Best Italian Cycling Clothing Brands: List Of Top 8

If you are new to cycling, the best way to buy a good outfit is to stick to Italian cycling clothing brands. Products from these brands may be expensive but their quality is worth the price. In this article, we have picked out for you only the best ones to choose from.

Top 8 Best Italian Cycling Clothing Brands

1. Giordana (1979)

Giordana cycling clothing

Giordana is one of the oldest companies in the cycling clothing industry. This brand was founded in America by Giorgio Andretta. He was born in Italy and has always been supportive of products made in Italy.

This company aims to bring customers the best combination of qualified craftsmanship and industry knowledge so that people can have both comfort and style on their rides.

The brand does not only stand out in the quality of cycling apparel but also in the care of making garments. It promises to motivate the technological envelope and still maintain the tradition of Giordana.

The main products from this cycling apparel manufacturer are jackets & vests, cycling jerseys, base layers, shorts, tights & knickers.

2. Castelli (1876)

Castelli cycling clothing

Castelli is a brand rooted in Italy, providing bicycle clothing and accessories. Its headquarter is located in Fonzaso, Veneto. Its main product line includes triathlon and cycling clothing. You can easily recognize this brand by its logo of a white scorpion with a red circle covering it.

The first store was opened in 1876 in Milan to supply clothing for businessmen, Milanese ballet groups, and football teams including Milan and Juventus.

Castelli has developed quickly over the years. It became a part of the Cervélo TestTeam with Thor Hushovd, Heinrich Haussler, and Carlos Sastre. Team Sky also took this brand as an official sponsor. It also provides sports clothing for many other teams such as team Ineos, Deceuninck Quick-Step.

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3. De Marchi (1946)

De Marchi cycling clothing

De Marchi is one of the most famous Italian clothing brands. This brand was founded after the end of World War II in 1946, which is even older than the brand Giordana. Emilio De Marchi – the brand’s founder used to be an athlete and manage Bottecchia – a big professional cycling team.

This brand immediately got a good reputation thanks to the great quality of the Merino wool that they use to manufacture cycling jerseys and shorts.

What makes this supplier special is its circular knitting construction method that helps bring more comfort to customers. They also take advantage of buckskin leather instead of sheep, which are more common in this industry.

This is also the first brand that has a patent and provides high-tech cycling pads. They also got a patent for innovative bike pads that work like an elastic interface to decrease irritation. This has set a new standard for cycling wear.

4. Santini Cycling (1965)

Santini Cycling - best Italian clothing brand

Santini Clothing specializes in providing cycling clothes headquartered in Lallio, Italy. Each item they create is developed by a dedicated team of qualified designers. Every one of this team is into cycling, running, and triathlon.

Santini’s team puts a lot of effort into researching material to ensure every product in their collection is adjusted to be suitable for each user and riding condition.

After that, they will take it into the production process to bring the best performance for World Champions. That’s why they can guarantee to provide the finest quality cycling clothes made in Italy.

The company is now producing over 7,000 products per day and exporting nearly 80% of its items to other countries. They continue to research and update new techniques and materials to make their products even better.

5. Marcello Bergamo (1977)

Marcello Bergamo cycling clothing

Marcello Bergamo was founded in 1977 to bring professional-level cycling clothes to people who love sports. The founder used to be a professional cyclist and that make him realize not everyone has the same kit as he does. That’s the reason why he established his own company to bring affordable cycling kits to others.

Over the years, the brand has led the innovation in technology, garment production, and materials. After many years of manufacturing, they have earned a lot of knowledge in Castano Primo. The company is now operated by Fiorenza and Marcello – the next generation of Bergamo.

Marcello Bergamo aims to bring both comfort and performance to the cycling kit it provides. They make sure to keep the prices most reasonable as they can so that everyone can have high-quality bike clothing at low prices.

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6. Cento Cycling (1999)

Cento Cycling clothing

Cento provides custom bike jerseys, shorts, long sleeves, socks… for cycling that guarantees you a good feeling and best performance at a reasonable price. No matter how far you want to ride, it can give you the best experience in style, quality, and comfort.

Here you can easily find top-quality and functional bicycle clothing along with custom clothes for your team, event, or club. You can even order for same-day shipping if you make your order before 30m PST.

The brand is very proud to cooperate with a lot of in-house designers and producers from Europe. The company always keeps up with them to ascertain their products are of good quality, function, and fit.

7. Lecol (2009)

Lecol - famous Italian cycling clothing brand

Lecol is one of the best Italian cycling brands, born to make high-quality cycling apparel. The founder of this brand is GB cyclist Yanto Barker so he understands what makes customers satisfied with his products.

He takes advantage of his professional insight and spends hours testing to get the best results. What makes this brand popular is its pursuit of bringing perfection to each product.

The company products are manufactured in their Italian factory with the support of Monte Grappe, which gives their product perfect quality and amazing performance on every detail.

Le Col was picked by Sir Bradley Wiggins when he released his line of classic Wiggins apparel because he trusted the quality of their goods.

8. Nalini (1970)

Nalini cycling clothing

Nalini, one of the most necessary labels in the cycling industry, was established over 40 years ago.

It has constantly cooperated with many professional cyclists to produce cycling clothing with the best performance. Come to this brand, you can have an experience like a professional with their Pro collection and modernization from the laboratory of MOA.

This company pays attention to every detail of each product to give customers the best quality apparel. All items are created by hand in Northern Italy, following strict rules from Italian and EU.

You can make sure that your clothing purchased from here is non-toxic, high quality, and friendly to the environment.

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Final Words

With all these Italian cycling brands mentioned above, you can easily pick out the best one to put in your arsenal of outfits and gear. From the most comfortable cycling jerseys to the stylish headgears, these companies will meet your demand.

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