8 Best Ceiling Fan Brands To Keep Your Home Cool

There are countless names and models of ceiling fans on the market, hence figuring out which one is worth the money might be a challenge. If you browse our compilation of the best ceiling fan brands, you will easily have your pick among the most reliable manufacturers in the world.

They are the ones who make sure their products are decent before putting the competition on the line, and who deserve your attention before anything else.

Top 8 Best Ceiling Fan Brands To Keep Your Home Cool

1. Hunter – best ceiling fan brand with light

  • Founded year: 1886

Hunter - best ceiling fan brand with light

The name has been around for the longest time if we are talking about manufacturers of ceiling fans. Over the past 136 years, they have never stopped coming up with new technologies and models, all for the convenience and experience of their customers.

Hunter has their fans with lights, multiple mounting options, and smart designs.  Not only will your Hunter ceiling fans last long, but they will not consume more energy than they should.

Regardless of the season, installing one of these ceiling fans will be a worthy investment of yours. What makes it better is a reasonable weight that gives you an easy installation time.

2. Atomberg – best ceiling fan brand with smart remote

  • Founded year: 2012

Atomberg - best ceiling fan brand with smart remote

Founded by a group of fresh graduates, the Atomberg company definitely doesn’t lack motivation and creativeness. They want to create products that perform excellently in every situation, and that they have achieved.

The brand is popular also because of the smart remote included in the package. It is not only the ON/OFF button! With the TIMER option, you can have the fan shut down whenever you want. Meanwhile, the SLEEP mode reduces energy consumption by slowing the fan down little by little.

Atomberg fans focus on efficiency. They save a good sum on the electricity bill for you even when they run at the highest speed mode. Such features were obtained via tests in the most extreme conditions.

3. Kichler – Best smart ceiling fan brand

Kichler - Best smart ceiling fan brand

What if you want to place your trust in an award-winning brand? Kichler will effortlessly catch your eyes. They have won various rewards from 2008 onwards. The keys to success are experience in lighting technology, impressive designs, and a keen eye for customers.

Kichler stands out among the best ceiling fan brands because of the perfect combination between one-of-a-kind designs, patented lighting fixtures, and quiet motor functions.

However, if you are looking for a smart fan with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control, Kichler might not be a suitable name.

4. Minka-Aire

Minka-Aire ceiling fan

The Minka group is widely known for decorative lights, though they are also a formidable rival in the market of ceiling fans with the best quality.

Due to the mindset filled with aesthetics and creativity, Minka-Aire offers a variety of designs for indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Whether you live in a traditional or a modern house, you will find a suitable model.

Besides the appearance, what can you expect from these fans? We say it’s effective air circulation. They will keep your room cool during summer and warm during winter with reduced costs. This advantage is shown even better if you install one of their mini ceiling fans in a small room.

5. Monte Carlo – The highest quality ceiling fan brand

  • Founded year: 1996

Monte Carlo - The highest quality ceiling fan brand

Established in 1996, Monte Carlo is what we call “a young veteran” in the industry. Nevertheless, as they relentlessly live up to the principle of highest quality ceiling fans: outstanding performance and exquisite design are attainable simultaneously. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Although the brand never misses out on a new trend, they don’t neglect the antique designs that will please the keenest of eyes. When you purchase a Monte Carlo ceiling fan, you are in for a decorative item and not a mere machine.

6. Casablanca

  • Founded year: 1974

Casablanca ceiling fan

If you know how much the founder of Casablanca, Burton A. Burton, loves the classic looks, you will have high expectations for the products they offer. And you won’t be disappointed. The brand has got customers falling in love with its intricately designed fans, inspired by Japanese, Scandinavian, and many more styles.

Despite the antique appearance, each Casablance fan is made with the latest technology out there. When it comes to energy-saving and air circulation, you can comfortably invest in one of their products.

The company is currently holding the championship in the CFM (cubic feet per minute) test, which allows us to know how many cubic feet of air the fan can pass in one minute.

7. Craftmade

  • Founded year: 1985

Craftmade ceiling fan

Incepted in 1985 and ranked 49th out of 200 best small companies in the US, Craftmade is undeniably one of the young leaders in the ceiling fan market. They have their designs patented – a proof of greatness in technology – while remaining confident with the beautiful details they have for the fans.

With the wide variety of styles to choose from, you won’t have a hard time getting a lovely fan for bedrooms or high ceilings. There is always something for everyone, and that’s how Craftmade earns a stable foothold in the industry.

8. Matthews

  • Founded year: 1992

Matthews ceiling fan

We have decided to include this brilliant ceiling fan manufacturer for simplicity lovers. The Matthews company is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2022, and never once did they stray out of the path: “Less is more”.

The quintessence in Matthews’ designs is not intricate shapes or gorgeous details, but the clean and sleek craftsmanship. Simple styles never go out of fashion. Therefore, if you own a Matthews fan, little chance that you will need it replaced, not with the durable materials used for the manufacturing.

Final Words

As ceiling fans become a necessity in every house, the market will never stop refreshing itself and eliminating incompetent rivals. Only the best ceiling fan brands have kept up with the ever-changing game, and we have brought them to you. These names all have something unique about them, yet one thing is for sure: they never offer you less than what they promise.

What’s next? It’s time for you to consider the designs, the air circulation, the bills, and other features you want to best complement your space!

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