Best Baby Carrier Brands: List of Top 10

Are you finding a way to keep your baby held securely against you without the bulk of a stroller? Check out our pick of the best baby carrier brands below! These are all ideal for travel, strolling around, and wearing in your house. For that long, your baby still loves getting held closely. Besides that, remember to get a carrier that fits you well! How come?

Getting the right fit offers safety for the babies and puts a strain on the back and shoulders for moms. So hurry to read the article to strengthen the bonding between you and your little one.

Top 10 Best Baby Carrier Brands To Grow With Your Child

1. Babybjorn

Babybjorn baby carrier brand

  • Founded year: 1961

In 1961, Bjorn Kakobson set up Babybjorn, a Stockholm-based company that made bouncer chairs for infants. He did it with his sister-in-law Elsa Jakobson, who had five sons.

Baby Bjorn is a Swedish family-owned firm that produces secure and high-quality products for babies and parents. It’s one of the best baby carrier brands for you. They have passion for simplifying daily tasks in lives and helping families with kids to value each precious moment.

Nowadays, the brand has become famous for its legendary baby carrier that grows with baby. The product has been trusted and availed by 45 million babies worldwide.

2. Ergobaby

Ergobaby baby carrier

  • Founded year: 2003

Things get started with one simple idea. A mother on Maui didn’t feel good about baby-carrying choices. She constantly looked for ways to keep her son close to her body, but it was useless.

Starting with the love for her child, the Ergobaby carrier was born after that. The product had a humble appearance but revolutionized the way we carry our babies.

Since 2010, Ergobaby got owned by the private equity fund CODI – Compass Diversified Holdings. In May 2016, Ergo acquired the Baby Tula as its subsidiary.

The brand is best known for offering functionality and adaptability from its carrier for newborns. Parents can wear it comfortably and longer as they want.

3. Happy Baby Carrier

Happy Baby Carrier 

  • Founded year: 2011

It’s one of our recommended baby carrier brands in the roundup. Happy Baby Carrier makes itself unique with its lightweight and premium products. They get woven from super soft linens that get dyed in a range of pretty colors. Parents would like to have one that might fit their outfits and seasons.

The idea for the brand occurred after Beth’s first child was born in 2008. He tried everything to soothe his newborn, but nothing would help. Beth decided to create his wrap-style carrier that seemed more comfortable in heat and humidity.

In early 2011, he leaped by mixing adorable colors, prints, and breathable fabrics for caregivers and infants. As a result, the wraps became a success out of his expectations.

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4. Baby Tula

Baby Tula baby carrier

  • Founded year: 2009

Baby Tula is about the desire for a tool that supports the well-being of parents and babies. Among the best baby carrier brands, Baby Tula can make more than the parts and pieces that create a carrier.

Sure enough, they want to give parents free hands. Beyond that, the brand offers them the chance to thrive and enjoy moments with their babies.

The company was born after a parent saw how convenient babywearing was and how much it benefits them. They have tried different baby carriers but never found any satisfying them. That’s also the reason why they made carriers to keep children and their parents close.

5. Infantino

Infantino Baby Carrier 

  • Founded year:

Parenting is a tough task. Therefore, they need to enjoy the largest rewards. If you desire a 4 in 1 baby carrier for your 8-month-old beloved, Infantino makes the perfect option. Their carrier can get used through the toddler years by allowing parents to switch to the wide position.

This is a great-value purchase if you choose Infantino. The brand is best known for providing good support for kids, ranging from newborns to toddlers.

With different insights as parents, Infantino believes that they can create the best products and moments for you and your babies.

6. Integra

Integra Baby Carrier 

  • Founded year: 2011

Why do we bring Integra here? That’s because the brand gets so much love from parents and carrying consultants. Their carriers are lightweight and available in different fabrics and styles. If you love to add a bit of fun to your parenting task, find Integra for more options!

It’s Sarah Sadler who designed the Integra Baby Carrier for front and back carrying. She has worked in this industry for over 13 years and is known as a babywearing consultant in the UK.

The Integra team of qualified consultants would offer you great support before and after your purchase. So wait no more since many people like the idea of a woven wrap, but want something easier to use.

7. Solly

Solly Baby Carrier 

  • Founded year: 2010

Ultra-soft, snuggly, and sustainable are what you can describe the Solly baby brand. Elle, the CEO of the company claims that creating wraps can bring families together. More than that, she loves helping mothers in many ways and making them live happily.

Nowadays, Solly baby carriers have been worn by many Hollywood celebrities, such as Serena Williams, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway, and more.

More importantly, they have been trusted and loved by the moms and dads in the world. They’re the ones who put Solly wraps to the test every single day at home or in the park.

8. Nuna

Nuna Baby Carrier 

Nuna baby products are not only smart but also handy with a touch of boldness. The Nuna team has paid attention to every little detail of each high-end gear to fit customers’ needs.

Moreover, their gears get tested before they leave the factory. With advanced equipment and modern methods, they ensure baby gears can go beyond what’s required.

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfy carrier for parents and kids, then Nuna is a brilliant option. It owns a wide range of features that make it special from others. That could be the magnetic buckles, velcro waistband, and a sunshade hood for your little one.

9. Boppy


  • Founded year: 1989

In 1989, Susan Henderson established Boppy company in Evergreen, Colorado. Boppy was born with a mother making a pillow to support the babies. She realized that having an ergonomic pillow is perfect for nursing apart from tummy time.

Later on, the Boppy Original Infant Pillow got made and soon became a must-have for any parent.

In 2009, Boppy expanded into the healthcare industry. They support breastfeeding mothers and babies in hospitals and clinics.

7 years later, their perfect nursing scarf got launched to offer full coverage for breastfeeding. Until now, their products keep getting designed by moms and women who want to find ways to help parents.

10. Moby

Moby Baby Carrier 

  • Founded year: 2003

As a leader in the classic wrap, Moby never let mothers disappoint with its carriers. The team innovates the products to meet the varying demands of parents and babies today.

They add more designs to fit the babies and deliver comfort, versatility, and safety to caregivers. One of the best gears from Moby is its wrap that can get used for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

The carrier allows you to carry your baby, guaranteeing his or her happiness. At the same time, it encourages the bonding between parents and children.

Moby itself has won several consumer and industry awards, and it keeps growing and thriving today.

Final Words

Knowing the best brands for baby carriers is best for those who want to be hands-free. With our recommendations above, we bet that you know what to pick out for you and your babies. These options have the best gears to invest in. They’re comfy, versatile, and easy to use no matter where you are.

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