10 Best Cracker Brands To Add To Your Cheese Platter

Whether you snack on crackers out of the box or top them with cheese, the attraction of a cracker is undeniable. If you want a healthy cracker, try it from one of the best cracker brands we list out today. All of them are just perfect crunchy carbs to go with cheese, or you can eat them with deli meat.

These options are tender and sturdy, plain and flavored. Thus, you can serve them at any party you love this season. And don’t forget – they can be a great after-school snack for kids.

10 Best Cracker Brands To Add To Your Cheese Platter

1. RITZ – Best Original-style cracker brand

Ritz crackers

Getting introduced by Nabisco in 1934, Ritz is well-known for offering original-style and lightly-salted crackers. The name Ritz is a male name that means Luxury. It used to be a nickname for the name Richard.

Ritz is a universal favorite. Their crackers feature a flawless balance of salty, crispy, and buttery characteristics. Since no actual butter gets found in the products, vegans will love to eat them.

So if you have to find healthy crackers for a diet, these are ideal for your weight management.

2. Club – Buttery taste and a large amount of fat

Club crackers

Club crackers turned out to be a product of Kellogg after the manufacturer acquired Keebler. It’s an American food manufacturing firm based in Battle Creek.

The firm primarily makes cereal and other convenience products such as pastries and crackers. It usually advertises them by many popular brands, including Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Corn Flakes.

Unlike Ritz, they remind us of a buttery taste and a large amount of fat. The crackers also contain more calories with four crackers in one serving. For those who love butter crackers, don’t miss Kellogg crackers for your picnics or munchies. Better than thought, the products are now available in snack-size packs on the go.

3. Fat Snax – best cracker brand for keto diet

Fat Snax crackers

Fat Snax is dedicated to creating the globe’s most delicious snacks. It was born out of a passion for supporting anyone who wants to live his or her best life. Even if it’s for snacking, the brand is committed to offering you the most satisfying products.

For the brand, eating healthy is the best thing to do in the world. Whenever you desire a keto cracker to satisfy your cravings, find Fat Snax for a delicious crunch. Their crackers are gluten-free and have no sugar added. Till now, the brand keeps helping people access healthy snacks without sacrificing convenience.

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4. Annie’s – Best Organic cracker brand

Annie’s crackers

Annie’s is the best cracker brand you shouldn’t miss from this roundup. The label is well-known for its macaroni and cheese that competes with Kraft. More than that, Annie’s also creates different varieties of organic crackers.

They want to make a healthier and merrier world by spreading goodness through food. So whether it’s your snack time or party time, try out Annie’s saltine organic crackers for a flakỹ perfection. People can serve them with your spread, or pair them with your hot soup.

All products from the brand get made without artificial stuff, which makes them good for health.

5. Honey Maid – Lightly sweet crackers

Honey Maid crackers

It’s a challenge to find the best graham cracker, but we recommend you choose Honey Maid instead. Honey Maid Grahams were born by the Pacific Coast Biscuit company in Seattle, America in 1925. It’s a later part of the National Biscuit Company, Nabisco.

These crackers got launched by Nabisco in 1898. The firm later introduced a new brand of crackers, Honey Maid. It symbolizes the crackers’ sweetness. By tasting these square Grahams, you’ll feel them lightly sweet with each bite which can give a fantastic crunch.

6. Crunchmaster – best Cracker brand for diabetics

Crunchmaster crackers

When it comes to the best cracker brands for diabetics, Crunchmaster is the perfect candidate. The crackers from this label get made from brown rice flour and whole grain corn together with other seeds.

Besides, Crunchmaster is renowned for fusing the healthy traditions of the East with the beautiful flavors of the West for wholesome snacks. They begin with pure rice and seeds before drying them to moisture and baking them to perfection.

You’ll find no gluten in their products. All of them get certified gluten-free and manufactured on dedicated and certified production lines. Only high-quality ingredients are used to make foods and a thoughtful baking process can help generate the best snacks.

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7. Mary’s – best Cracker brand using plant-based ingredients

Mary’s crackers

Like Crunchmaster, Mary’s Gone Crackers contain whole ingredients, including brown rice, quinoa, and sesame seeds. They’re gluten-free and organic to consume for good health. The story starts on the day when Mary explored the power to produce good snacks using plant-based ingredients.

Her delicious crackers’ popularity spread fast far beyond her kitchen. This event inspired her to go away from her career to follow her true passion.

Till now, they keep building on Mary’s first creations with fascinating flavors. And all you do is eat crackers out of the box or be creative with your toppings.

8. Ka-me – Cracker seasoned with Asian flavors

Ka-me crackers

Ka-me provides products made in Thailand and Taiwan. It’s a brand of Asian ingredients that makes it simpler for meal planning and preparation. The label delivers a full line of decent ingredients to expand the palette and try out something special.

By working with food experts in America and Asia, Ka-me ensures its products satisfy everyone’s expectations.

Their crackers do not contain any artificial flavor or color and are gluten-free. They’re gently seasoned with Asian flavors and spices.

You can serve them with cheese and dips for entertaining and sharing. Ka-me gas rice-based crackers are the most traditional and popular Japanese snacks. They get certified Non-GMO verified and can be enjoyed with dips.

9. Simple Mills – Low in carbs with a good amount of protein and healthy fat

Simple Mills crackers

Katlin Smith is the founder and CEO of the brand. She used to wow the buyers with a muffin recipe with almond flour.

Simple Mills are best for delivering clean and nutritious foods for a more meaningful life. They go for the inside-out goodness and happiness through products. Simple Mills crackers tend to be low in carbs while featuring a good amount of protein and healthy fat.

Such a thing helps keep blood sugar stable, and you can feel happy longer than ever. The brand aims to enrich people’s lives and bodies through simple yet tasty foods. They want to help everyone make healthy choices easier this way.

10. Kellogg – Plant-based food divisions

Kellogg crackers

The Kellogg Company is an American multinational food production firm based in Battle Creek, America. It makes cereal and other convenience foods such as toaster pastries and crackers. The firm spins off its snacks, cereal, and other plant-based food divisions.

Kellogg gets driven by the founder’s legacy, W.K. Kellogg, and now becomes the leading maker of cereal. Currently, Kellogg’s brands delight every family in over 180 nations.

They have pushed beyond boundaries and across borders to make foods and brands to fuel the best in people. With billions in sales, their brands consist of Corn Flakes, Kellogg’s, Rice Krispies, Special K, and many more.


Cheese won’t taste good without crackers. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this list of the most popular cracker brands.

Whether you love buttery baked crackers or Grahams, there’s a snacky delight for everyone and every occasion. These brands offer everything from classics to crackers flavored with fruit, nuts, and herbs to complement cheese and spreads.

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