Best German Vacuum Cleaner Brands: List of Top 8

Today, we list out the best German vacuum cleaner brands that tend to be famous and reliable names nowadays. Their products can speed the way to a clean home, and make your chore faster and easier than ever. Such machines also motor across miles of carpet and flooring whether they’re cordless, corded, or robotic models.

Are you ready for a sparkling clean house? Now take a look at some of the names well-known for making vacuums.

Top 8 Best German Vacuum Cleaner Brands For Better Cleaning Routine

1. Siemens (1847)

Siemens vacuum cleaner

Siemens gains popularity due to its innovative technologies and trendy designs for home appliances. The brand has served a vital role in defining the technological growth of Germany and the rest of the world until now.

So who made the history?

In 1847, Werner Von Siemens & Johann Georg Halske found the company. And 23 years later, they employed the first novices for their plant in Berlin. Their first vacuum cleaner got released in 1906 with a dedusting pump. Around that time, only wealthy people were the first ones to get these new appliances.

However, after such decades, things got changed! Siemens vacuum cleaners emit less noise and welcomed a big success in personal households. Housemaids no longer felt terrified with a new machine and began getting used to it.

2. Miele (1899)

Miele vacuum cleaner

As compared with other German vacuum cleaner brands, Miele is the leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances. But you might not know where their vacuums got made unless you know their history.

The brand name represents a family business founded in 1899. At that time, they hadn’t made vacuums yet till 1927. This year, the company released their first cleaner called the Melior.

According to them, their one and only aim are to make and introduce long-lasting items with the highest quality standards. No matter if it’s for performance, safety, or efficiency, Miele products claim to work to perfection. They got built to last even for 20 years and more.

This brand is also famous for being one of the best German refrigerator brands!

3. Vorwerk (1883)

Vorwerk vacuum cleaner

Quality and longevity are the most common words people use to talk about Vorwerk products. Its company got established in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883 by brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk. Starting as a carpet factory, Vorwerk has become a global corporate group nowadays.

Throughout its long history, Vorwerk is widely recognized for its home appliance, especially in the vacuum cleaner segment. Their initial vacuum cleaner appeared in 1929, which was said to be less heavy than other cleaners at that time.

Till today, the brand’s models are popular for great power and high versatility. Get one to clean all your expensive floor coverings now! They’re just perfect for handling any carpet, mattress, hard floor, and the most inapproachable corners.

4. SEBO (1978)

sebo vacuum cleaner

Made in Germany, SEBO vacuum cleaners arrive with a trendy design delivering the efficiency you expect from a modern model.

In 1978, the company got founded by two talented engineers, Heinz Kaulig and Klaus Stein. Both of them shared a vision of producing strong and easy-to-use upright vacuum cleaners for commercial use.

Since then, no wonder why all German-made products from SEBO have gained constant success in this industry. They also made private-label models for the top distributors in the globe and other famous hotels and universities.

When it comes to cleaning up, you can count on this brand name for several years to come. Their products are made to last long and keep your home dust-free.

5. Severin (1892)

Severin vacuum cleaner

Emerging from a blacksmith store, Severin has now become one of the best German vacuum cleaner brands at the present.

In 1892, the company got founded as a blacksmith store by Anton Severin. It specializes in making & distributing electrical appliances and owns 2600 staff until now.

Its product categories spread through 200 home appliances. These consist of vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, toasters, electric kettles, hair, and body care items. In 2011, Severin had its offices in more than 80 nations: France, Sweden, Italy, Poland, and so on.

One of the popular products from the brand is bagless vacuum cleaners. They tend to run without a dust bag, so it’s much easier to use them than traditional models.

6. Wessel-Werk (1931)

Wessel-Werk vacuum cleaner

Decent materials, modern technology, and innovative design are synonymous with the uniqueness of Wessel-Werk. The company has its base about 50kms east of Cologne, Germany.

In 1931, it was set up by Hans Wessel for manufacturing cleaning items. Today, the brand name becomes widely known for making vacuum cleaner nozzles and accessories.

Witnessing its 50 years of experience in this industry, people choose to trust in Wessel-Werk due to its German-engineered products. By owning the highest quality kits of vacuum attachments, the brand ensures to leave your house clean in a flash.

So for a complete set ranging from the hose rack to storage bag, go for Wessel-Werk without a second thought!

7. Kärcher (1935)

Kärcher vacuum cleaner

Whether it’s a big or small storage space you’re having, coming with Kärcher allows you to find the right vacuum cleaners.

The company got established by Alfred Kärcher, who succeeded in producing and advertising his ideas in heating technology. In 1980, the company extends its product line by including vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, sweepers, and more.

Nowadays, the family-run company has 50,000 outlets in the world to guarantee the constant supply for their clients. In 2019, the Kärcher released 150 brand new items, which are much more than before in only one year.

They just give you the most effective and easiest way of handling the cleaning burden for specific environments.

8. Hako-Werke (1948)

Hako-Werke vacuum cleaner

Known as Europe’s leading maker of floor cleaning and maintenance solutions, Hako-Werke is the top choice to make here. The company was founded in 1948 and headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. In terms of its name, it came from Hans Koch & Sohn.

In 2013, a board member represented Hako on the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association of the industrial federation in the country.

Overall, the brand manufactures different kinds of polishing machines and cleaning tools for expert janitors. Most of its products can offer fantastic performance and high levels of economic efficiency.

Final Words

The above best German vacuum cleaner brands will show you how necessary it is to streamline your cleaning routine. Once choosing the right one, tidying up the home no longer feels mundane.

If you’ve ever used any of them, feel free to share your opinions about how it excelled or fell short in the comment below.

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