry box, this article may be helpful for you. We have sourced out the top 10 brands above so you can easily find your favorite one.

Let us know if there is any Italian jewelry maker that you think is worth mentioning in this list!

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