Best Italian Furniture Brands: List Of Top 8

Italian design is well-known for its fine quality and incredible craftsmanship. It’s hard to imagine any interior without its influence because it never goes out of style. Let’s take a look at these best Italian furniture brands for your lovely home.

There are a lot of styles for you to choose from, such as classic, contemporary, or modern. We will help you to use your interior to express your personality and preferences.

Top 8 Italian Furniture Brands For Your Home Decor

1. Marioni (1966)

Marioni furniture

One of the most popular Italian furniture brands is Marioni. It started as a small pottery workshop in 1966. Since then, the company has developed to produce channel-tufted sofas, dining tables decorated with glass panels, sculptural metallic table lamps.

This brand follows the maximalism, that you can figure out by its Notorious collection. It shows confidence with an appreciation of the Modernism movement. The Memphis Movement was recalled through monochrome striped marble furniture.

They also use the metallic elements that fit Carlo Scarpa’s architecture to make the collection complete. But the most inspiring thing about this brand is its traditional design.

2. Kartell (1998)

Kartell furniture

Kartell specializes in providing plastic contemporary furniture. Its headquarter is located in Noviglio, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy.

This brand opened its first store in 1998 in New York City. It makes and sells interiors in a wide range of styles and colors at affordable prices. Thanks to this strategy, they achieve $100 million per year.

Besides its own stores, other independent retailers in the United States also stock and sell Kartell furniture.

After years of supplying furnishings, it has got many vital international awards such as nine Compassi d’Oro, Guggenheim Enterprise & Culture Award in 2000.

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3. Smania (1967)

Smania furniture

Smania was established in 1967 by Alberto – a worker in iron manufacturing. He started his career by creating his first low table then he changed from iron to wood.

What makes this brand special is that it allows you to adjust the color, finish, and fabric on any product to have a one-of-a-kind, personalized interior.

This furniture manufacturer provides a lot of choices for every room of the home, from exterior design to accessories. Many of its items are manually created to assure absolute perfection.

Don’t forget to check out its sought-after garden collection, which is made from high-quality materials such as original walnut crotch.

The interiors this brand provides are quite affordable, but if you need something more luxurious, you can take a look at Vivono Designs or Capellini.

4. Calligaris (1923)

Calligaris furniture

Furniture is not only about functional but also delicate is what Calligaris expresses. The company focuses on the demands of the times by producing innovative furniture.

It has nearly 100 years of experience in this industry with over 800 interiors. People love this brand because of its timeless and contemporary style.

Since 1923, the company has continued to produce recognizable wooden chairs with straw seats. Its products are inspired by contemporary life and the growth of new trends.

This high-end brand has an excellent team of designers, architects, trend-setters, and craftsmen. All of them contribute to providing the best quality interiors. They take time to choose the most durable material for each item.

Besides being creative and trend-setting, the brand always brings functional and comfortable products.

5. Opera Contemporary (1886)

Opera Contemporary - best Italian furniture brand

Opera Contemporary is known as the modern offshoot of Angelo Cappellini – a supplier of French-inspired furniture. This brand inherits the predecessors’ Brianza history but still has a special aesthetic that fits the modern age.

Every item from this brand brings you back to a time of tradition but with a modern touch. Interiors here have exotic high-gloss veneers and contemporary engineering, decorated with simple metal.

One of its special products is a button-back sofa which has a dramatic undulating back and a roll-back bed. They added sabot-ended tapered legs and a simple split quilted headboard.

6. Max Divani (1956)

Max Divani - famous Italian furniture brand

Max Divani was founded over 60 years ago to provide sofas and armchairs. This company brings a complete balance between exquisite and functionality to your modern house.

The Italian brand stands out for its handcrafted works with original designs. Max Divani makes sure to provide exceptional quality products for years because the company is careful in selecting materials.

The brand’s main purpose is durability and comfort. It combines tradition and innovation to produce unique and up-to-date interiors.

The company has a laboratory to create and innovate and create special products. They pay attention to every detail, choose the material carefully to ensure the quality of their furniture. Their designs are the perfect combination of traditionally made in Italy and the development of technological innovation.

7. Selva (1968)

Selva - top rated Italian furniture brand

Selva is one of the most well-known Italian furniture brands with the motto “Love of tradition. Courage for innovation”.

This company specializes in providing typically decorative designs in the former time. But recently it has shown the Phillip Selva collections with a touch of modern sensibility. This leads to clean-lined designs to fit a design-savvy client but still keep the quality in every detail.

If you love this brand, you cannot miss the signature interiors including the Vendome armchairs, Peggy chair, Piccadilly occasional tables, and nearly everything from the Downtown collection.

The company has three different product lines: Epoca by Selva, Selva Timeless Beauty, and Philipp Selva Home which provides interior for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. You can find everything you need here, such as beds, chairs, mirrors, and much more.

But if you are looking for outdoor furniture, you can try Minotti instead. They will give you the things you need to have comfort and luxury both indoors and out.

8. Alf (1951)

Alf furniture

One of the most important brands in the furniture industry is Alf. This company was opened in 1951 with the purpose of bringing new designs and quality material interiors.

They take orders then produce with a professional team to provide exclusive pieces. With the highest technology, they specialize in modern furniture but still remain the tradition of Venetian cabinet making. If you want to purchase interiors for your office, this is a great option.

The company offers top-quality items that still keep their aesthetic and functional. It picks material carefully to make sure its products last as long as they can.

Furniture is not about the look, but also about durability. This brand creates interiors through a process of lacquering 6 times so they will have rich and deep colors. This is what makes it famous.

Final Words

Above we have shown you the best things from some of the top rated Italian furniture brands. You can easily choose a brand that gives you everything including comfort, quality, design, and price.

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