Top 10 Best Curling Iron Brands For Your Perfect Curls

Choosing the best curling iron brands is not easy – but it starts with knowing your desired hairstyle. Whether you want subtle waves or tight coils, the perfect one can deliver the exact curl you try to achieve. Besides that, you also need to consider when picking out the right curling iron, ranging from safety, and grip to style retention.

Below, we have compiled a list of our recommendations that are worth your investment. Go ahead to make your hair look fabulous with one of these picks!

Top 10 Best Curling Iron Brands For Your Perfect Curls

1. Beachwaver (2010)

Beachwaver curling iron

Do a few curls with Beachwaver iron, and you’ll be surprised at how long they stay. Beachwaver is a good brand of curling irons to consider from this list. The firm got founded in 2010 by a famous hairstylist, Sarah Potempa, and her sisters. They are Erin Potempa, Wall, and Emily Potempa.

Starting off with a simple idea,  Beachwaver soon becomes a globally distributed hair product company. The company lies in Waukegan, IL, United States.

The brand has an online retail shop that works in selling quality hair care products. You can create beachy waves or classic ones as you wish with a curling iron from them.

2. Dyson (1978)

Dyson curling iron

Dyson is a British technology firm specializing in designing and producing hand dryers, heaters, vacuum cleaners, etc. In 1978, the company got established by James Dyson and has developed to be a popular brand name in this industry. Dyson decided to move his factory to Malaysia due to the restricted space for expansion and other reasons.

In 2016, the brand launched a hairdryer known as Supersonic that gets engineered to guard hair off heat damage. The tool is lightweight and compact, ensuring your hair does not get sucked into the motor.

You still have naturally curly hair without burning it by a fan like other normal machines. Two years later, Dyson kept revealing its $550 curling iron that took 6 years and $31 million to manufacture.

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3. Hot Tools (1991)

Hot Tools curling iron

They trust in empowering everything and making looks that are fabulous and real. What makes Hot Tools special among the best curling iron brands is that their products can inspire your style. Hot Tools is an iconic hair styling tool label from America with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Besides, Hot Tools is a good curler brand that receives 5-star ratings for its heat-resistant covers. It all began with a line of 24K gold curling irons grown for professional hairstylists. The label produces products that can help you gain any hair goal.

With modern styling technology and nice design, Hot Tools never fails to make efficient and ergonomic products.

4. Conair (1959)

Conair curling iron

Conair is a USA company that sells personal care items and beauty products with its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. It got founded in 1959 by Leandro Rizzuto and has grown to include many divisions. By the 1990s, American households owned at least one of their products.

The Corporation soon started to breathe with new life and innovation by making tools for women. These should allow them to earn the best possible salon results in their homes. One of them was known as a revolutionary hair dryer at a good price. It helps Conair’s customers do the flawless “do” themselves.

5. Ulta

Ulta curling iron

The firm has been ranked third in Net Promoter Score out of the best curling iron brands. This NPS will track if their customers would recommend using the product depending on a scale of -100 to 100.

Since 1990, Ulta Beauty has become the largest beauty retailer in the United States. They sell cosmetics and hair care items.

Apart from having salon services, the brand currently has more than 25,000 products available at over 1,250 shops. According to Ulta, they still evolve and move to the next chapter. It’s all about redefining how beauty gets portrayed in life for their guests.

6. GHD (2001)

GHD curling iron

Robert Powls, Susan Powls, Martin Penny, and Gary Douglas set up the company in 2001. The brand started its initial commercial campaign for its products two years later.

GHD curling irons will blow your mind with their ideal temperature for fast-creating long-lasting curls and waves. With great respect and the loyalty of stylists, GHD has soon grown into a famous brand worldwide. It’s best known for quality straighteners, hair care products, and other accessories.

Another good thing about GHD is the devotion of the most caring professionals in the company. They know how to work with the best tools to earn fruity results. As you see, it’s not only a label but also a community with items getting sold in more than 50,000 salons in the world.

7. Babyliss

Babyliss curling iron

If you’re searching for a functional and quality rotating curling iron, then look in nowhere else but Babyliss. We call it the global leader in manufacturing and distributing personal care, health, and beauty products. Babyliss headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey with marketing and sales operations in Stamford.

The company got acquired by the Conair Corporation and kept being the main manufacturer of decent appliances. Babyliss curling irons and hair dryers all use recent technologies to offer the best styling performance. As long as used correctly, they won’t damage the hair like other cheap metal flat irons.

8. Harry Josh

Harry Josh curling iron

Harry Josh is known as one of the most desired stylists on the planet. He’s best known for Gisele’s beachy waves and other iconic red-carpet looks.

Harry has changed the whole hair care industry with his professional and high-quality products. Together with his expertise and fantastic knowledge, he finds no difficulty in creating a line of hair tools, unlike others.

The Harry Josh Pro Tools including hair dryers, curling irons, and flat styling irons can give you a perfect makeover. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking sleekness or volume, they can satisfy all your needs in a short time.

9. Tyme (2008)

Tyme curling iron

Jacynda Smith is the creator and designer of the Tyme curling iron and other hair care tools. Like other women, she knew that hair is hard to maintain, especially on busy days. For her, building a good hairstyle makes ladies feel more confident. That’s also why she became the creator of the whole high-end Tyme product line.

The CEO of Tyme wants to help women understand one thing that hair can become long-lasting effortlessly. She claims to bring a new level of confidence to her guests every day. To do that, she finds ways to share her knowledge of hair care through virtual stylists. The team uses live video-chat sessions to connect to their customers and guide them to use the product line.

10. Remington (1937)

Remington curling iron

Surely, there are several curling iron brands out there, and Remington should be one of the best among them. It’s a USA personal care label that mainly designs and manufactures electric shavers, hair clippers, and other hair care items. The brand showed up in 1937 when Remington Rang started to expand to electric shavers.

In 2003, Remington got sold to Rayovac, the battery company. This firm later introduced Remington as the best brand of women’s shavers, foot massagers, blow dryers, and curling irons.

On many Beauty Products sites, the brand receives a consumer rating of 4 stars. This fact points out that most clients are satisfied with their products.

Final Words

Searching for the ideal hot tool is an overwhelming task. Therefore, we hope that our list of the best curling iron brands can help you find the ideal hair tool. If you have thin hair, choosing an iron with low heat settings would be the best option. For those having thick hair, use a curling iron with higher heat options!

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