Best Italian Beer Brands: List of Top 8

Beer made in Italy has been good for a long time. So if you’re looking for some Italian beer brands that present the best-tasting beers worldwide, then go nowhere but here. Not only perfect for daily and special occasions, but they are also dark in color and rich in taste.

Brewers here make several varieties of beers to pair with some foods in this country. And here they are, the most famous breweries that have influenced the whole beer scene recently.

Top 8 Best Italian Beer Brands To Try

1. Birrificio Angelo Poretti (1877)

Birrificio Angelo Poretti beer

Like other beer companies, Birrificio Angelo Poretti also has a story starting with a voyage. After encountering Masters Brewers, Angelo Poretti explored the potential behind the brewing beer action. So in 1877, he established his brewery in Induno Olona, Italy. Poretti soon gained his first success by having a chance to take part in the National Exposition in Milan.

Till now, over a century later, this brewing house has been chosen as the best beer of the Italy Pavilion in 2015. With passion, expertise, and creativity, Poretti is committed to offering you an authentic quality beer with a story to tell. It has a straw-like color and fruity taste with a moderate bitterness that you will love to taste for sure.

2. Peroni Nastro Azzurro (1963)

Peroni Nastro Azzurro beer

If you desire a beer made in Italy that has a refreshing citrus aroma, then find Peroni in no time. Getting brewed in Italy since 1963, the brand has shown its good craftsmanship and passion for making beer. It’s all thanks to Birra Peroni who succeeded in reflecting the Italian luxury and style in his sharp products.

Today, Peroni is the top Italian beer label and the most sold one internationally. Its products span fifty countries on five various continents. The brand amazes the world with its superb craftsmanship and sophistication.

Coming with this brewing house, you get to enjoy the light and crisp European beer. It got made of only decent and natural ingredients grown in Italy.

3. Birra Moretti (1857)

Birra Moretti beer

As the most popular out of other Italian beer brands, Birra Moretti never disappoints you with its finest hops. People will be able to taste the balanced notes and the fruity aroma of the beer. Go ahead and match it well with a dish of pasta for a wonderful experience.

Birra Moretti started brewing more than 100 years ago. The brand has made its big name in this industry since then.

It’s Luigi Moretti who established the firm in 1857 when it was still a beer factory. And he used his technique to do the brewing job to create what became Birra Moretti today.

The brand kept beer bottles in the local region till the 1990s. It’s when the label finally hit the national market. It also became one of the most advanced nations for preparing and processing hops around that time.

4. Birra del Borgo (2005)

Birra del Borgo beer

Birra del Borgo is a renowned brewery selling different good-quality craft beers in Rome, Italy. Its beer owns a golden shade and a citrus taste, not to mention the alcoholic content taking up 6.4%.

In the beginning, the company got founded by a student who stopped his studies to take a beer trip in Europe. He learned great things from the German beer masters and conventional brewing houses in the UK. As a result, he came back to start making the brews on his own.

Nowadays, Birra Del Borgo partnered with some of the globe’s most famous breweries. Such a thing helps the brand becomes one of the best labels in Italy and worldwide. It’s also famous for having its research lab for ways to boost beer quality.

5. Birra Menabrea (1846)

Birra Menabrea beer

In 1846, it got founded by Giuseppe Menabrea. Since then, it has produced a beer with more alcohol than the Lager beer. And this beverage comes up with a good balance of taste and aroma. So if they take time to make it, you can take time to enjoy it!

Like some Italian beer brands, Birra Menabrea beer features irresistible lightness in color and flavor. The brand combines different ingredients to create unique and tasty recipes.

In more than a century and a half, the brand has received several prizes for its undeniable quality. It has a museum in which everyone can view a series of the system used before for manufacturing the beer.

6. Birra Ichnusa (1864)

Birra Ichnusa

The name of Birra Ichnusa is the name of a famous beer brewed in Assemini of the region Sardinia, Italy. Its Lager beer features an enticing golden color and moderately bitter flavor. Therefore, you can pair it well with any Italian dish.

Back to its history, Ichnusa got founded by Amsicora Capra in 1864. He’s a winemaker and knows how to craft flawless beer.

To serve everyone on his island, Birra Ichnusa got created at that time. However, he suddenly stopped making beer as the world entered into the war. Till 1945, Capra reopened his brewing house and soon helped the brand become the icon of the island’s well-being.

A classic Ichnusa beer has a pleasant bitterness and a balanced taste, so give it a try!

7. Birrificio Montegioco (2005)

Birrificio Montegioco

Birrificio Montegioco was born from the passion of Riccardo Franzosi in 2005. He built it as a homebrewer at first and then turned it into a modern brewery today. The name here got taken from the village of Val Grue that lies in Provincia di Alessandria, Italy.

The brewing house initially served only employees and acquaintances. After that, Riccardo determined to change his hobby to real business. When it comes to Birrificio Montegioco beers, you can feel the soft bitterness and pleasant freshness in the mouth.

Take its wheat beer as an instance. Not only that but there’s also a good harmony of taste, which is opposite to the sweetness of the cereal.

8. Forst (1857)

Forst - best Italian beer brand

Another popular Italian brewing firm is Forst that got established in 1857 by Johann Wallnofer and Franz Tappeiner. Both of them raised the idea of exploiting the good natural conditions to grow their project.

Till 1863, the firm got passed to Josef Fuchs who helped to expand the plant. Throughout the years, beer manufacturing started to thrive without expectation. Thus, it ended up reaching high technology levels in 1933.

And you know what? Forst beer delivers clear and fresh notes of the hop, which allows you to pair with sushi and other spicy dishes.

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Final Words

As you see, the top 8 Italian beer brands have their own stories to go. And we bet that you’ve already known that Italy makes some of the best beer in the world! The brewers here know how to hone their skills and use premium ingredients to make traditional Italian beers.

They always use new hops and never hesitate to reinvigorate the old styles. So hurry to pick up some good flavors here to experience the fanciness.

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