Best German Ice Cream Brands – List of Top 8

Do you know that Germany is turning into an ice-cream nation? Nowadays, many people prefer to enjoy that cold delight during the warm season. So, we’d like to share the best German ice cream brands that are blowing the summer heat on these days! Feel free to keep this list in mind for your future visit to this beautiful nation.

Forget your diet temporarily to treat your sweet tooth with one of the following delicious ice cream labels:

Top 8 Best German Ice Cream Brands For Your Sugar Cravings

1. Cuore di Vetro

Cuore di Vetro ice cream

Which one is the best spot to have delightful ice cream in Berlin, Germany? Find Cuore di Vetro as your ideal answer.

Since it’s named for the movie “Heart of Glass”, you could tell that the magic happens behind glass doors. In other words, customers can view the ice-cream creation process in that room. No secret, coloring and artificial flavor get used here.

Just come, then you’ll give the love to fluffy cakes, nutritious-conscious ice creams, cheeses, and coffee here. This success is just around the corner! And that’s what occurred with Angelika Karswalder and Guido Dorigo, the owners of the parlor. At first, they wanted to find a record brand for music promotion. However, two of them finally determined to open an ice cream shop.

2. True & 12 Handmade

True & 12 Handmade ice cream

Stepping into True & 12 Handmade, you’re in an ice cream paradise. It has famous varieties for all sweet lovers in Munich, Germany. The shop has made and innovated the recipes with one of the most prized ingredients. They never intend to use premade pastes or any commercial stuff, but only natural ones.

It’s also good to know that their ice cream comes fresh with new flavors every day. Therefore, you never know what you would get from them! Initially, True & 12 Handmade was created by Davina and Rony with a passionate team who love ice cream. After a little time, the brand becomes a Munich favorite for mastering the art of making quality ice cream.

3. Bizziice

Bizziice ice cream

If you plan to eat something out before strolling around Frankfurt, Germany, then you have to stumble upon Bizzie.

Among different German ice cream brands downtown, this shop gives you a perfect way to enjoy organic desserts. The shop doesn’t only serve you their self-made ice cream but also some fancy waffles and coffee. Choose lactose-free varieties if you want.

Since 2013, the Bizziice team has served vegan ice cream alongside classic versions. Their most common creations are carrot agave ginger or chai. The brand also won the “Great Taste Award” in Europe three times in one row for their treat!

Whenever you want to cool down in the city heat, find sweet treats here. From chocolate ice cream to flavorful sorbets, they’re all well-balanced and brilliantly made by hand.

4. Ballabeni

Ballabeni ice cream

While other German ice cream brands use artificial colors and aromas too often, Ballabeni brings only natural flavor explosions. Their combinations include contrasting flavors and appear to be subtle. The most favorites are coconut, lemon, basil, rose, and ginger chocolate.

In terms of the taste to consistency, the shop just offers the best ice cream in Munich without a doubt. Find it across the street from several museums here if you want to give it a shot! Besides, Ballabeni owns a van made exclusively for the sale of high-quality ice cream. This makes a great part of the shop’s catering program.

5. Luicella

Luicella ice cream

In 2013, Luicella got founded in St. Pauli and then had its second shop in Langen Reihe, Hamburg, Germany. Recently, Luicella has become more popular than many other ice cream companies from Germany. It’s all thanks to its use of natural ingredients and unique tastes, ranging from ice cream, sauces to toppings.

The shop lies in the midst of the old yet gorgeous buildings with wooden exterior and high ceilings. Stepping into Luicella, you’ll love to sit down on a birch stool and enjoy the cozy ambiance here. But what excites everyone is their invention of new flavors. No matter if it’s the classic raspberry or mint, every fancy flavor gets beautifully invented every day.

6. Eis-Bistro Pinguin

Eis-Bistro Pinguin ice cream

Welcome to Eis-Bistro Pinguin, the world of taste! The shop specializes in delivering exotic flavors and fresh ice cream.

Since 1986, Eis-Bistro Pinguin has been renowned for the premium ingredients and newly-invented sorts. These include Mercedes (chocolate chips and almonds) or the MOPS (orange, seabuckthorn, and passion fruit).

Most people love to come not only to enjoy ice cream but also to get a beautiful view of Pinguin. Find the shop at the top of a hill with a lookout over the downtown. It’s up to you to choose to eat inside or outside. If you want to breathe fresh air, be ready for standing in the winding line to claim your order!

7. Eiswerk

Eiswerk ice cream

If you’re seeking an ice cream parlor having vegan sorts and sorbets, then Eiswerk is the best spot to come. The name Eiswerk represents reliability and fairness for the production of their organic ice cream. With over 80 years of experience in this industry, the brand is well-known for its highest-quality products and artisanal preparation.

By saying no to artificial additives, the brand ensures to bring you the healthiest desserts. Their milk gets taken from the local farmers, which enables customers to enjoy the real flavors.

Also, the shop’s ice cream cups come from Austria and get made from biodegradable materials. These environment-friendly options will help restrict the use of plastic.

8. Eislaedchen

Eislaedchen ice cream

There’s a reason why Eislaedchen is an incredible place to get ice cream. Everyone can feel the passion behind each sweet treat. Whether it’s chocolate or blueberry with mascarpone, everything is perfect to taste!

The parlor also gains much love for their generous portions and good price, not to mention the quality. And one downside here is that you must wait in line.

The staff is super friendly and the ice cream tastes amazing. You get to enjoy the ever-changing flavors every day. So, though it costs more than other shops but surely worth it!

Final Words

More and more excellent ice cream options show up in German and organic shops. But now it’s not that hard to keep track of them all once you’ve got this roundup. These German ice cream brands offer qualified products, from the taste, ingredients to price. If you explore another new ice cream brand in your place, then tell us in the comments! It’s time to make this list up to date.

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