10 Best Essential Oil Brands For Your Healthy Living

Aromatherapy is rising in popularity at the moment, so keep reading for the best essential oil brands right away! It’s time to fill up your room with pure and natural scents for a great number of benefits. Aromatherapy can help manage some certain symptoms, including nausea, insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

For that reason, you might want to consider adding these big brand names to your aromatic routine. Let’s dive more into them to see which one fits your needs the most.

10 Best Essential Oil Brands For Healthy Living

1. doTERRA – best 100% pure plant therapy essential oil brand

doTERRA Essential Oil

doTERRA brand is best known for offering 100% pure plant therapy essential oil. With a bold commitment to purity, their products promise to bring to their customers the full benefits of the plant.

The company got established based on personal empowerment. Everything gets designed by humanitarian attempts to offer communities the right sources and tools.

There are several products people use in their daily lives filled with synthetic chemicals. Therefore, they can negatively impact the way we feel and live. doTERRA here means the “gift of the earth”. As you see, the purpose of the brand from the start has been to deliver the finest doTERRA essential oil to the world.

2. Vitruvi – best Canadian essential oil brand

Vitruvi Essential Oil

As one of the priciest options, Vitruvi’s organic oil is cute enough for you to put it on display. Like other best essential oil brands, Vitruvi is one of the largest aromatherapy firms in Canada. They have products available in over 300 shops across the country, America and Australia.

Most conventional household scenting items tend to use some harmful ingredients to mask the odor. This is the chance for Vitruvi to generate a different type of air. And it’s the one that is not only the best smelling, light, pretty but also full of health benefits.

The brand has everything your home needs, ranging from diffusers to scenting products that make your space smell as good as it appears.

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3. Aura Cacia – best essential oil brand for a diffuser

Aura Cacia Essential Oil

Now we introduce you to another best essential oil brand for a diffuser: Aura Cacia. The brand specializes in selling oils and other ready-to-use skin care products. Since their beginnings in 1982, they have trusted in making positive changes to make the world a better place. With the creation of essential oils and other oils for dry skin, Aura Cacia claims to boost our well-being.

The company doesn’t only use botanical ingredients but also sources them carefully from the best sources. They test each shipment of oil items to verify its purity and quality standards.

You can choose Aura Cacia among the best essential oil brands for smell, consistency, and look. If not, feel free to find some pretty diffusers, skin care products, and others for your aromatherapy!

4. Plant Therapy – Safe essential oil brand for baby

Plant Therapy Essential Oil

One of our favorite ways is to use essential oils in the bathroom or bedroom. Meanwhile, some parents love to share them with their little ones to build an emotional and physical bond. Doing so enables the babies to receive some benefits of the oils gently. To keep the highest quality, Plant Therapy places products through an intense testing process.

For that reason, they have gained some strict certifications such as Leaping Bunny and GMP. Aside from these, Plant Therapy’s products are all free from GMOs and other toxic pesticides. Your purchase would help to maintain their natural resources and decrease the environmental pollution.

5. Helias – most famous natural essential oil brand

Helias Essential Oil

Established in 2017, Helias is still a new brand that is best known for all-natural oils and blends. The brand focuses on providing high-quality products at affordable prices with the best aesthetics. When there are so many kinds of oils and methods of treating conditions, Helias’ simple yet effective offerings are what you need.

Its purpose is to bring sustainably-sourced oils and remedies in the world to everyone’s doors. No fillers or additives get found in their products. They believed that this simple and natural power of nature can help you to handle daily stresses in life.

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6. Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Essential Oil

Rocky Mountain is the leading manufacturer of pure and natural essential oils as well as other nutritious products. The company got founded by wellness enthusiasts in 2004. They know that everything you put in, on, and around the body matters. And that’s why the brand is committed to quality right from the beginning.

All of their oils get sourced from farms in the world. These places should have sustainable farming ways to guarantee the quality and efficacy of each oil. Go ahead and diffuse their soothing scents in your house to freshen the air for you and your family.

7. LEC – best healing essential oil brand

Living Earth Crafts essential oil

It’s also known as Living Earth Crafts, the world’s most respected manufacturer of beauty salon equipment. Since 1973, the brand has proved its innovation by blending manufacturing with comfort, style, and function.

The company never hesitates to mix finishes with practical features for the highest comfort for its guests. You can infuse your space with healing aromatherapy and enjoy calming melodies by using a diffuser with a Bluetooth speaker.

Apart from essential oils, people also love to try their relaxation furniture, manicure, and pedicure accessories.

8. Revive – Great-quality essential oil brand

Revive Essential Oil

The company specializes in selling great-quality essential oils that are made from plant materials. Everyone will get to purchase an array of USDA-certified organic oils and blends. These products are guaranteed to help you sleep well and relieve head tension.

All of the brand’s oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. They’re free from additives, fillers, synthetics, and dilutions. If you’re looking for some beautiful oil of superb quality, Revive is the best choice to make. They’re the third-party tested, offering their guests trust in the brand.

9. Edens Garden

Edens Garden Essential Oil

Grace Martin successfully shared her love of essential oils by establishing the company. Since then, the brand has become one of the largest aromatherapy firms in the industry.

Edens Garden had a long journey years ago, and they never stopped working with passion to help others. With millions of essential oil bottles sold worldwide, the brand makes a difference in its charity activities.

All of the oils must be tested to satisfy the highest criteria. You won’t find any synthetic chemicals, GMOs, and other toxic ingredients through the stage of the distillation process.

10. NOW – purest essential oil brand

NOW Essential Oil

NOW is one of the most recognized labels in the industry. It provides the purest essential oils and natural products. With the high attention to detail from start to finish, NOW is our high recommendation from the list. As a family-owned firm, NOW has been considered the leader in natural items.

Its mission is to deliver value in every product and service that helps empower the guests to have healthier lives. The biggest attraction of Now products is how affordable and available they are. That’s because these essential oils get sold through retailers. Doing so makes it easier to access at a fraction of the cost of other brands.


It’s time to indulge in aromatherapy through your bath or diffuser! Our list of the best essential oil brands might help you discover some good sites to order some blends. As long as any of them is your favorite, order a new set of essential oils with a click away.

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