Top 8 Best German Clothing Brands To Upgrade Your Basics

More and more sustainable German clothing brands are making their mark in the ever-changing fashion industry. They help make the whole industry better by creating eco-friendly and affordable garments for everyone to look the best. And there’s no better feeling than recommending something cool related to fashion today!

Check out the following popular and cheap brands, ranging from clothing to accessories that you might not live without.

Top 8 Best Sustainable & Affordable German clothing brands

1. Hessnatur (1976)


Hessnatur was founded by Heinz and Dorothea Hess in 1976, started first with the lovely baby rompers. Today, this fashion label introduces more relaxed outfits for men and women aside from the baby and kids’ collections.

It aims for naturally-made fashion and expresses an attitude to harmony with nature. Ranging from basics, loungewear, underwear to nightwear, the clothing from Hessnatur can accompany you everywhere and in any weather condition. With the use of pure fibers and eco-friendly processes, the brand ensures the highest satisfaction in your skin.

At Hessnatur, you do not only find cheap but also confident reflection of individual lifestyle whenever you go. It offers any customer a chance for personal interpretation as it comes to fashion. They look sophisticated and desirable without being plain in high-quality vegan fabrics.

2. Armedangels (2007)


In 2007, Armedangels got established by two German boys with the target of being the fairest label in the world. Ten years later, though it gets more famous than before, the label keeps living its fairness that “never gets old” in fashion.

The brand is comprised of long-lasting pieces of clothing for women, men, and children. Unlike some other German clothing brands, eco is not a trend for Armedangels but a duty for the environment. So rather than catching with the trends, the Armedangels focuses on an ethical fashion made from certified materials.

These are generally recycled polyester, organic cotton, organic wool, and bio-linen. Besides, bamboo, Tencel, and Modal get used here. For buttons, the brand chooses natural materials like horn or wood instead of plastic.

3. LANIUS (1999) – Best Eco German Streetwear Brand


LANIUS is a clothing company based in Cologne and founded by Claudia Lanius in 1999. It’s also known as an eco German streetwear brand for Gen Z with decent, sustainable, and fair fashion. The brand owns a team of talented designers who are in charge of creating a new collection twice a year in the workshop.

Not only the trendy styles, but each outfit also needs to be feminine, stunning, and unique. The materials used should follow the controlled ecological criteria. For example, the brand uses a part of eco-friendly fabrics such as (GOTS) cotton. Besides, the non-toxic dyes get applied to some of the products to help reduce the number of chemicals throughout production.

4. VATTER (2015)


Out of several German clothing brands mentioned today, VATTER makes a good selection of ethical and organic underwear essentials. Thomas Vatter and Marcus Faulwasser are the two founders of the company. They use 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, which make the set soft, breathable, and comfy to put on.

VATTER produces lingerie, tees, and layers for women, men, and toddlers. It doesn’t matter whether your style is relaxed or sensual, you still can find the right clothing to fit you. Feel free to select your favorite ranging from classic to modern design. The overall look of the underwear sets is impressive in which some of them get printed with veggie-based inks.

5. Annette Rufeger (1997) – Best German Ladies’ Fashion Brand

Annette Rufeger

Another famous German ladies’ fashion brand not to miss on the list is Annette Rufeger. That’s also the name of the talented designer Annette who started the business with a friend in Hamburg, Germany. The label for her is all about elegance and high value on freedom in style. But above all, durability and quality in fabrics from Europe are what the company targets.

Get to the center of the fashion hotspot, the Karoviertel District, and you’ll see the boutique of Annette. Here, feminine clothes get designed and customized in high-quality textiles and graphic templates. There’s also a mix-match of vintage and modern styles for you to choose anything to match your makeup and body shape.

6. Belle Ikat

Belle Ikat 

Unlike other clothing brands, Belle Ikat stands out by using the Uzbek Ikat material that gets woven by old techniques. Two graceful women who have international backgrounds are who created the label. The luxurious and sustainable fashion future was what they wanted to go for at that time.

Today, Belle Ikat succeeds in doing that by maintaining both tradition and techniques. All of their garments own a long shelf-life, which means not tied up to trends or seasons. Better than thought, the clothes make people feel comfortable and relaxed in bohemian cuts-out.

For limited editions, Belle Ikat brings a new vision to fashion by ensuring the garments remain chemical-free, original, and inspiring. Once wearing high-end items from the brand, you feel like these are produced with so much love and care.

7. Feuervogl


The combination of organic elastane and cotton in stuff is what makes Feuervogl special. The brand was born with the target that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. Its collection is comprised of jeans, skirts, denim jackets, dresses, etc for men and women. You can find seasonal outfits in various qualities, ranging from linen, denim to hyper stretch.

The products of Feuervogl prove to satisfy all requirements of the standard by testing institutes. As for the chain, it begins from the growing of cotton, the weaving of the clothing, the plant to the laundry. All the garments should be GOTS-certified!

8. JAN ‘N JUNE (2014)


Jula Holtzheimer and Anna Bronowski are two creative women establishing the Hamburg fashion brand JAN ‘N JUNE in 2014. According to them, their first idea came up with something like “why is it impossible to find a sustainable and stylish fashion shop? When can’t stop thinking of it, you won’t ever stop working it!” And that’s why JAN ‘N JUNE appeared and has grown till now.

All materials get certified and sustainability needs to come first as one of the essential criteria in this label. Typically, a silky blouse is made from recycled bottles while a pair of trousers is from recycled ocean trash. Every piece of clothing gets inspired by minimalism and modern style.

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Final Words

German clothing brands bring you a good feeling with only edgy, unique, and ethical fashion. Each name strives for green production, sustainable fibers, and chain transparency.

Among them, Hessnatur tops the list today with a great number of sustainable materials in Europe. It’s well-known for using organic cotton and natural fibers for all clothing. The talented designers will bring you stylish and ethical collections.

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