10 Best Iced Tea Brands For A Delicious Bet

Iced tea is one of the most refreshing drinks we can enjoy any time of the year. So we choose the best iced tea brands. And you will know which one is a more pleasurable option.

Each brand is committed to offering beverages to keep its consumers powered up during the hot summer months. To ensure you’re picking out the best drink on the market, check out our list below.

10 Best Iced Tea Brands For A Delicious Bet

1. Turkey Hill tea

Turkey Hill iced tea

The name of Turkey here doesn’t come from a group of turkeys but from where they got hunted by Native American tribes. It got founded by farmer Armor Frey in 1931. Around that time, the company expanded to build a chain of convenience stores. Later on, the giant Kroger acquired the dairy and Turkey Hill’s Minit Markets. These tend to own 270 stores across America.

According to a few taste testers, the lemon iced tea of the brand became their favorite among the best iced tea brands out there. The drink has a good amount of sweetness, and never leaves a terrible aftertaste as some others do. Apart from iced tea, the company has fruit drinks, including lemonade, fruit punch, milk, and many others.

2. Tazo tea

Tazo iced tea

Tazo is renowned as a tea, herbal tea blender, and distributor in Portland. The founder, Steven Smith traveled around the world and explored more special blends to brew. Further than that, he discovered a great number of appealing flavors that global communities have brewed for centuries.

After realizing the blends of tea can be so much more, he established Tazo tea in 1994. Nowadays, the firm keeps crafting unique blends that pop with mesmerizing flavors. All of them get sourced from ingredients guaranteed to wake up all senses. With many delectable products, Tazo never leaves our top ranks.

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3. Arizona tea – Biggest iced tea brand

Arizona iced tea

Out of the biggest iced tea brands, Arizona Beverages USA is a manufacturer of various flavors of many drinks. Based in Woodbury, New York, the company’s first product got produced in 1992 when in competition with Snapple.

As compared with others, its 5-star tea recipe has a more sweet flavor, like several southern sweet teas. It also owns a bit of black tea once you finish. Besides, Arizona iced tea is a sort of tea that can make you picture rocking on the porch at night.

Yet, this brand is probably a bit too sweet for those who get used to this style of tea. Overall, it’s a tasty bet for whenever you’re seeking a perfect sweet tea.

4. Pure Leaf

Pure Leaf iced tea

At Pure Leaf, you only experience premium tea from real tea leaves. With a modest yet authentic process, every drink gets brewed from its passion for realness. These leaves are grown in Kericho, Kenya. It’s a delicate mixture of black tea and authentic spices to deliver a sweet and spicy taste.

Its best-selling iced tea tastes a bit sweet though it gets unsweetened. As some people say, it’s due to citric acid. This substance will give food a longer shelf-life, and it might give the drink a bit of flavor.

Also, Pure Leaf is one of the best iced green tea brands. Its taste is not too bitter, and slightly lemony though you find no lemon in its ingredients.

5. Fuze tea

Fuze iced tea

Fuze Beverage is a maker of teas and non-carbonated fruit drinks loaded with vitamins. It gets marketed in Switzerland, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. With the use of vitamins, herbs, and amino acids, Fuze gets more renowned in this industry.

The company got established by Lance Collins and Paula Grant in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. In 2001, Fuze got launched in Northern California with fruit-themed bottles. These were cranberry raspberry, mixed berry, and the banana colada.

One year later, the brand introduced two more flavors. These are tropical punch and peach mango. Around that time, Fuze expanded to 30 agents and moved out of Collin’s basement.

6. Gold Peak tea

Gold Peak iced tea

Gold Peak Tea is a label of ready-to-drink lemon iced tea produced by the Coca-Cola firm. It was first launched in 2006. A chilled version was introduced two years later. Their previous recipe had won the ChefsBest award for the best taste. That was the moment when it got made with tea leaves from the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Among the best iced tea brands, Gold Peak claims to bring the natural and healthy goodness of its tea. What Gold Peak has here are decent tea leaves, pure filtered water, and cane sugar. If you want some peach iced tea, go to pick out its Georgia peach tea for the refreshingly sweet taste.

7. Snapple tea

Snapple iced tea

It’s a famous brand owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper. Snapple gained fame due to its pop-culture references. Currently, the company’s product line includes over 50 flavors of juice, fruit punches, and teas. For the name, the apple juice item was first called “Snapple”. It was a mixture of the words “snappy” and “apple”.

As a result, Snapple became their beverage firm’s new name. In the early 1980s, Snapple Corporation got established. Today, you can have new bottles of iced tea from Snapple. It’s lighter, more sustainable, and more portable to bring along everywhere. At Snapple, you can enjoy your favorite flavors with the deliciousness you fall in love with.

8. Teavana tea

Teavana iced tea

Another popular American tea firm we want to mention today is Teavana Corporation. In 1997, the company started in Atlanta, Georgia along with the opening of a teahouse.

Andrew T. Mack and his wife are those who founded Teavana. Their ideas first got inspired by a road trip, realizing the love of Americans for fine wines and coffees.

The brand used to have many locations throughout America, Mexico, Canada, and the Middle East. In 2012, Starbucks acquired the brand. Yet, in 2018, Starbucks and Simon agreed to shut down the rest of the 77 Teavana stores in Simon malls. That event ended the tea shop’s independent storefronts.

9. Honest tea – best low-sugar iced tea brand

Honest iced tea

Seth Goldman, the founder of the brand never stops searching for the perfect beverage to satisfy his thirst. At that time, he found that every drink seemed too sweet or too tasteless. The man shared this passion with Barry Nalebuff, his Yale School of Management professor. It ended up that Honest Tea was born three years later.

Honest Tea loves to make several tasty, lower, or no sugar drinks made with Fair Trade ingredients. You can find any product you like. From tea to juices, Honest Tea has every option for everyone.

10. Lipton tea – Most famous iced tea brand

Lipton iced tea

We’re all familiar with Lipton tea bags that can be enjoyed hot or iced. The tea is an excellent addition to any meal since it’s refreshing and tasty.

Lipton is a British label of tea and is owned by Ekaterra. The name “Lipton” gets named after its founder, Sir Thomas Lipton. He saw the future and was the first one to sell tea bags. Thomas is also the one printing the brewing instructions on tags.

The brand has always put tea as a health drink that offers antioxidants. Therefore, its market share has kept growing, and more people prefer Lipton to others.

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These best iced tea brands would keep your heart happy. Each one has a unique taste that sets them apart from others. Some will have a fruity finish and some others won’t.

For anyone who loves to try the best brand for long island iced tea, go for Captain Morgan instead. Combine it with vodka or tequila as you like.

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