Top 10 Best Dry Shampoo Brands To Refresh Your Hair

Washing your hair every day could do more harm than good to your hair. Lathering up would dry it, and leave you with an irritating scalp. So if you want to quit walking around with hair feeling unclean, learning the best dry shampoo brands is a must-do. They help when you don’t have much time shampooing and restyling your hair.

We’ve tested a lot of top formulas to determine the best possible one for every hair type. Scroll down to figure out which one keeps hair fresher longer below!

Top 10 Best Dry Shampoo Brands To Refresh Your Hair

1. Klorane

Klorane dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 1965

Klorane is famous for offering effective and safe hair care and eye care products using only natural active ingredients. Pharmacists and agronomists both observed and cultivated plants to extract active ingredients for the products. Around that time, they also found out the potential benefits from them.

In 1994, Klorane Botanical Foundation was born to promote its plant heritage. Klorane strongly believes in its plant-based formulas and eco-friendly packaging that can reduce the impact on the environment. Their Foundation also claims to protect the ecosystem of the Cevennes National Park from pollution.

2. Batiste

Batite dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 1970s

Since the 1970s, Batiste soon became the planet’s leading dry shampoo label with its wide range of hair care products.  At Batiste, you can expect to live the best life between washes. That’s the reason why we make fast and easy solutions for pretty hair. If you’re looking for a formula for all hair types, and one scent for every mood, get one from here.

Unlike other best dry shampoo brands, Batiste uses a unique rice starch for its products. It got chosen carefully for its washing ability to absorb oil the most effectively.

Batiste dry shampoo is trusted as the beauty secret for owning refreshing and stylish hair. Get Batiste products if you want the hair to look good and feel amazing all day long.

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3. Dove

Dove dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 1957

Dove is an American personal care label with products sold in over 150 nations for men, women, and babies. It came from a beauty bar into an international brand with a variety of items. They care about future generations and want to help young girls build up greater confidence through their products.

These include body washes, hand and body lotions, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, and hairstyling. So no matter what you’re seeking – products to offer you the care you need, coming with Dove to make you feel pretty! The brand goes beyond their products that you can trust for your skin and hair.

4. Tresemmé

Tresemmé dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 1948

Most Tresemmé products are good and safe to use for your hair. In 1948, the brand got created by Edna Emmé in American salons. Edna was the leading hairstylist at that time. She understood that women desire to have beautiful hair with fabulous color and style.

Nowadays, the brand is renowned for selling hair care items that get specially formulated to leave the hair smooth, soft, and healthy. By using a mixture of ingredients, Tresemmé would make your hair look refreshing at every wash.

With a quick application of Tresemmé dry shampoo for oily hair, your hair would feel cleaner for longer! You can say goodbye to limp and lackluster hair as well.

5. Amika

Amika dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 2007

Amika is a team of creatives, hairstylists, and product enthusiasts that want to bend every rule.

Based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Amika is the best shampoo brand with its ten collections of hair care products. These got designed to cater to almost everyone. Whether you have curly hair, damaged hair, and more, Amika dry shampoo and other products can help you.

They contain high-performance ingredients that get chosen to target one specific hair type. Not only that, but they also have over 190 active ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. These cooperate to guard your hair against free radical damage.

6. Living Proof

Living Proof dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 2005

At Living Proof, trusted and conventional hair products were created to ensure safety and effectiveness. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has owned 20 patents for chemical technologies in shampoo and hair care products. To create products that solve hair issues, Living Proof has earned its name status today.

With a collection of 45 products, there’s something good for everyone to try. If you’re searching for Living Proof dry shampoo, hurry to get one to perfect your hair day. The product can absorb sweat, oil, and odor and leave your hair with a natural fragrance.

Their products are currently available in different shops across the U.S. The label has won over 180 awards in the industry since its beginning.

7. Briogeo

Briogeo dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 2013

Nancy Twine, the founder, and CEO is the one who breathes into the brand. But how could she start?

Nancy began to be involved in the beauty industry at the age of five. During her childhood, she made her hair care products at home. After turning into her twenties, she moved to New York City and started trading homemade essentials.

She realized that most natural hair care items on the market didn’t function as well as they claim. Thus, Nancy and her chemist team along with her grandmother’s recipes decided to establish Briogeo Hair Care.

Briogeo products have everything everyone needs, from repair, and volume to curl care, which makes them so unique.

8. Waterless

Waterless dry shampoo

Waterless got founded to react to the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa. Their products come out to help people to get their hair wet and preserve water at the same time.

There are four distinct ranges to choose from in their collection: Clan, Condition, Style, and Fragrance. Among them, the Clean and Condition get separated into those for oily hair and thick hair.

And whenever you’re thinking of a natural dry shampoo with alcohol-free ingredients, Waterless is the top choice. Consumers freely consider their shampoo foam as a shower after a workout, or any time they need a refresh.

9. Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil dry shampoo

  • Founded year: 2007

The co-founder of Moroccanoil, Carmen Tal used to be the owner of a small salon in Montreal, Canada. One of the agents damaged her hair severely. She refused to cut the hair, so the hairdresser recommended the argan oil to her. She got surprised by its effectiveness after noticing a difference in her hair.

After a while convincing her husband, Carmen Tal knew that this was such a fantastic business opportunity. He came to meet with people who could manufacture the product, which is known as the Moroccanoil Treatment today.

You can still find a cheap Moroccanoil product and leave your hair glowing. Amazon has them all at a discount.

10. OGX

OGX dry shampoo

OGX is the top haircare brand that creates new items with diverse ingredients and designs. No matter if it’s hair wash or hairstyling, OGX still helps you finish the entire hair care routine.

Vogue International LLC is the company manufacturing all OGX shampoos and other beauty items. Their shampoos can clean up your hair thoroughly and are free from sulfate.

The brand is committed to making 100% recyclable or reusable bottles by 2025. Further than that, OGX also owns waterless solutions to cut down on packaging and decrease fuel usage.

Final Words

Which one is your favorite from our list of the best dry shampoo brands? All of them can get used between washes to leave your hair refreshing and glowing. They come in handy for your sleepy mornings and can protect your hair color from fading. So be quick to get one and detox your hair when you sleep.

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