Best Italian Handbag Brands: List Of Top 10

Italy is home to many famous, high-end fashion designer brands. Each one designs and produces products that often have exceptional quality, stylishness, and tastefulness. If you want a piece of the action, too, we recommend starting with these 10 Italian handbag brands.

A good handbag is an essential purchase that any woman should have. With these brands, you will get to enjoy artisanal-grade craftsmanship as well as have a taste of Italian luxury!

Top 10 Best Italian Handbag Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

1. Valentino Garavani (1960)

Valentino Garavani handbag

Even if you weren’t interested in Italian fashion before, you probably have heard of the name Valentino. Items from the company’s diverse portfolio are always in high demand. They produce everything ranging from ready-to-wear apparel to shoes, accessories, and perfumes.

Valentino Garavani is the name of the branch that handles designing and producing bags and accessories.

Valentino’s bags often have an elegant style. They’re pretty but aren’t garish or pretentious. The level of workmanship that goes into each bag is said to be high by most customers. In addition to being well-made, Valentino bags are also known for their premium materials.

The Valentino brand was founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani in Rome, Italy as a luxury design house. It took the brand two years until 1962 to finally debut its first designs in a fashion show hosted in Florence.

2. Fendi (1925)

Fendi handbag

Fendi was collaboratively founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925. Their first boutique was set up in Rome, Italy.

Today, that humble little boutique has expanded into a massive network of 197 stores worldwide. In each store are some of the most sought-after handbags in the fashion industry.

This brand is all about sophistication and timelessness. Commonly made from premium leather, carrying a Fendi leather handbag will definitely refine and elevate your image to new levels.

Though there have been many collections through the years, much of Fendi’s current prestige was built thanks to their 1990s-2000s baguette collection. True to the brand’s spirit of timelessness, these vintage bags still look stylish in the 2020s.

3. Furla (1927)

Furla handbag

Besides its high-market handbags, Furla is a brand that is known for its international presence. Though the company mostly runs its empire from its headquarters in Bologna, Italy, it has five large subsidiaries located in the US, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Not impressed yet? Furla also operates 400 store-fronts and a few thousand points of sales globally.

Like any other popular fashion brand, the “secret” for Furla to grow to such size is simply good designs. While it designs and markets many different types of handbag designs, the brand’s most known for its collections of daily bags. You can bring it along with you at any time of the day and in any season.

If you’d like to see some samples, we recommend looking at their iconic Metropolis leather bag collection.

Furla was founded in 1927 by the Furlanetto family in Bologna, Italy. Like we said earlier, the company’s headquarters remain there, in Bologna, to this day.

4. Armani (1975)

Armani handbag

Armani is one of those brands that are so celebrated, it’s almost synonymous with Italian fashion. It was founded only recently in 1975 by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti in Milan.

Despite being a fairly young business compared to many others on this list, it doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced. With excellent collections like Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange, the company has done more than a good job at distinguishing itself from the competition.

Emporio Armani is where you can find some trendy, made in Italy leather handbags that would suit environments like the office or formal dinners.

Meanwhile, Armani Exchange specializes in streetwear with grittier handbags on offer. It is the more affordable sub-brand underneath Armani’s umbrella. Perfect if you’re looking for something that’s affordable, but no less fashionable.

5. Gucci (1921)

Gucci handbag

Here’s the name you have probably been waiting for: Gucci. You don’t have to be a fashionista to know this name. It’s basically a signature brand of the Italian fashion industry as a whole.

When it comes to Gucci, it’s impossible not to mention the luxuriousness. The stylish G-shaped symbol and the green-white pattern on your handbag will radiate status everywhere you go. It’s the Italian bag brand to buy if you’re in the mood to show off!

As a business, Gucci is an old player in the industry. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, it has tons of experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing high-end fashion. That’s the recipe for its enduring success.

6. Dolce & Gabbana (1985)

Dolce & Gabbana handbag

In 1985, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana founded Dolce & Gabbana in a bid to enter a women’s fashion show in Milano Collezioni. Though it experienced many difficulties at first as an up-and-coming brand, D&G persisted. Just a couple of collections later, it became something of a phenomenon in the industry.

Its attractiveness as a luxury fashion manufacturer still hasn’t diminished today. D&G collections always hold a high position on sales charts. Though their price tags aren’t cheap, the company’s handbags are incredibly popular thanks to their functional and chic designs.

According to the company’s ads, they make the best leather bags, purses, and wallets in Italy. It’s a statement that’s up for debate … though it’s undeniable that if D&G isn’t the best, then it would be very close to being the best.

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7. Bottega Veneta (1966)

Bottega Veneta handbag

Though most of Bottega Veneta’s handbags are simplistic in design, they exude an unmistakable sense of sophistication.

That is all thanks to the skillful workmanship of its artisans and the high-quality leather that it uses to construct each bag. For formal functions, you’ll make quite a statement with one of their leather bags, especially the ones that come with the company’s signature intrecciato weaving.

The brand was founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy by the pair Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro.

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8. ATP Atelier (2011)

ATP Atelier handbag

If you’re a fan of handmade leather handbags from Italia, you’ll love ATP Atelier.

Every single one of their products is made by the hands of Tuscany’s finest artisans. You’ll love it even further if your personal style leans more toward the more classic and timeless staples. ATP Atelier doesn’t chase after the most recent trends on the market.

Established in 2011 by Jonas Clason and Maj-La Pizzelli, it’s a very young brand. But if you love what they have to offer, don’t be afraid of putting in an order. The quality of ATP Atelier’s products is always above and beyond excellent.

9. Il Bisonte (1959)

Il Bisonte handbag

Il Bisonte had a humble beginning in 1959 as a small, Florentine leather workshop. Though it’s grown in size, Il Bisonte continues to produce the same high-quality leather products that had made its name.

It still works with the same suppliers for its leather and fittings, so the quality remains almost unchanged since 1959.

The brand specializes in travel bags which, if you ever found yourself in Florence, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick one up from their shop.

10. Orciani (1989)

Orciani handbag

Innovation is the name of the game for Orciani. They constantly experiment with new materials, new designs, new manufacturing processes to create some truly unique pieces that can only be found in their catalog.

The materials, the workmanship, and the attention to detail of Orciani’s artisans are all things that have given the brand great prestige.

Orciani was founded in 1989 by Claudio Orciani. He was the one responsible for much of the success that the brand enjoys today.

Final Words

No matter what your style is, you’ll find a bag for yourself among one of these 10 fabled Italian purse brands. These brands cater to different budget ranges, too, so don’t be too shy of jumping in if you’re a fashionista on a budget!

Which name is your favorite? Do you plan on getting any from their collections? Tell us in the comment section!

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