Best German Hot Dog Brands – List of Top 7

Are you ready to take a look at all 7 best German hot dog brands recommended in this article? It’s time to determine the one having a special place in your heart and tummy.

A German hot dog is a big hit for any party thanks to its unique style and authentic frankfurter. However, you usually don’t think too much about choosing the best and going with whatever is on sale. Instead of that, let’s opt for a popular option that you can enjoy all the joy it brings.

Top 7 Best German Hot Dog Brands You’ll Love

1. Hofmann (1861)

Hofmann hot dog

In 1861, Frank W. Hofmann came to New York and began a meat market with his special recipes. Later on, this German immigrant and his sons decided to set up this famous company together. It soon became a favorite across the nation around that time. People love the idea of picnicking with their main course as burgers and a tasty-looking hot dog from the brand.

The Hofmann company is renowned for making 100% gluten-free hot dogs with a high-protein profile. Better than thought, they have unique methods of preparing these German franks to enrich the taste of the food. Along with that, there’s a great variety of meat products to love, from sausages, hot dogs, hunter sticks to condiments.

2. Kunzler (1901)

Kunzler hot dog

Though having the base in Pennsylvania, Kunzler remains using the recipe of its German founder (Christian F. Kunzler) from 1901. So what makes it different from other popular German hot dog brands?

The brand has focused on the high-end ingredients and hardly ever settle for the second-best. Its secret recipe and smoked flavors are the keys to the brand’s success today.

Also, as a part of its commitment to bringing the finest, Kunzler never uses fillers and artificial substances in products. Everything needs to be healthy, wholesome, and delicious at the same time! For a quicker dinner, you can go to their website and grasp the recipes featuring the brand’s meat products.

3. Herta (1902)

Herta hot dog

A simple meal is what makes the whole family smile, and that’s what Herta aims at. It’s one of the most reputed German hot dog brands for every occasion.

As a company of pre-cooked Frankfurters, Herta has been trusted for over 100 years and is popular for savory hot dogs. It’s Ludwig Schweisfurth who named this food brand in 1902.

To expand the customer base, Ludwig decided to transform his butcher shop into a factory. By the 1960s, his products had spread nationwide. In 1986, Herta got acquired by Nestle and flourished into one of the most widely recognized labels in Europe. By choosing the brand, you’ll love how simple all ingredients are, but get surprised by its different recipe ideas.

4. Damhus

Damhus hot dog

For whatever you need, from hot dogs, bratwurst sausages, to spicy Polish sausages, you could name Damhus! For over 85 years as a family business, the company has gained so much success in its traditional family recipes. Now it gets managed by the third generation, Udo Damhus, and Olaf.

What makes the brand stand out from other German hot dog brands is its IFS certification at a higher level! The reason for this winning is that Damhus use only high-end quality meat. And the good taste from these meat products gets passed from one generation to the next. So if you desire a range of premium bratwursts or corn dogs, hurry to order them on its website!

5. Evergood (1926)

Evergood hot dog

Not only the German-style sausages, but you can also find the best frankfurters made in an old-fashioned way in Evergood.

In 1926, a pork store got opened by a German immigrant and a sausage maker named Jacob Rauscher. They launched different German sausages or wieners to the German community that desired a real flavor and decent quality.

The brand experienced a breakaway 42 years later. And that’s when Evergood got asked if they wanted to bring sausages to the Safeway supermarket or not. There’s no better time than this to define its brand name on the market.

Today, the brand keeps growing, and they’re still committed to offering balanced flavors with decent quality. Last but not least, Evergood is a big family, not a business. People here come for one target: provide top-quality meat products from the freshest ingredients.

6. Boar’s Head (1905)

Boar's Head hot dog

Its founder, Frank Brunckhorst found and made Frankfurters with his traditional family recipe and top ingredients in 1905. Thus, beef franks and hot dogs from Boar’s Head can bring the mouthwatering taste and exceptional bite to picnics.

In natural casing, its frankfurters gain much love due to their meat flavor without being too salty and spicy.

The brand also satisfies everyone at holiday tables with the decent quality of sliced ham and turkey. Come with Boar’s Head to enjoy any effortless option and give your friends something impressive. Or simply pack some hot dog buns in the lunchbox to create unforgettable memories with your family!

7. Kayem

Kayem hot dog

Over a century, Kayem has always been a favorite for their red hot dogs and deli meats. You get to enjoy the premium meats manufactured to delight any taste bud. Moreover, Kayem is proud to launch higher-quality products under the brand named Deutschmacher.

It’s also renowned for natural casing hot dogs, hams, deli meats, and other German specialties. They’re all made from the finest meat cuts and taste very delicious. Most hot dogs of this brand are free from gluten, get inspected and passed by the Department of Agriculture.

Final Words

Now fire up the grill with the fanciest franks from one of the best German hot dog brands above! Stop shrugging as you know which one scores your heart. Each of their franks has some differences in taste and texture, but they end up being so appetizing. Also, this trusted roundup guarantees your products gain much care and attention all the time.

So! Let’s get the most out of your summer picnics or meals with the help of this ranking.

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