Best German Pocket Knife Brands: List Of Top 9

A pocket knife can serve a plethora of purposes ranging from household use to self-defense. For many knife connoisseurs, it is not only a tool but a collectible representing classy styles. To find the ones most suited to your taste, you should not neglect German pocket knife brands that have for long become names synonymous with superb quality and high-class designs.

Here are the top 9 must-have brands of pocket knives made in Germany that can convince even the most demanding users with their merits proven through practical applications.

Top 9 Best German Pocket Knife Brands To Perfect Your Cutlery Collections

1. Boker (1869)

Boker pocket knife

Founded in 1869, the German pocket knife manufacturer Boker has grown to a global leader in the cutlery industry. Boker knives are reputed worldwide for their top-notch quality thanks to superior craftsmanship by dozens of experts and modern designs available at various prices. Its product line varies from kitchen knives, collectible knives to outdoor and pocket knives.

At Boker, you do not only purchase a mere pocket knife for multitasking but a work of art with advanced locking technologies and exceptional designs ranging from Damascus steel designs to multitool knives to affordable pocket knives satisfying its loyal customers.

2. Puma (1769)

puma pocket knife

Puma history can be traced back to 1769, when Johann Lauterjung registered his brand with the Knife Maker’s Guild of Solingen, Germany. It is now among the front manufacturers of fishing, outdoor, hunting, and sports knives. Puma knives have proved themselves a byword for enduring excellence and exclusivity for over 250 years.

Its German-made pocket knives feature a combination of traditional knife-making skills and modern techniques that surely convince real-life knife users, connoisseurs, knife enthusiasts, and collectors.

Some people wonder if Puma is a famous German shoe company, why does it even produce pocket knives? In fact, these two brands have nothing to do with each other, despite both originating from Germany.

3. Wusthof (1814)

Wusthof pocket knife

Wusthof is a family-owned firm founded in 1814 in Solingen, the home to several prestigious German knife makers. Through a succession of quality and innovation in cutting tools over seven generations of ownership, Wusthof has grown into a leading brand for knives.

This Solingen knife specialist is worldwide recognizable for a sharp, well-made, superior quality knife with the finest materials and a non-stick handle grip. Their pocket knives are elaborately handmade and suited for a variety of functions.

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4. Zwilling J. A. Henckels (1731)

Zwilling pocket knife

Zwilling can trace their origin back to 1731 when Peter Henckels entered his trademark with Solingen Knife Makers Guild. The company soon developed and became the expert for worldwide culinary culture, from Solingen to New York to Berlin and practically every key culinary location.

It is now one of the oldest German brands carving a niche in the international knife market with the supply of exceptional scissors & flatware, kitchen knives, and pocket knives.

To ensure the most durable products, they solely use high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology in their creation. Their products are free of any manufacturing defects regarding material and handicraft. Most Zwilling knives have stainless steel blades that are hard to break, can withstand extensive application, and resist corrosion.

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5. Hen and Rooster (1845)

Hen and Rooster pocket knife

Hen & Rooster, which has been in business since 1845, is widely regarded as the best location to get high-quality cutlery at affordable prices. Each knife has the logo of a hen & a rooster, which stands for high-quality cutlery and excellent artisanship.

The company has maintained the title of The World Finest Since 1845 due to its worldwide acknowledged reputation for quality.

Pocket knives are made in Solingen by skilled artisans with impressive grips, gorgeous polish, and intricate designs. Amidst the wide range, the most recommended pocket knives include Hen & Rooster Deer Stag Trapper and Hen & Rooster Stockman Folding Pocket Knives.

Hen & Rooster folding knives can come with blue pick bone handles, deer stag handles, red pick bone handles, buffalo horn handles, autumn bone handles, to name a few.

6. Linder Solingen (1908)

Linder Solingen pocket knife

Carl Linder established the Linder Solingen company in the 19th century in Solingen and registered the local trademark in 1908.

The experienced craftsmen of the company initially made solely pocket knives and later added their famous hunting knives to the assortment. It was the beginning of an international success story when Carl Linder began exporting his goods in 1918.

Linder Solingen joins the ultimate list of German top pocket knife makers due to its excellent materials, strict quality standards, and modern knife manufacturing techniques. In Solingen, the knives are impeccably handcrafted. The company portfolio ranges from traditional German-style daggers and hunting knives to the latest high-tech knives.

7. Mercator Knives

Mercator K55 Pocket knife

Mercator Knives was formed by Heinrich Kauffmann and reached its production peak between 1856 and 1995. The brand’s most popular model is the Mercator K55K which has added incredible value to the name of Mercator Knives, which is now a division of Otter-Messer.

Mercator offers durable, functional, and specifically designed knives that have successfully served numerous purposes for more than a century. Many of these knives were not supposed to develop for army use, but due to their quality, function, and utility, Emperor William’s army embraced them as well.

These are classic German pocket knives with slim handles in original blade form ideally designed for recreational and survival purposes and provide optimum performance.

The metal, brass, or copper handles with rust-resistant stainless blades or carbon steel provide excellent grip when enduring for too long in the most challenging situations. The highly sought Mercator Lockback Pocket Knives have a spine lock mechanism at the bottom and are handy to carry.

8. Kissing Crane (1834)

Kissing Crane pocket knife
Kissing Crane pocket knife – 2020 Happy Halloween – Limited edition

Founded in Germany in 1834, Kissing Crane Company is most renowned for providing high-quality pocket knives. Each knife is meticulously handcrafted to perfection by a staff of highly skilled artisan craftsmen.

The brand offers hunting knives, folding knives, and traditional pocket knives, which are manually assembled and polished. Every Kissing Crane pocket knife features a unique, sophisticated design with the world-famous Kissing Crane logo and superbly polished bolsters. These knives are the top choices preferred by bikers, trekkers, campers, and hobbyists of many generations.

9. WKC (1883)

WKC pocket knife - WWII German Police Knife
WKC pocket knife – WWII German Police Knife

With the merger of two leading family-owned Solingen sword makers, Weyersberg and Kirschbaum, the WKC company, also called WKC Stahl-und Metallwarenfabrik, began its business in 1883.

The company used a unique processing technique that allowed each worker to specialize in their profession and become specialists, which led to the superior sword and blade quality. The quality of these blades became so well-known internationally that the term “Solingen” soon developed into a trademark and a symbol of quality.

This vintage German knife maker continued its later history in 1995 when Hans Kolping, a successful Solingen businessman who made pocket knives for the American market, purchased the WKC company.

These knives remain of top quality with superb attention to detail, continuing to impress knife enthusiasts around the globe. Each WKC knife comes with a true sense of time-honored tradition.

Final Words

These 9 German pocket knife brands stand a testament to decades-old traditions and manufacturing techniques. Their products are a demonstration of impeccable craftsmanship, superior quality, and true creativity.

On a constant quest for perfection, the brands have become guarantees of top-quality pocket knives and top choices to consumers.

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