10 Best Chocolate Cereal Brands That You Can Indulge In

Among so many best chocolate cereal brands out there, how to know the best ones you love? We’re here to help you figure out the perfect candidates on the market. These chocolate cereals on this list have a pleasing crunch that can make you dive right into their bags.

Though it feels dismal to know, there’s always a light at the end of this “chocolate” tunnel. So keep reading to find which one is tasty and healthy for your heart!

10 Best Chocolate Cereal Brands You Can Indulge In

1. Kashi

kashi chocolate cereal

Since 1981, Kashi has been known as the trustworthy manufacturer of whole grain cereals and plant-based foods. Currently, the company creates more than 90 products sold in America and Canada. Out of the best chocolate cereal brands, Kashi deserves a place in our top ten list.

At Kashi, people do not only value the foods, but also the way we make them. Inside each box and wrapper, you can find the right nutrition you need to fuel you all day. In 2000, Kellogg acquired Kashi, allowing the parent firm to enter the market for organic foods.

Five years later, the company acquired a maker of fruit strips and chews. After that, the brand acquired Bear Naked Granola, a producer of bars and granola.

2. Cocoa Puffs

Cocoa Puffs chocolate cereal

Kickstart the day with the crunchy and chocolate experience in each spoon of Cocoa Puffs. It’s a label of puffed grain breakfast cereal made by General Mills in the USA.

Started in 1956, its cereal is made up of little orbs of corn and rice flavored with cocoa. Another new addition got launched in the summer of 2008 named Cocoa Puffs Combos.

It includes chocolate puffs with vanilla puffs. Differing from the original products, the Combos here won’t contain cocoa, but imitation cocoa instead. Nowadays, Cocoa Puffs get sold in Latin America, Canada, and Europe under the Nesquik brand.

3. Kellogg – Best American ready-to-eat cereals

Kellogg chocolate cereal

Come to taste the good life with Kellogg, the leading American maker of ready-to-eat cereals and food products. Among them, Corn Flakes is one of the most popular cereals in the country.

According to Kellogg, cereal is a crucial part of how they can help to satisfy the nutritional needs of people worldwide. Meanwhile, its chocolate cereal flakes with milk are the leading source of 10 nutrients in every child’s diet. They bring a lot of essential B vitamins and iron to your breakfast every morning, notably Krave chocolate cereal.

Over 100 years ago, W.K. Kellogg got motivated by a passion for innovation and quality. At that time, he made the first-ever breakfast cereal and succeeded in shaping the industry. And nowadays, Kellogg has become a trusted brand name for every household.

4. Jessica’s Natural Foods

Jessica’s Natural Foods chocolate cereal

Back in 2009, there were not several cereal options for those who wanted to find some gluten-free granola. That thing inspired her to make her tasty line of gluten-free cereal and granola. Her products contain GS1 barcodes.

Currently, the firm has placement in different retail establishments in Michigan and cooperates with many distributors. Among the best chocolate cereal brands, Jessica’s is famous for its healthy ingredients such as coconut and organic honey.
Jessica’s Natural Foods keeps growing and expanding to perfect its products and make new products. Its founder, Jessica wants to make tasty and healthy food that she feels good about eating and sharing.

5. Nestle Milo

Nestle Milo chocolate cereal

Milo brand is the globe’s leading chocolate malt beverage that gets prepared with hot or cold milk. The brand gets named after Milo of Croton, a Greek wrestler who lived in the 6th Century.

It delivers vitamins and minerals to satisfy the nutrition and energy needs of bodies and minds. After getting introduced in the early 1930s, Milo takes kids’ growth seriously by producing crunchy milk drinks. That was a time of great economic depression.

In 2018, Milo announced a partnership with the AFL to encourage Aussie kids to become more active on the field. Now it has been associated with sports and good health.

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6. Cheerios

Cheerios chocolate cereal

It’s a label of cereal produced by General Mills in America. CheeriosOats was born in 1941 and then its name got shortened to Cheerios four years later. That occurred when Quaker Oats claimed to hold the rights to avail the term “oats”.

The first flavor of Cheerios, “Cinnamon Nut Cheerios” was introduced in 1976. The second one, “Honey Nut Cheerios” got launched three years later. After that, General Mills succeeded in selling 1.8 million cases of “Honey Nut Cheerios” within the first year.

Nowadays, from finger food to lowering cholesterol, Cheerios has delivered good nutrition to every family. Its WIC-approved foods, ranging from Big C Cereals, Fiber One, Chex, and others are all nutritious and affordable breakfasts for you.

7. Cuetara

Cuetara chocolate cereal

As a 100% Mexican firm, Cuetara is best known for selecting the best raw ingredients to make their products. These get made under the strict quality standard, which makes them a favorite in the taste of all Mexican families. You can discover more of its range for breakfasts and snacking at Cuetara. The brand has several types of cookies fused with cereals in a tasty way.

The first factory of Cuetara got established by Juan and Florencia Gomez Cuetara in Mexico City. It was named La Espiga, situated in Los Gallos. Once the brand came to Spain, it built the first four factories in 1955. Since then, many extensions and modernization have shown up, making the business grow further.

8. Chex – Best American Vegan Cereal

Chex chocolate cereal

As an American brand of breakfast cereal, Chex was firstly produced by Ralston Purina of St. Louis, Missouri. Its name changed to Chex in 1950.

You can get a batch of Chex mix for your holidays or lunch for the kids. From classics to fascinating flavors like chocolate and peanut, Chex has cereals for every family member. The brand provides a world of possibility in every box. And you won’t find any artificial flavor or high fructose in its recipe.

If you’re looking for some vegan cereals, choose Chex cereals right away! All Chex cereal flavors are vegan, except for Honey Nut Chex. Corn Chex is also vegan, but it still contains sugar and vitamin D3 which some vegans might avoid.

9. Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms chocolate cereal

The story goes when an employee of General Mills shaved some Circus Peanuts into his cereal. He loved the result, and a new cereal was born. So its first concept of the cereal arrived from mixing Cheerios with Circus peanuts candy.

Lucky Charms is a brand of cereal made by General Mills since 1964. And it didn’t take long till 2005 that Chocolate Lucky Charms appeared on the shelves. They have different shapes of marshmallows such as shooting stars, hearts, clovers, rainbows, blue moons, and more.

In 2020, General Mills claimed to sell packages of Lucky Charms in retail outlets for a limited time. Each bag contains hearts, horseshoes, rainbows, unicorns, stars, hearts, and blue moons.

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10. Annie’s Cereal

Annie’s Cereal chocolate cereal

Like other cereal brands, Annie’s mission is to build a healthier and merrier world by spreading goodness through foods. In 1988, she wrote her name and phone number on her first boxes of Mac and Cheese. She wanted to make a better future for kids, kicking off with food. One year later, she co-founded the company to produce its first product, Mac & Cheese.

The company is famous for its macaroni and cheese line, which appears in bunny rabbit shapes. This product is also the second best-selling one in America behind Kraft. Besides, Annie’s produces other foods such as crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, condiments, and more.


After checking our best chocolate cereal brands, we hope you’ve finally found the one you love for several mornings ahead! They all have an intense chocolate flavor and a bit of crunch, which makes you more inclined to buy them. What about you? Tell us your favorite breakfast treat or any delicious cereal that we are missing in the comment.

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