Best Italian Bike Brands: List of Top 8

When it comes to pioneers of decent cycling, it’s no surprise that Italy gets mentioned in this list. It has always been in the league of its own. For this reason, we shall look at some of the best Italian bike brands that anyone has ever lusted for. The quality of road bikes from these names is grounded in decades of technology.

Top 8 Best Italian Bike Brands To Conquer The Rough Roads

1. De Rosa (1953)

De Rosa bike

In 1953, De Rosa got established by Ugo De Rosa. He couldn’t stop making every biking model by hand. The company got operated by a family that owns a great passion for production and innovative technology.

Five years later, a professional cyclist named Raphael Geminani asked him to make a frame. So the brand started to build frames and supply them to road racers.

Till now, De Rosa has been well-known for manufacturing some of the top-rated models of frames. And this firm is proud of its construction in steel frames in four materials: titanium, aluminum, carbon, and steel.

Unlike other Italian bike brands, De Rosa is unique to several cyclists. Many of them desire to have one of their bikes for their whole riding career.

2. Pinarello (1953)

Pinarello bike

Are you seeking a world of beautiful and functional bikes? Pinarello is one of the best labels to keep in mind.

As history goes, Pinarello was born out of the founder’s love for racing. Giovanni Pinarello was known as a frame maker around that time. From the beginning, he owned a small shop in Treviso but then change the entire biking industry.

By doing what other Italian makers couldn’t, Pinarello becomes the epitome of success today. He worked harder than he had ever done before. His brand started to surpass many big names of its time.

Everything begins with small sponsorships and small targets. After that, his plant grows fast and the brand also enjoys widespread popularity.

3. Colnago (1952)

Colnago - best Italian bike brand

Another badass vintage bike made in Italy is from Colnago. Every bike was produced in their factory till 2006.

Back to its fascinating history, the founder who founded the brand in 1952 in Cambiago was initially a young freshman. His hometown is in the Northeast of Milan, Italy. Colnago was a talent, so he soon built wheels for some of the most famous Italian cyclists.

The company also made a frame used by Giuseppe Saronni. He won the world road race championship in 1982. Since then, the brand keeps manufacturing premium steel bikes. They make frames that utilize some particular materials like carbon, titanium, aluminum, and other mixed materials.

4. Bianchi (1885)

Bianchi bike

If you’re looking for some Italian-made bicycles, then don’t miss Bianchi on this list. It’s one of the most trusted and historic names of bikes.

Edoardo Bianchi is the one who established it in Milan in 1885. For this reason, you can call it one of the oldest bike labels in the nation. Bianchi cycles are decent machines filled with modern technology and functions worth your money.

From the early days, the brand manufactured motorbikes and bikes at the same time. Then it teamed up with Pirelli and Fiat to make Autobinachi.

For bikes, the Bianchi Specialissima is said to be a lightweight racing bike. Above all, comfort is something not forgotten here. And that’s all thanks to the Countervail technology Bianchi applied to the frame.

5. Olmo (1939)

Olmo bike

When you get asked about Olmo, the answer should be about one of the most iconic Italian bike brands. For its sports or road bikes, they have something in common. This is about a mix-match of high technology, good quality, and great value. Giuseppe Olmo, the founder took good care of his business with high efficiency.

The company can offer bikes that can cost more than any marketed name. Speaking of success, it’s the combination of advanced technologies, innovative items, and certified quality. You can find some good bikes here with the same quality as Colnago.

Today, people would love to get more functional bicycles or mountain bikes (MTB) for comfy and accomplished rides.

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6. Benotto (1931)

Benotto bike

Benotto was born out of the passion of Giacinto Benotto. He established the company in 1931 at the age of 24. As an enthusiastic racer, the founder knew that innovation and quality must be applied to every bike. So no wonder why his bikes used to win three world championships by 1951.

Later on, his factory began making as several as 500 bikes a day.

Nowadays, its production needs international operations. Any premium bicycle and frame would get made in Italy. Meanwhile, other widely-produced bikes get made in the factory located in Mexico City. Coming here, you will find a great abundance of bikes and accessories, ranging from clothing to shoes.

7. Legnano (1902)

Legnano bike brand

There’s always a reason for the fame of Legnano. It’s a famous Italian bike and racing bike maker specializing in decent sports bikes and hybrid bikes.

The company was established in 1902 by Vittorio Rossi. Its name soon became widespread in public due to the reliability, style, and quality of bike production.

At the end of the First World War, the owner of the Frejus and Wolsit brands took over the company. At that time, their best racing bike was called Roma that got renamed Roma Olimpiade.

Its frame got made from unique light tubes by the country’s most famous provider of bike tubes. In the early 1980s, Legnano got sold to Bianchi and then led by Maurizio Fondriest.

8. Cinelli (1944)

Cinelli bike

The Cinelli company got founded by Cino Cinelli in 1944. He was a professional rider who won a championship between 1937 and 1943. The founder had a deep love for two wheels, which drove him to start the amateur riding career.

As a pro cyclist, Cinelli kept winning more competitions, especially the Giro dell’Appennino and the Andrea Boero Cup.

Those two races gained much attention and public recognition. Till 1944, he decided to retire forever and took part in his brother Giotto’s and ran the company.

By 1946, Cinelli sold bikes that are mainly manufactured in Florence and then marketed to become more widespread. An office and a warehouse were also built in Milan around that time.

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Final Words

Whether you want a fast bike or a climber, these are our top picks of the best Italian bike brands. Most of them have made frames for the best cyclists in their history. So you can expect them to offer you high-quality cycling components.

So after scrolling down for a pick, tell us your favorite name from the list by leaving your comment below.

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