Best German Shoe Brands – List of Top 8

You’ll gain a deeper look by wearing good shoes. Good news! There are many reliable German shoe brands to help you dress well. The smell of leather from these footwear naturally gets anyone to perk up for shopping. Take time to learn more about their brands or the stories behind the pretty shoes if you want some inspiration!

For a brilliant fit, check out some of the most popular companies specializing in German-made footwear as below:

8 Best German Shoe Brands For A Perfect Look

1. Haflinger

haflinger shoes

Are you searching for some non-skid clogs or wool slippers? If so, then Haflinger is a fantastic choice to make!

The brand offers comfy shoes, sandals, and slippers made in Germany with all-natural and breathable materials. It focuses all on foot health by making footwear with good arch support for those who suffer feet issues.

The company has over 50 years in manufacturing shoes and slippers that feel soft and cozy. Haflinger also makes boiled wool and wool-felt clogs with high quality and excellent workmanship. The company gets operated by the grandson of its founder and becomes a famous brand in the global markets now.

2. Melvin & Hamilton (1988)

Melvin & Hamilton shoes

The brand impresses others with refreshing high-end shoes for modern comfort. Melvin & Hamilton combines its 30 year-manufacturing traditions with trends to form unique and durable products. In 1988, the company got founded by Karim & Olivier. They determined to start the initial collections after they completed their studies.

Year after year, Melvin & Hamilton has been striving through great tailoring and creativity. To reach a more stylish form, the brand worked with a Turkish workshop. Such a collaboration forms timeless and delicate dress shoes with comfort and beautiful finishing. Among other German shoe brands, Melvin & Hamilton wins Schuhkurier Award as the best manufacturer.

3. Bär Schuhe (1982)

Bär Schuhe shoes

Everyone needs more freedom in the toe box, which makes Christian Bär feel the need to set up Bär Schuhe in 1982. It produces flawless footwear for men and women who want to live their way. You can find all types of shoes from Bär Schuhe, ranging from walking, hiking, running shoes to designer models.

Their products deliver a carefree and natural fit no matter what sports you play. As Christian Bär claimed, he only made shoes that allowed him to walk and move around without pain.

So, the brand developed the shoes to give the wearers the most natural motions as much as possible. Even for wide feet, its footwear still helps you reach the high comfort and beautiful things in life.

4. Adidas (1949)

Adidas shoes

After the conflict between two brothers, Adolf set up Adidas in 1949 while Rudolf built Puma, which later turned into Adidas’s competitor. Nowadays, Adidas is the largest sportswear maker in Europe, and the second-largest one in the globe, following Nike.

Adidas is more than workout suits and athletic shoes. The creators here always love to break the rules for new designs to match their customers’ athletic demands.

By heading to the future and knowing where they came from, Adidas create products to unite people in sports. With sport-inspired ranges, the brand enables people to opt for the best footwear on and off the field.

Adidas also offers matching clothing collections for couples in love, such as matching couple hoodies and couple sweatshirts.

5. Puma (1948)

Puma shoes

Out of other German shoe brands in this list, Puma is the fastest sports label in the international market. Its history began in 1948. Since then, Puma has combined power and credibility in sports to create fast shoes for the fastest athletes in the world. Though starting from scratch, Rudolf Dassler gained success by convincing many athletes of the footwear’s quality.

The mix-match of sports and lifestyle makes Pula produce innovative and elegant shoes. Every detail in the footwear stands out thanks to the stitched cat logo. Go to their website for more apparel, accessories, and footwear for gentlemen and ladies. Or, you might love to get a pair of children’s designer shoes for their active lifestyle at school.

6. Birkenstock (1774)

Birkenstock shoes

Birkenstock was born in 1774 when the founders thought of how to make life richer with the best quality shoes. Back at that time, it took more than 100 skillful hand motions to complete the products. All Birkenstock models got produced with the best facilities and a large amount of handwork.

For this reason, most of them satisfy the highest standards in the footwear industry around the globe. These days, they start using more modern methods and continue sourcing the best materials. The most common ones are cork, brass, wool felt, copper, and leather.

Birkenstock keeps launching a wide range of shoes, from classic sandals to closed shoes. Each conforms to the shape of the wearer’s feet and delivers a high comfort for any weather condition.

7. Zeha (1897)

Zeha shoes

The history of Zeha should be back to the previous 100 years. It got named after the initials of the founder Carl Häßner in Germany. He was the one who founded the shoe factory and started making leather footwear a few years later. In the 1920s, the shoes from this brand were one of the top choices among Avante-Garde.

Zeha’s shoes impress people with double stripes and modern workmanship. If you’re seeking affordable and comfy casual-styled boots, find Zeha for the best options. There are also some elegant collections available for ladies and gentlemen. These include timeless pumps, oxfords, ankle boots, brogues, lace-up, and more.

8. Beastin (2008)

Beastin shoes

In 2008, Duki and Fu, two founders of Beastin, launched a few outstanding shoe collections. They marked the name on the streetwear field soon after that. The brand later got the chance to design their Destroyer Jacket with Nike Sportswear. The company also worked with Reebok to create the Quiet Storm shoe as well as some other celebrities.

Now you can see Beastin bearing its line of street and sportswear in Munich, Germany. Recently, the brand only concentrates on online distribution. Thus, people get to see its multi-brand online retail store with a wide range of Beastin products soon.

Final Words

Everyone has a crazy love affair with German shoe brands. That explains why we decide to make this list today. Their products are not only sturdy, comfortable to wear but also can withstand any terrain. So, among these amazing shoe labels, which one catches your attention? It’s good to hear your answer in the comment below.

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