Best Italian Clothing Brands: List of Top 8

Are you looking for some fashion pieces to make the most of the wardrobe? As for sartorial style, nothing is better than other Italian clothing brands. High quality has always been appreciated in Italy, and such labels have contributed to the shape of style today.

You probably know their names, but not their success stories. With that in mind, we shall guide you to the top Italian clothing brands and how they made their names.

Top 8 Best Italian Clothing Brands You Need For Your Wardrobe

1. Prada (1913)

Prada clothing brand

Prada, which got founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, has become one of the globe’s most influential fashion names. He opened his first luxury store known as the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. It mostly sells premium leather suitcases, bags, and accessories. Prada got into a new phase in the 1970s as his daughter inherited the family business.

That’s when she injected modern energy into the label, making it the icon of timeless and chic designs. Miuccia Prada and her husband Patrizio Bertelli brought the brand from leather trends to runways.

They brought Prada to the world of contemporary art. This led to its exclusive collection of over 700 masterpieces by talented artists. Nowadays, people can find bold designs with distinct colors and eccentric flair for all clothing designs from this brand.

2. Giorgio Armani (1965)

Giorgio Armani - famous Italian clothing brand

Among Italian clothing brands, Armani is the name that we don’t have to share much about. It’s one of the most renowned fashion houses in the world. And the man behind that success, Armani, is also the iconic person. He began designing clothes in 1965 and met Sergio Galeotti, an Italian architect and co-founder of the brand.

Through their hands-on experience, they become the pioneers in bringing the trend of luxury to the masses. For them, it’s also their chance to be the number one instead of taking a risk.

Their apparel comes with great aesthetics, luxury, and a unique sense to suit the elite of society. It’s all about elegance and sophisticated styles found in clothing for men and women. Coming with Giorgio Armani, you get to find timeless values along with quality, ranging from expensive garments to sparkling jewelry.

3. Kappa (1978)

Kappa clothing brand

Another contemporary lifestyle clothing made in Italy deserving attention is Kappa. The brand is one of the leading names in sportswear and high street fashion worldwide.

In 1978, Kappa was born in Turin, Italy, and then became famous for producing slimline garments with distinct traits. Speaking of its logo, it appeared by chance during a photoshoot for Beatrix.

At that time, the shadow got cast by a man and a woman who leaned against each other. And then, the idea suddenly turned into Kappa’s logo today.

From the start, the company focused on making socks and underwear. Today, the brand is the leader in sports textiles with good features, including UV protection, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial.

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4. Missoni (1953)

Missoni clothing brand

Having the base in Milan, Italy, Missoni is renowned for ready-to-wear jackets, coats, and knitwear designs. The brand made its name through the zigzag styles, but the success lies in Italy’s most fashionable family. Their business got established in 1953 when Rosita Missoni and Ottavio (Tai) built a knitwear workshop in Gallarate.

His workshop firstly made and launched tracksuits. And two of them later aimed at more modern options and artisanal approaches. They kept growing their major in waves, striping, and jacquard fabric with dots.

With the use of various materials, Missoni knows how to create the best designs that attract attention. As a result, their products are always at the top of the wish lists.

5. Moschino (1983)

Moschino clothing brand

Like some other famous Italian clothing brands, Moschino is widely known for its creative innovation and eccentricity.

Founded in 1983, the brand never fails to add a bit of fun to the whole fashion industry. It was also the time when the first collection for women got launched. This marked a big breakthrough and success later on.

According to Franco Moschino, he began with the vintage trends like the lady Chanel suit for instance. There are many expensive accessories and stuff made with decent materials you can find here.

If high street fashion is your favorite, then count on Love Moschino! It’s another name from the Moschino house but sells more affordable items for women’s daily use.

6. Valentino (1960)

Valentino - best Italian clothing brand

After finishing his education in Paris, the famous designer Valentino Garavani opened his fashion brand in Rome in 1960. Valentino soon became a favorite one of the globe’s best-dressed women in the 1960s. In 1962, his clothing launch entered international stardom after his debut in Florence.

From his early shows, he gained a reputation for the unique reddish color in dresses. That’s also known as the ‘Valentino Red’ collection today. What makes Valentino famous is its high-end fashion design! It finds no difficulty in drawing women’s attention from different parts of the world.

The brand also connected to some of the most influential women by designing their wedding dresses. They’re Anne Hathaway, Elizabeth Taylor, and Princess Madeleine of Sweden.

7. Bottega Veneta (1966)

Bottega Veneta clothing

By catching up with the recent high fashion, Bottega Veneta is reputed for its artful styles and fantastic craftsmanship.

Rooted in 1966 in Italy, the brand got established by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. At that time, its main products are high-end leather goods and accessories. Since then, the brand has built a new standard for luxury, applied style and innovation to its offer.

In the 1990s, the label welcomed more trendy design elements but then witnessed a decline in popularity afterward. In 2001, the Gucci Group acquired Bottega Veneta, which helped to give new strength to the brand.

Nowadays, the brand stays on the highest pinnacle of quality. You can see it from iconic leather accessories to ready-to-wear clothing pieces.

8. Versace

Versace - well-known Italian clothing brand

Gianni Versace moved to Milan to work in fashion design. But it wasn’t until 1978 that he had his boutique here, which soon revolutionized this industry. Four years later, Versace placed its name on some accessories, home stuff, and furniture.

Gianni then launched silky outfits with leopard skin and prints before got famous as haute couture. In the 1990s, Versace showed its remarkable designs with brightly colored suits and eye-catching blazers.

And the most renowned fashion show from the label is called the ‘bondage’. In this event, models catwalks in dark dresses along with golden, diamond buckles.

Final Words

It’s easy to find these best Italian clothing brands and order their stuff online. However, we want to share how each of them gained success and marked high fashion making. So tell us what your favorite label is from this roundup. Leave your comments below if you have another good name to add to this list!

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