Best Italian Coffee Brands: List of Top 8

If someone asks you about the country having the best quality coffee in the world, Italy will top the list. People love to sit in an Italian outdoor café, grabbing a perfect espresso hit with a few cranberry biscottis.

Today, we shall expose the best Italian coffee brands you might like to sip along with your loved ones. Most of them gain so much love from international customers.

So for an unforgettable caffeine kick, pick up your favorite among the following labels!

Top 8 Best Italian Coffee Brands You Might Enjoy All Year Long

1. Illy Caffè (1933)

Illy Caffè

Illy Caffè is one of the biggest Italian coffee brands that delight countless people with their cottony taste of coffee. In 1933, the company got established in Trieste by Francesco Illy. This man is also the inventor of Espresso coffee and coffee machinery. He availed pressurization skills to maintain the flavor and aroma of each coffee package.

Nowadays, Andrea Illy (the 3rd generation of the family) becomes the president while Anny Illy acts as CEO of the Ernesto Illy Foundation. To create the finest coffee ground, Illy Caffè counts on modern technology and thorough studies. They base on these to apply to the whole making process, from selection to preparation.

Their business now become a worldwide concern with Illy Caffè showing up in 140 nations and over 100,000 restaurants.

2. Lavazza (1895)

Lavazza - italian coffee brand

With great knowledge and good innovations, Lavazza succeeds in sharing its coffee culture with the world. The company got founded by determined Luigi Lavazza.

At first, the man began with a grocery store in Torino. Later on, Luigi found out and used his special aptitude for coffee to start his business. He opened the first store in San Tommaso, Turin in 1895.

After researching various characteristics of the coffee, Luigi keeps learning how to mix coffees for a satisfying taste. Some countries he imported coffee from are Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, and the US.

Nowadays, the brand presents the coffee made in Italy for any taste to over 60 nations. Much of their coffee is a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffees.

3. Pellini (1922)

Pellini coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee is not only a moment of fun but also an art in our lifestyle. It can touch your senses and evoke your emotions. In Pellini, you can feel it clearly, especially in the processing of coffee beans.

The company was founded by the Pellini family’s passion for coffee in 1922. Differing from other labels, Pellini coffee soon climbed to the No. 5 on the national coffee market. The brand also won the double gold medal in the “Espresso” and “Moka” groups.

Today, Pellini’s espresso gets more famous among Italian families. They feel pleased with a dreamy cup of espresso that can make their breaks more special and incredible.

4. Segafredo (1973)

Segafredo - famous Italian coffee brand

Segafredo got set up by Massimo Zanetti in Italy. This gentleman was born into a family with over two generations that do coffee trading business.

Its target is to share the flavor, culture, and making method of real Italian coffee across the globe. And that comes true! There are over 50 million cups of Segafredo’s coffee got consumed every day. It has several customers from different channels due to its decent products and excellent service.

Segafredo is the leading Espresso maker with coffee served in more than 30,000 cafes and bars worldwide. The brand also delivers a great selection of premium espresso machines and coffee bar tools for a real Italian experience.

5. Caffè Vergnano (1882)

Caffè Vergnano

Out of other companies, Caffè Vergnano is the most faithful one to traditions. You can see its passion for coffee through the amazing mix-match of tradition and innovation. It’s clearer from careful selection to the production process.

Back to its long history, the company started as a little apothecary at the foot of Turin hills. In 1882, Domenico Vergnano, who came from a family of farmers set up Caffè Vergnano. Later, the shop soon began roasting and selling coffee. As a result, the family acquired a coffee plantation in Kenya in 1930.

Year after year, their business has extended and become one of the top 5 coffee manufacturers in the nation. Caffè Vergnano now has 32 stores in different countries, including Italy, Paris, London, Dusseldorf, Oman, and more.

6. Kimbo (1963)

kimbo coffee

Firstly known as the best place to make Neapolitan coffee, Kimbo should have its name in this roundup. It was founded in 1963, which is a great story of entrepreneurial success.

At that time, three brothers kicked off their careers by roasting coffee in a bakery. Fortunately, their talents and vision go brought into play, which led them to establish the company.

The coffee will get housed in brand new and high-tech storerooms. After that, it would be transferred to the plant in Melito, where it gets roasted and properly packaged. The espresso from this brand is quite smooth and owns a creamy texture. Meanwhile, the flavor feels strong and knows how to give a good caffeine boost.

7. Caffè Borbone

Caffè Borbone

Before getting to understand Caffè Borbone, let’s go back to the late 1700s when Caffè Borbone got introduced in Réunion. This place used to be bourbon where can grow at heights of 1100 and 2000 meters. That helped to produce a 30% higher yield than Typica coffee but in the same quality.

Coming with Caffè Borbone, you get to enjoy the quality and passion of coffee from one of the top coffee maker leaders. The company is a fantastic source of innovation when constantly experimenting with new technologies. Its aim is to deliver the special and unique taste of Neapolitan coffee to different countries.

8. Medaglia D’Oro (1924)

Medaglia D’Oro - best Italian coffee brand

By maintaining the tradition of the authentic Italian espresso, Medaglia D’Oro allows us to get more into its rich history.

The brand has always been a favorite in Italy and the USA for almost 80 years since its debut in 1924. It wants to bring the passion for espresso to every Italian and American family by starting with the finest coffee beans.

As compared to other high-end companies, the coffee from Medaglia D’Oro is cheaper but good in taste. The coffee beans will get roasted and ground to generate a strong aroma and unique flavor. Just get your espresso machine for a cup of coffee during breaks!

Nowadays, you can easily find Medaglia D’Oro products in supermarkets and gourmet stores.

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Final Words

It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, we recommend you select the one suiting your taste. The above Italian coffee brands might help shorten your long list and get you to focus on what you want. And don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment below after checking out our lowdown today.

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