Top 8 Best German Chocolate Brands With Good Taste

Every German chocolate brand does focus on nothing but quality. The rich, melt-in-your-mouth taste from ‘schokolade’ (chocolate in German) can’t be compared to what you get in your local supermarket.

If you fancy trying, where to find the finest ‘schokolade’ in Germany? The answer lies within the top 8 best German chocolate brands below.

Top 8 Best German Chocolate Brands

1. Merci – Best luxury German chocolate brand

  • Founded: 1965

Merci chocolate brand

With ideas rekindled in the ‘60s, Merci produced the world’s first individually wrapped chocolate bars for gifting purposes.

The uniqueness of Merci chocolate lies in the filling options such as Coffee and Cream, Dark Mousse, Hazelnut-Almond. All 8 Merci product lines, including the famous Mousse au Chocolat, are available in over 100 countries.

Positioning each box of chocolates as the finest thank-you gift from Europe, Merci allows you to customize the product cover. Merci deserves to be considered a luxury German chocolate brand with words of love written on the premium packaging.

2. Riesen

  • Founded: 1934

Riesen chocolate

Like Merci, Riesen is a German chocolate brand under the management of August Storck. 87 years ago, when Germans were still buying candies sold sporadically in small shops, the Storck 1 Pfennig Riesen caramels appeared in packs and became the first candy brand in Germany.

After many refinements, Riesen’s candies still retain their charm in the rich, chewy caramel filling. Covered with an extra layer of intensive dark chocolate, Riesen Chocolate Chew is a big hit with a unique, inimitable flavor.

The top-notch combination of chocolate and caramel has created a brand highlight for Riesen in many countries such as the US, UK, and Canada.

3. Schogetten

  • Founded: 1962

Schogetten chocolate

Schogetten chocolate products are like time travel with genius ideas. High-quality ingredients blend with historical milestones to create the uniqueness behind each sweet treat.

With 28 varieties of chocolate flavors such as chocolate brownies and strawberry yogurt, Schogetten can seduce even the most connoisseur of sweets.

With the distinctive chocolate shape divided into small square pieces, Schogetten pioneered the positioning: delicious sweets are meant to be shared.

Significantly, the world-class Alpine Milk Chocolate ensures endless happiness for sweet-tooths with its delightful taste when sharing with friends.

4. Ritter Sport – Best German Vegan Chocolate Bar Brand

  • Founded: 1912

Ritter Sport chocolate

Talking about German chocolate brands, we all scream Ritter Sport.

Ritter Sport’s more than one hundred years of using high-quality ingredients and classic recipes have earned them an irreplaceable name in the chocolate industry.

The company’s first pocket-sized chocolate bars were marketed in 1932. It’s a one-hit-wonder that no other brand can match.

Then, this family-owned chocolate business continues to create many new chocolate lines. Ritter Sport recently released its first vegan chocolate bars, Dunkle Voll-Nuss Amaranth and Dunkle Mandel Quinoa.

5. Milka

  • Founded: 1901

Milka chocolate

Despite not being a 100% German chocolate brand, the major of Milka’s production is in Germany.

Since the early 1900s, Milka’s lilac packaged chocolate has been a best seller in many countries, especially Poland, Russia, and France. More than 140,000 tons of Milka chocolates are produced each year to cater to demand, especially during Christmas and Easter.

The Milka brand focuses on the original sweet flavors of “milch” and “kakao” (milk and cocoa). Although not as diverse in flavors, Milka’s Signature Alpine Milk Chocolate Bar stands out for its excellent combination of chocolate velvet taste and the delicate aroma of alpine milk.

6. Moser-Roth – Oldest German Chocolate Brand

  • Founded: 1841

Moser-Roth chocolate

In the 20th century, Moser-Roth was the most prominent German chocolate brand in Stuttgart. With a tumultuous 200-year history of war and transfer of ownership, chocolates from Moser-Roth are steeped in German history.

Now under Storck, Moser-Roth’s European Chocolate Truffles deliver a premium taste that melts in your mouth.

In 2007, the company was honored by the German Agricultural Society. With shining ganache, diverse flavors, and elegant packaging, no brand can scream “luxury German chocolate brand” louder than Moser-Roth.

7. Hachez

  • Founded: 1980

Hachez chocolate

While other German chocolate brands modernize their production processes, Hachez Chocolate retains its traditions.

This family-run company has kept its original recipes since the 1980s, and the whole production line takes place in one location to ensure quality standards. That’s why their homemade-taste chocolates are known as “chocolates for gourmets”.

Hachez’s creativity lies in its unique flavor combinations. If you have the opportunity to come to Germany, try Hachez’s famous Mango & Chili chocolate once. It makes your palette explode in surprise and fun.

In addition, their traditional chocolate lines with high-quality ingredients are also memorable.

8. Knoppers – Best German Pure Chocolate Brand

  • Founded: 1983

Knoppers chocolate

The final representative to complete this list is a brand from Storck – Knoppers.

Its products are somewhat different from pure chocolate bars on the market. To be precise, it’s wafers wrapped in a rich layer of rich chocolate, filled with creamy milk and crispy hazelnuts.

Since the first Knoppers chocolate wafer appeared, it has been a best-seller on many store shelves. Based on that core wafer, Knoppers has improved the taste to launch 8 different product lines. Particularly, the Black and White Knoppers with a thick dark chocolate wafer steals the heart of many sweet-tooths.


1. What chocolate is produced in Germany?

In addition to chocolate provided by the German chocolate brands above, Germany is also the cradle of many other unique chocolates such as Schaumkuss and Mozartkugeln.

Schaumkuss is a sweet treat with many layers. The middle is foamed egg white, the base is waffle cake and covered with rich chocolate.

Schaumkuss germany chocolate
Schaumkuss chocolate

Mozartkugeln is a chocolate-covered round confectionery with pistachio/almond filling and a layer of nougat.

Germany consumed more than 1 billion of Schaumkuss and Mozartkugeln every year.

2. Why is Germany famous for chocolate?

Competing with its neighbors, Switzerland and Belgium, Germany is rising to become a famous chocolate manufacturing industry.

German chocolate provides a premium quality that comes from high-class ingredients and traditional recipes. Also, the delicate taste lingers on the tip of the tongue, unlike the sugar-laden chocolate bars out there. These are the two major factors that make German chocolate widely received by demanding customers.

Final Words

German chocolate is a great gift for foodies. The taste of the original chocolate combined with top-notch ingredients makes you just want to devour these ‘wunderbar’ treats. With the top 8 famous German chocolate brands above, we hope you have chosen a favorite store to visit next time you come to Germany!

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