Best German Bologna Brands: List Of Top 7

It’s time to bring the legendary taste of bologna to the lunch! Today, we shall expose the top 7 German bologna brands that please your senses. Their products get made for real and hearty sandwiches with high-quality cuts of beef and delicate spices.

They add a charming kick to every snack and appetizer. Or, these floppy pink slices might get you to snack on them right away from the refrigerator. Here comes your chance to discover such lovely flavors.

Top 7 Best German Bologna Brands To Get Savory Meat In Bites

1. Stiglmeier (1960)

Stiglmeier bologna

It was Anton Stiglmeier who learned the secrets of bratwurst as an apprentice in Munich, Germany. And Gertraud, his wife, determined to sell these franks in Garmisch, Bavaria. It’s a prominent German ski resort people love to visit for skating and hiking nowadays.

So you’ll have a chance to enjoy the real Bavarian heritage with Stiglmeier!

Stiglmeier manufactures a great variety of savory meat products, ranging from ring bologna, bacon, deli meats to sausage. It goes without saying the brand is the family favorite for offering high-end meat with an excellent balance of flavors.

2. Fischer’s (1904)

Fischer’s bologna

It’s a great idea to bring Fischer’s to your table this time with several tasty types of meat products.

When it comes to bacon, meats, and the best German bologna, this food label is a favorite among German families! What makes Fischer’s so different is its unique mix of spices that end up in a flavor you will love.

The brand focuses on making meat and seafood products in an old-fashioned way with time-tested techniques. As a result, the customers can enjoy the original, thick, or thicker slices of meat. They try to use tradition in every bite, which makes Fischer’s famous as “The Smile-Making People”.

3. Wunderbar (1935)

Wunderbar bologna

A Wunderbar bologna owns a special garlic flavor and a low-calorie profile. It gets better with the premium cuts of beef and spice mix-match for the tender sweetness.

Just serve yourself this signature product for lunch or feel free to blend it with tacos for dinner. The label offered bologna varieties since 1972, and that’s what makes them proud till now.

Similar to other German bologna brands, Wunderbar provides bologna cold and allows you to fry it for a smoky taste!

Go to their website and go for the recipes that interest you the most. They are bologna tacos, fried bologna sandwiches, bologna egg benedict, Mac & Cheese bologna cups, etc. If you choose the classic one, add a bit of mayonnaise for a perfect treat.

4. Black Bear

Black Bear bologna logo

This pinky slice of meat from the Black Bear can take you back to the lunchroom. It’s where you put mustard smiles on the cheerful sandwiches.

Black Bear meats, cheeses, and bologna all get inspired by the famous mountain range in Germany, Black Forest. Only classic-style recipes get applied to create tasty and unforgettable treats at an attractive value.

Out of several German bologna brands, Black Bear is the one delivering Nitrate-free options. Its most common foods having the salt-free recipe are chicken, turkey, ham, and deli meats. That’s also one of the greatest commitments to ensuring high-quality products for their customers.

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5. Dietz & Watson (1939)

Dietz & Watson bologna

Founded in 1939 by Gottlieb Dietz, Dietz & Watson showed a high dedication to the quality of food. This 80 years success of the label shows a great passion for meat and cheese.

For them, family is the heart and soul. That’s the reason for them to produce decent products. The whole staff love to donate time, food, and money to Dietz & Watson communities in the country.

Most of their premium meat, cheese, and bologna are free from gluten and handcrafted. Differing from the traditional bologna, the German sausage is highly reputed for its garlic flavor. It gets made with a good family recipe and the finest meats.

6. Armour

Armour bologna - german brand

Armour was one of the first manufacturers to use refrigeration 150 years ago. It got established by the Armour brothers and soon became one of the key businesses by 1880. Over these years, the company has kept innovating and offering handy meal options for every household nationwide.

For healthier meals, Armour decide to bring reduced fat and less salt to its German bologna. Each type of variety owns a special profile, but all of them are delicious. You can browse the selection of their delicacies to order your favorite.

7. Kretchmar (1883)

Kretchmar bologna

Since 1883, Kretschmar impressed everyone with its exclusive hardwood smoking process. Not only that but their poultry also got delicately trimmed by hands. If you want bologna smoked to perfection with high-end ingredients, check out their online store!

At Kretchmar, their bologna is far different than other mass-made varieties sold in grocery stores. Most of them have a great deal of moisture due to the water addition. To make this mixture, Kretchmar blends the meat, fat with liquid plus some unique spice combinations. Above all, their meat and cheese products are free from gluten, MSG, and fillers.

Like other deli stores, you can choose among beef version, garlic, and classic bologna.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this rundown of the best German bologna brands offers you some good suggestions for meal times! The high-protein snack on a sandwich could be a savory addition to taste. Come to order straight online at one of those locations, and get the one closest to you for the lower shipping costs!

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