Best German Jewelry Brands – List of Top 8

Whether you love delicate jewels or chunky chokers, these best German jewelry brands are still top of your wish list. Some of these labels naturally create our most popular trends taking over Instagram nowadays. They’re all worth being on the radar in this industry. So, take a closer look if you want to wear more dazzling pieces that can help express your style.

Many quirky styles and charms are available for everyone! How about the glistening rings from Wellendorff? It’s right at the top of our list today!

8 Best German Jewelry Brands To Dazzle Anyone

1. Wellendorff (1893)

Wellendorff jewelry

Do you want a caress against your wrist? Wellendoff is the name to get the best jewelry made in Germany. Their bracelets go for elegance and a delicate mix-match of gold and diamonds. Besides, the label has a lot of the finest creations and most popular styles waiting for you to discover.

Find its tradition since 1893! With a target of making flawless and elegant jewelry, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff set up his firm in Pforzheim. Afterward, he knew that this vision of perfection isn’t only made for the middle class, but also the European nobles. That’s no wonder why they simply choose the high-end materials and hire the most skillful goldsmiths in this field.

2. Meissen Jewelry (1714)

Meissen Jewelry logo

From a porcelain maker into a famous luxury brand, Meissen is now known as a global label everyone loves. Tracing back to its establishment in the 18th century, the company was making fashion accessories. A few years later, Meissen started inventing more precious materials and products, ranging from gemstones, gold to diamonds.

Today, Meissen keeps striving in the tradition and taking it to the next level with contemporary designs. Like other German luxury jewelry brands, the label applies polishing and sanding to making its product ranges. Moreover, the artistry here becomes legendary thanks to the incorporation of creative and vintage forms into the look.

3. Pforzheim Jewelry Museum (1767)

Pforzheim Jewelry Museum

When people think of a museum devoted to jewelry with a history, Pforzheim is the right one to choose. It’s where you can witness many displays of treasures over 5000 years. Differing from other German jewelry brands, the museum focuses on ethnographic accessories. This will offer more insights into those living in the Middle East or Namibia.

Its tradition started in 1767 when the town established a watch and jewelry factory in the orphanage. Now the museum delivers a captivating view of jewelry development that has amazed other companies and the world of jewelry.

4. Schreiner (1951)

Schreiner jewelry

If you’re searching for a traditional jewelry brand rising in popularity, Schreiner is top of the list. In the late 1940s, Henry Schreiner was one of the most popular designers making jewelry for Christian Dior and Norell. As an expert in earnings, chains, and pins and he determined to have his own jewelry company in 1951.

His company decided to order exceptional Czech stones for designs after a long time producing soldered settings. As a result, most of Schreiner’s antiques and jewelry become more special with distinctive shapes and shades. They have so much more than just crystals, gemstones, gold, and diamonds.

Go to their website and discover the immortality of that preciousness!

5. Zobel (1968)

Zobel jewelry

Among different German jewelry brands, Atelier Zobel has been a favorite for those who want to be authentic and unique. Since 1968, the label has always applied avant-garde art and German craftsmanship to every work. Its concept gets widely recognized by using metals of contrasting shades. The results are the vivid surface showing up that can delight any eye.

For over 40 years, Zobel jewelry is popular for special charm and sophistication apart from its free use of materials. The brand combines pure silver and gold with skilled craftsmanship to handle any technical barrier.

6. Cada (1980s)

Cada jewelry

Cada is another German brand specializing in contemporary jewelry that appeals to both men and women.

In the 1980s, Annette and Herbert Kopp found Cada jewelry in Munich. The wife learned to become a silversmith while her husband got trained in painting. As a result, Cada was born as a fusion of their skills. Till now, it has been connected to jewelry design for over 20 years.

Their signature collection goes from bejeweled rings to eccentric accessories. All of them stand out for an appreciation of beauty. Recently, Cada’s oversized rings with love and peace styles become a hit in public. This collection gets depicted as so classy and refreshing that can make anyone smile and unique in the crowd.

7. WALD (2018)

WALD jewelry

Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese found WALD in Berlin with the hope to make women more confident with jewelry. That happened in fair trade in the nation in 2012! And not long after that event, both of them decided to launch their shop online. Such an experience drove two founders to launch their brand in 2018, WALD Berlin.

The company primarily uses gold and silver for all designs. But more than that, these materials are recycled. In detail, the silver chains used in some of the jewelry pieces would get made in the future making. Above all, the whole manufacturing process takes place in Germany. It enables a higher-quality production chain.

8. Wempe (1878)

Wempe jewelry

At Wempe, you will not only find high-end watches but also jewelry crafted with love and attention to detail. The shop got established in 1878 in a little workshop of a watchmaker. Now, it can be proud of itself for delivering an exceptional range of watches and jewelry. There’s a wide range of exquisite rings, earrings, and necklaces in various designs under this brand.

If you want to polish or fix watches, then Wempe Jewelry would be here to help! Besides, the brand can change your watch batteries fast as you bring the watch to one of its showrooms. Wempe also has a service of making unique pieces of jewelry for special occasions.

Final Words

So the above best German jewelry brands are some of the most exciting names on the scene. They have become popular for creating and refining shapes to fit modern customers. Each of their designs is made by hand and inspired by fashion, cinema, and art. From the list today, which one do you love wearing when seasons come? Leave your comments below!

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