Best Italian High Street Fashion Brands: List Of Top 8

Italy is a land that’s known worldwide for its luxury, high-end products. So, it’s not surprising that when it comes to fashion, people’s minds immediately jump to brands like Gucci, Versace, and so on.

If these brands are above and beyond your budget, check out these Italian high street fashion brands. They make clothing that is a lot more affordable while being just as fashionable and well-made as higher-end brands. It’s basically a win-win for the consumer.

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Top 10 Best Italian High Street Fashion Brands You Should Know About

1. Miss Sixty (1991)

Miss Sixty high street fashion brand

Stylish at a budget is basically the unspoken motto of Miss Sixty. It is one of Italy’s best denim designers, offering everything from legwears and outerwears to T-shirts and knitted tops at affordable price points.

Miss Sixty was founded in 1991 by Wicky Hassan. During the first few starting years, the company mostly focused on designing and manufacturing apparel with a more casual look.

These days, Miss Sixty has evolved into a more serious women’s clothing line with trendier looks. That doesn’t mean their clothes are only to be worn on the catwalks, though. Most of their collections are still street-ready.

Other than denim, Miss Sixty has expanded its offerings in recent years with newer looks. Some pieces have animal prints and more than a few incorporated pieces of leather into their designs. Perfect if you wish to refresh your wardrobe!

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2. Diesel (1967)

Diesel high street fashion brand

Another brand that’s known for its lines of denim clothes is Diesel. If you were to walk around Italy and see a denim jacket or jeans, there’s a good chance that it carries a Diesel tag.

It’s not without a reason that the brand is so popular. Its offerings are affordable, so anyone can find something in the company’s catalog to call their own.

Diesel has been one of the forerunners in denim-wear, too. The material has Diesel to partly thank for its popularity in the streetwear fashion scene today.

The company started its journey in the fashion industry in 1967. Renzo Rosso purchased 40% of a clothing brand called Moltex, headed by Adriano Goldschmied. After the deal, Moltex was renamed by Diesel and the rest is history.

Diesel’s denim wear is exclusively made in Italy. From there, they’re shipped to many corners of the world and to the hands of customers.

3. OVS (1972)


Founded in 1972, OVS (Organizzazione Vendite Speciali) is a brand that can get you very close to wearing luxury label-caliber products.

OVS’ products are highly rated by pundits and often have an expensive feel to them. The feel is a stark contrast to their price tags, which are very accessible.

In addition to having fairly high product quality, OVS is a pretty active brand, as well. They release seasonal collections every year. You’ll always be able to keep your wardrobe up-to-date with them.

In terms of design, OVS’ products are classy and eye-catching. They may not look as good as Italy’s top designer brands like Prada or Dolce & Gabbana, but OVS’ products tend to come very close.

Their portfolio is fairly extensive. OVS designs and produces clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children alike. The company also has its own line of beauty and personal care products!

4. Calzedonia (1986)

Calzedonia high street fashion brand

If you live near the beach or often spend time around water, you’ll definitely love Calzedonia’s collections!

The brand’s themes mostly revolve around the Mediterranean, so its aesthetic is breezy and free. Calzedonia is known for its trendy beachwear as well as its lines of comfortable women’s tights and leggings. Most pieces are easy to wear and attractive.

However, the big selling point is that every piece is trendy. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest trends in the industry using their annual collections.

Calzedonia was founded in Verona, Italy by Sandro Veronesi in 1986. They currently have more than 1,000 points of sales worldwide.

5. Solotre (2015)

Solotre high street fashion brand

Italy is a country of romance. So many plays, love poems, musical works, books, and movies are borne from its romantic atmosphere and culture. Solotre is a brand that can get you in touch with it all.

The brand specializes in lacy dresses, flowery skirts, puffed-sleeved tops, and similar sweet-looking clothing. Each item looks like it would cost a pretty penny because of its “classic beauty” look and feel.

Nevertheless, the price tags of Solotre’s pieces are actually pretty reasonable.

6. ArchivioB

ArchivioB high fashion street brand

When the weather gets cold, you can count on ArchivioB’s winter wear collections to keep you nice and cozy. This brand’s specialization lies in knitwear. That means it uses exclusively materials like cashmere and wool, both of which are excellent to wear in cold weather.

ArchivioB’s pieces, while warm, also tend to look very fashionable. Their knitwear won’t make you look like a walking igloo.

7. Motivi (1993)

Motivi high street fashion brand

Looking to catch the latest trends and keep your wardrobe updated?

Motivi will be the perfect brand to put on your radar. Their collections follow the latest styles, but often with certain twists and mods that are unique to Motivi.

All these small changes help keep the company’s pieces different from other brands as well as the fore-running pieces of the trend.

The kicker, of course, is that their collections are affordable. You won’t have to shell out too much to give your wardrobe a refresh every season.

8. FILA (1911)

FILA high street fashion brand

For the sportier people among us who like to spend their lives in motion, there’s FILA. While fairly affordable, FILA’s activewear, sports shoes, and accessories are well-made and can last for years even with rigorous use.

Their products are sporty, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish or elegant. There are many FILA-branded items that can make you look immensely sexy while you’re on your morning run.

FILA is basically a South Korean brand at the moment. However, the company’s roots actually sprouted in Biella, a commune in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Its founders, Ettore and Giansevero Fila started the business in 1911. It was initially an underwear-making business. Decades later, with endorsements from famous athletes, Fila transitioned to making sportswear full-time.

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Final Words

It’s entirely possible to be fashionable on a budget! The secret lies in picking brands that offer the greatest balance between affordability and style. We think that you can definitely find such a brand among these 8 renowned Italian high street fashion brands.

Which brand has caught your eye? Tell us in the comment section below!

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