Best Italian Ice Brands: List Of Top 8

Italian ice is a sweetened treat that is made of fruit with other food flavorings. It is kinda like snow cones and sorbet but doesn’t have ingredients related to egg or milk. Want a taste of this special treat, keep in mind the 8 best Italian ice brands below!

Top 8 Best Italian Ice Brands People Enjoy

1. Gelato San Lorenzo (2017)

Gelato San Lorenzo ice cream

One of the most delicious Italian ice cream brands is Gelato San Lorenzo, founded in 2017 in the same name district. This store brings to you a perfect combination between high-quality ice cream and a beautiful place to sit and enjoy.

The staff there are trained by the ice cream chef – Stefano Ferrara – to create 100% natural ice made with the finest milk, organic eggs, seasonal fruit, and refined raw materials including Valrhona chocolate, Amalfi lemons, Bronte pistachio, Amarelli licorice, PGI Piedmontese round hazelnut, raw coconut sugar.

This company uses natural fibers to lower the sugar intake by 25% compared to other traditional ice creams. They ensure that there are no emulsifiers, gelling agents, dyes, flavorings, and vegetable fats. If you like sugar-free or gluten-free ice, this is a great option for you.

2. Lindy (1999)

Lindy ice cream

Lindy is a brand starting from serving ice from street carts. The owner began crafting original recipes at home then shared them with people in his neighborhood. Lindy’s Italian ice gets so popular and the owner has to share with other neighborhoods and now you can find it anywhere.

Ice from this brand does not contain any milk or milk product. They promise to follow current good manufacturing practices as defined by the FDA. They also complete a full sanitation process daily.

You can feel free to enjoy ice from this brand because it contains no major allergens requiring declaration such as egg, milk, tree nuts, fish, peanuts, shellfish, and wheat. This is one of a few brands that have high nutrition in their products.

3. The Lemon Ice King of Corona (1944)

The Lemon Ice King of Corona ice cream

The Lemon Ice King Of Corona was founded by the Benfaremo family, that have been making ices for more than 60 years.

What makes this brand special is that they make ice into an art form, which is known as the standard for Italian lemon ice. They squeeze a lot of lemons and oranges to bring in the true taste during production. Moreover, each flavor here has real fruit pieces inside no matter it’s blueberry or watermelon.

It achieved an award of distinction from Zagat and also appeared in a large number of magazines as a top Italian ice maker.

4. Uncle Louie G (1956)

Uncle Louie G - best Italian ice brand

Uncle Louie G was started by Louie, a man who is trying to look for tasty perfection. As more and more people demand ices and ice cream, he opened a scoop store to serve them. You can find any flavor you want here.

The owner of this store has inherited his family recipes to remain the excellence of his ices and ice creams. Until now, he has opened more than 45 franchises in eight separate states.

Come to this store, you will get to enjoy a lot of delicious flavors including Cake Batter, Over the Rainbow, Strawberry Fields, Lick Me Lemon, Holi Canoli, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Mucho Mango, and so much more.

5. Rita’s Water Ice (1984)

Rita’s Water Ice - best Italian ice cream brand

If you love Italian ice cream brands, you cannot miss Rita’s Water Ice – a quick-service restaurant chain that works mostly in the Mid-Atlantic United States. It is very famous for Italian ice and many types of frozen treats. Until now, it has opened 540 restaurants in 32 states.

The main product of Rita’s Water Ice is all-natural ice with no trans fat and gluten. There are also a lot of flavors for you to choose from, such as coconut, pineapple, banana, strawberry, pineapple-coconut, strawberry-pineapple, strawberry-banana, and more.

You can enjoy a special Blendini – a perfect mix of frozen custard and water ice blended with a topping here. This is an incredibly healthy snack you should not miss.

6. Little Lulu (2017)

Little Lulu Ice cream

This ice brand was established by Autumn Bastyr, a mother who wants to make healthy Italian ice for her family. Every bucket of ice has 5 pounds of real fruit. She also claims that all of Little Lulu products are vegan and nut allergy-free.

Now you can easily find Lulu ice at 5 small business locations in Chicago and 2 locations in Florida. They have also expanded to Orlando Florida because of the warm weather there. Their purpose is to provide the most healthy, tasteful shaved ice made in Italy.

Come to Lulu, you can enjoy a lot of flavors including lemon, mango, raspberry, orange, kiwi, grapefruit, cherry, peach, grape, and so on. If you cannot find what you want here, you can check out Luigi’s instead.

7. Luigi (1978)

luigi's ice cream

Luigi was founded in 1978 as a real Italian ice brand. It took this brand ten years to come up with their original flavors then put them in cool little MPAKS. After that, it brought its products to supermarkets all over the world.

In 2011, this brand introduced two new flavors including blue raspberry and watermelon and got a lot of compliments from customers. Then there came chocolate fudge, which makes it not only tasteful but also nutritious.

At Luigi, you can enjoy various special flavors such as cherry or blue raspberry & lemon swirls, lemon, strawberry, kiwi strawberry, mango, orange, fruit punch, and more.

8. Ava’s Italian Ice

Ava's Italian Ice cream

Ava’s Italian Ice is originated in Sicily, that was brought to the United States in the 1900s. In some places on the east coast and midwest, people take this as a refreshingly cool treat on hot days and warm nights.

This brand specializes in providing organic fruit in all recipes and they make sure all their cups, spoons, and napkins are compostable. They aim to bring the freshest ice with daily fresh fruits including lemon, blackberry, blood orange, and pineapple.

They also offer exclusive ices for each season, such as Pear Ice, Apple Cider Ice, Apple Cinnamon Ice, Pumpkin Pie Ice, Cranberry Ice, Lemon Ginger Ice for autumn.

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Final Words

Ice is obviously a necessary summertime dessert. Great ice should contain sugar, frozen water, and fruits or juice, which many brands of Italian ice can bring to you. With these brands mentioned above, we hope you can pick out your favorite to enjoy during this summer.

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