Top 10 Best Airsoft Brands To Bring You Closer To Victory

Are you planning to play some real combat sports that involve gun replicas? The world of airsoft is rich and versatile enough to satisfy your needs. Let’s count on some of the best airsoft brands in this article today.

If you’re a fresh player, that’s not a problem! We shall guide you to the brands with high performance that get recognized and approved by airsofters.

There’s no time to wait! Let’s dig into the badass labels having outstanding designs for your training experience below.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Brands To Bring You Closer To Victory

1. G&P (1995)

G&P Airsoft

As a brilliant airsoft manufacturer, G&P makes an excellent choice to make with their most stylish and top-notch guns. We recommend it since they’re famous for creating guns that are easy to use, even for beginners. The company has its base in Hong Kong and specializes in making decent military accessories and AEGs.

Among the oldest airsoft manufacturers, G&P is the top provider of military simulation and training. To enhance quality for a lower price, the brand name never disappoints you.

They have a long-time experienced team and develop new products adapting to their customers’ needs. One of the best airsoft for newcomers from G&P is the Wire Cutter Keymod M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle.

2. Lancer Tactical (2012)

Lancer Tactical Airsoft

Lancer Tactical is an airsoft and tactical gear maker and distributor based out of Los Angeles. Starting in 2012, the brand moved from an entry-level gun maker into a manufacturer that introduces high-end guns and attachments. They also produce the exact replicas of the M4 series. People love their rifles due to their high speed and durability.

As compared with other best airsoft brands, Lancer Tactical is a trusted place for best-quality airsoft guns. Most of them get used in airsoft, law enforcement, and military training.

With their products, you can freely choose to upgrade and modify as you wish. Their guns tend to own plastic externals or full-metal bodies.

3. AGM

AGM Airsoft

AGM is a Chinese airsoft brand that mainly focuses on airsoft AEG and several replicas of rifles. When it comes to quality, the brand will have something for you. Here, you’ll find high-end designs famous for their durability and characteristics. With an interest in unusual structures, AGM does have unique rifles that make anyone proud to have them!

If you want an AGM airsoft gun, the best bet is to come across an airsoft retailer to get what you want. Or try some large online stores like Amazon or eBay to have wide selections. Aside from their entry-level guns, the brand also serves niche players who love exceptional guns like WW2.

4. CYMA (2000)

CYMA - best Airsoft brand

Among the best airsoft brands, CYMA has been well-known for its affordable electric types of guns. It got set up in 2000 and now has over 250 employees.

The company is an expert in producing electric toy guns that get exported to Europe and America. For those seeking low-level airsoft guns, CYMA is the right one for you who don’t want to invest too much.

Besides, the company also began making airsoft AK rifles or AK47 replicas. These types of guns are highly known for solid bodies and top-rated internals. Their AK47 model is a perfect example in terms of an ABS body and full-metal internals.

5. KWA (1988)

KWA - famous Airsoft brand

In the industry of airsoft guns, KWA is a trusted manufacturer with a high focus on consumers and law enforcement. They’re the leaders in making replica weapons for military training.

KWA was established in 1988 and is reputed for quality and reliability. So if you want some gear for beginners or professionals that look realistic, check KWA’s product line.

More than that, the brand has been recognized for the advanced technologies and performance of its products. Most of them stand for KWA’s commitment to great excellence for airsoft guns. Nowadays, the brand’s modern production facility lies in Taiwan. Meanwhile, its distribution is running in the United States.

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6. Classic Army

Classic Army - top rated Airsoft brand

Classic Army has been making decent airsoft guns and rifles for more than 20 years. It’s also a great innovator in the design and creation of Airsoft guns that suit its customers’ tastes. Most of them last much longer than expected, and surely stand out from their competition.

Similar to G&P, Classic Army is an airsoft manufacturer based in Hong Kong with locations worldwide. It mainly creates and delivers automatic electric guns and many Gas Blowback pistols.

The company is also the first to deliver the exclusive SCAR AEG. They’re good at making high-quality replicas of steel weapons that can add realism to your game.

7. Cybergun (1993)

Cybergun Airsoft

Established in 1993, Cybergun is renowned for holding over 21 licenses in the world. These reliable firms make the brand a global position.

Cybergun SA has its base in France, specializing in designing and distributing replica weapons for video games and outdoor shooting. Their guns get made from plastic or metal, and are exact replicas of those made by firearm makers.

In 1999, the company got listed on the stock market and renamed for further opportunities. Around this time, Cybergun joined new markets in Eastern Europe and signed licensing agreements with Japan. Until 2004, the US market witnessed Cybergun’s expansion with the opening of SOFTAIR DEPOT stores and the acquisition of SOFTAIR USA.

8. G&G (2001)

G&G Airsoft

The company is one of the leading name brands in the airsoft industry. G&G has been well-known for creating top-rated airsoft guns. With new designs and innovative systems, the brand keeps making G&G airsoft products much stronger and more competitive. They aim to concentrate on their clients’ demands and the high quality of the products.

In 2001, the brand aimed at the overseas market, and succeeded in drawing large attention with their decent products. G&G soon became the only airsoft manufacturer passing the ISO 9001 twelve years later. This event proved G&G to have a good management and production system among other best airsoft brands.

9. BBTac

BBTac Airsoft

Though BBTac is not as famous as other brands, the brand still serves a crucial part in the airsoft system. They know how to help newcomers to learn how fascinating airsoft guns can be. More importantly, there’s no need to invest in costly equipment before a beginner starts.

BBTac provides a great variety of efficient airsoft guns, such as rifles, pistols, and BBs. All of them can help normal players to join the game with fun. The brand can make weapons with a respectable performance at affordable prices.

If you’re searching for a bolt action sniper, hurry to pick out an airsoft gun from BBTac!

10. ASG

ASG Airsoft

ASG (ActionSportsGames) is the global leader in producing replica guns and accessories. They provide airguns, CO2 guns, airsoft guns, and other firearm replicas. The brand has signed license agreements with several reputed original guns and attachments manufacturers. In other words, customers get to experience the 1:1 scale of the real gun.

With headquarters in Denmark, ASG is known as an international company with locations in over 60 nations. What makes the brand stand out from others is its attention to detail and quality control. These factors have been recognized by authentic firearms makers.

Final Words

Whether you’re an expert or a casual airsoft player, you might need reliable gear from the best airsoft brands. Getting the right firearm will help you play better and have more chances to win against your opponent.

The above airsoft brands can satisfy your needs. They keep developing better weapons that offer more remarkable performances.

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