Top 10 Best German Appliance Brands To Complete Your Home Design

Want to complete your home design with modern, sleek, and technologically advanced furniture? A German appliance brand will be the perfect companion.

Germany is home to world-renowned home & kitchen appliance brands, with leading quality is guaranteed by superior technology.

The 10 names below have long crossed the German border and become the favorite choice of many homeowners. Scroll down and we’ll tell you why they’re worth trying!

Top 10 German Appliance Brands

1. Bosch – Best German High-end Appliance Brand

  • Founded: 1886


Robert Bosch GmbH is not simply a German appliance brand but a significant engineering and technology company. With that solid and distinctive foundation, Bosch grows unceasingly even in WW2. The company played a monopoly role in equipping the German Air Force in the last years of the war.

Inheriting that legacy, Bosch now invests heavily to invent new technology solutions non-stop. Therefore, despite the high-end price, Bosch home appliances come with attractive high-end features.

Who wants to pass up a Bosch self-cooled oven or a built-in dishwasher? Hardly! Bosch lands consistently among the top trusted household brands through time.

2. Miele – Best luxury German appliance brand

  • Founded: 1899


Hardly can any German family-run appliance company overtake Miele in the technology race. Miele owns the first washing machine using an electric motor, the world’s first electric dishwasher, and many more.

Miele is far ahead of its competitors in three superior product lines: dishwasher, refrigerator, and coffee system. This luxury German appliance brand stands out with advanced yet easy-to-use technology such as remote control.

And if you intend to design an eclectic kitchen space, Miele’s appliance seamless design will also be a plus.

3. Thermador

  • Founded: 1916

Thermador logo

As a part of BSH Hausgeräte – a German group and also the world’s 2nd largest appliance manufacturer, Thermador has been a top-notch premium appliance brand for over 100 years.

With exquisite design and constant innovation, the process of modernizing kitchens in the U.S. bears the stamp of Thermador. They introduced a built-in oven, cooktop, and stainless steel German cooking appliance in America.

Nowadays, the company provides plenty of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, etc. The once famous Thermador products such as smooth cooktops or “speed cooking” ovens are still the first choice of many homemakers.

4. Gaggenau

  • Founded: 1683


Gaggenau is the world’s oldest appliance manufacturer. Since the 1600s, they have been a high-end German appliance brand that leads the market with innovative improvements. The company won numerous awards for its modern appliance, especially at the 2008 IF Design Awards.

Gaggenau currently offers high-end kitchen appliances with a sleek appearance, high performance, and longevity. In particular, Gaggenau’s oven and refrigerator are products not to be missed.

Gaggenau appliances are flawlessly beautiful. The stainless steel finish makes them well insulated and easy to clean.

5. Liebherr

  • Founded: 1949

Liebherr appliance brand

Liebherr appliance is a small division of Liebherr equipment manufacturer, a multinational company. The company rakes in billions of euros in annual profits, bringing the Liebherr family to the Forbes billionaires list in 2005.

Since the first years of its establishment, Liebherr has focused on manufacturing cranes. The company owns LR 13000 – the most powerful crawler crane worldwide.

From construction machinery to the first Liebherr refrigerator in 1954, this brand has constantly expanded its business areas. Liebherr’s refrigerator and freezer, whether domestic or professional use, inherit the high standard of quality and durability as a brand mark.

6. Blomberg

  • Founded: 1883

Blomberg appliances

Blomberg started as a metalworking company. With over 130 years of experience, Blomberg is rising to become a famous household brand in Europe.

Energy-saving, durable home appliances and applying the latest technology are Blomberg’s strengths. Thanks to that, the company received the Best Buy award for its product.

Blomberg attaches its mission to the environment. With ISO 14001 certification, an average of 90% of Blomberg appliance components can be recycled. Refrigerator products with wood-color design are the most significant proof of Blomberg’s motto.

7. Krups – Best German Small Kitchen Appliance Brand

  • Founded: 1846

Krups appliances

Krups is a German-made small kitchen appliance brand that is very popular in Europe. Although established early, it was not until the 1950s that the company began to produce lucrative consumer appliances.

The company offers a long list of devices needed for every modern kitchen, from deep fryers, hand mixers to waffle makers and toast ovens.

However, the product that makes Krups’s name lies in the coffee segment.

Coffee machines account for 30-40% of Krups’ sales. In particular, the Nespresso machine – a combination of Krups and Nestle – is a product worth trying for those who love these brown beans.

8. Teka

  • Founded: 1924

Teka logo

Teka is a multinational corporation that originated in Germany. The massive success of sinks, stoves, ovens and range hoods gave Teka a reputation as one of the world’s leading appliances brands. As of 2013, Teka has 33 representative offices worldwide.

Until now, the household products “White Goods Line” have always been Teka’s best-selling products. It is the kitchen appliances using electricity that Teka focuses on commercializing and developing.

In particular, Teka’s ovens and dishwashers are always considered a reasonable choice for those on a moderate budget.

9. Sebo

  • Founded: 1978

Sebo germany appliance brand

SEBO is the German appliance brand that creates the template for today’s modern upright vacuums.

With high reliability, solid performance, and light product weight, SEBO upright vacuum cleaners remain the leader in the household market today. Its vacuum cleaners are the first to be certified by Allergy UK.

Currently, the company offers a wide range of vacuum cleaner products such as cylinders, bags and filters, parts & accessories. However, uprights vacuum has always been the trademark of SEBO. Especially the automatic SEBO X1 upright marks the first time the company has entered the retail market.

10. Ritterwerk – Oldest German appliance brand

  • Founded: 1905

Ritterwerk appliances

Ritterwerk is a fairly old German appliance brand. The founder of Ritterwerk built an entire business with knife cleaners. The product was sold over 1,000,000 pieces and was a premise for the company’s expansion on the kitchen appliance area.

Up to now, Ritterwerk has focused on manufacturing tabletop and built-in appliances with the motto: “Made in Germany.” It stands for high-quality standards, functional design, suitable materials, and durability.

Especially, the trio of streamlined toasters, fontana5 kettles, and cafena5 coffee machines with the “Blue Angel” label has always been the company’s legend.

Final Words

Don’t assume that Germany is only good at making cars! German appliance brand products have everything we need in one place: superior quality, cutting-edge technology, and a modern design.

We hope the above article has given you a great start on the road to finding a reliable appliance brand from Germany. If you plan to shop for your modern home, do not ignore the list of 10 businesses above.

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