Top 9 Best Air Mattress Brands For Long-Term Use

Choosing the best air mattress brands means good back support and comfort all night. After researching, we are certain that these bed-like items won’t disappoint you. Come to sleep, dream, and live differently with a space-saving option on this list.

Let our guide help you find the suitable air bed for your needs, and let you sleep peacefully just about anywhere.

Top 9 Best Air Mattress Brands For Long-Term Use

1. SoundAsleep – Best Synthetic Air Mattress Brand

SoundAsleep air mattress

SoundAsleep was born to offer customers stable support throughout the night. Their products get specially designed and manufactured in the corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA.

Till now, SoundAsleep has introduced three series of mattresses. They are the SoundAsleep Dream Series, the CloudNine Series, and the Camping Series.

Each of them features a Sure-Grip base to help the mattress dodge sliding and one puncture-resistant material. This synthetic and eco-friendly one guarantees the longest longevity possible for the product.

Besides, the brand provides sofa beds and storage bed frames in excellent quality, durability, and functionality.

2. King Koil (1898)

King Koil air mattress

Are you seeking something revolutionary that can cradle you with fantastic support? The Air mattress by King Koil can massage you asleep overnight.

Like other best air mattress brands, King Koil believes that sleep is the best time that needs to be well-spent. For that reason, they determine to craft a space where you could think, dream and recharge. And it’s the foundation of many things in life.

Throughout the early 1900s, the founder Samuel Bronstein started out his factory from small to a top-rated innovator. Today, King Koil can be found in over 90 nations worldwide. The label succeeds in narrowing the gap between decent sleep and healthy living. From the end of the day to a fresh morning, they are exactly the place where your wellness starts.

3. Coleman (1900) – Best Portable Air Mattress Brand

Coleman air mattress

Coleman began creating the portable and gas-powered lantern that can illuminate the whole football match in the evening. After that, they kept revolutionizing the outdoors with the coolest manufacturing process in the 1950s. Following that, Coleman sold lighting, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and more for camping.

After a long time, Coleman products show up everywhere you are: on the road, by the lake, at a music festival. The company used to create a range of cooking stoves in the past.

Today, the brand produces camp stoves and even generates a line of durable small boats. Lately, Coleman kicked off making barbecue grills sold at Canadian Tire.

4. Intex (1966) – Best Air Mattress Brand for Camping

Intex - best air mattress brand

Intex Recreation corporation is situated in Long Beach, CA, United States. It specializes in designing and developing products for delivering high comfort, safety, and fun. Intex is also a part of the family of companies with over 50 years of history.

As a trusted brand in this sector, Intex always tests its finished products to ensure their quality, safety, and value. And that explains why air mattresses from Intex are worth investing in.

If you’re searching for a basic camping mattress, or a luxury mattress for daily use, find Intex! It’s a good air mattress label you can trust. Every air bed from this brand comes up with an automatic pump or a little foot pump.

5. EnerPlex (2013)

EnerPlex - top rated air mattress brand

EnerPlex is one of the best air mattress brands using the finest materials in all of their product lines. They believe in good sleep, which makes EnerPlex build durable air mattresses for the long haul. The brand knows how to adjust its items to adapt to your sleep style for the best spine alignment.

It’s a division of Mayfair brands and was acquired in 2016. After that, EnerPlex got recognized as a home of the best-selling face masks, air mattresses, and pillows.

According to them, if their customers are not 100% satisfied, they continue to make it right. And that’s what EnerPlex promises!

6. REI (1938) – Best King-size Air Mattress Brand

REI air mattress

REI is a popular brand of outdoor gear with a history dating back to 1938. It offers sporting goods, camping gear, travel tools, and clothes.

In REI co-op, there’s a community of 21 million people building a different outdoor firm. As they claimed, they’re exploring and protecting where they love today and every day.

For air mattresses from the brand, they’re not simply the air bed but the sleep systems. If you’re looking for a durable king-size mattress coming with delicate linens, REI will help you.

Today, the brand owns 165 retail stores in 39 States. Besides that, it gets orders via catalogs and through the Internet. The label’s annual profits for 2019 were around $12 billion.

7. Bestway (1994)

Bestway air mattress

Bestway air mattresses would bring you to the next comfort through their innovative features. The brand has a vision of creating a fun and long-lasting experience for everybody in this world. After getting founded in 1994, Bestway has been committed to making decent products for more than 25 years.

They make strong efforts to improve research, design, and manufacturing processes. By doing that, the brand has succeeded in expanding its products and its brand name worldwide.

As one of the best air mattress companies, Bestway also provides a wide selection of pools and spas. Their manufacturing factories and development centers are all owned by the company, guaranteeing top-notch items at great prices.

8. Simmons (1929)

Simmons air mattress

In 1870, Zalmon G. Simmons made a metal carcass and covered it with a tablecloth. And this event was the exact moment when the spring mattress was born.

Until 1929, the brand got set up in France. Simmons is fully aware of the big role of restful sleep in our healthy lifestyle. For this reason, they aim at developing advanced technologies and working with the finest materials.

The flagship brand of Simmons is Beautyrest. The company now operates 18 manufacturing facilities in America and Puerto Rico. Out of the best air bed brands, Simmons is good overall as it comes to the longevity of the products.

9. Vango (1966)

Vango air mattress

For those who want to get into a deep sleep on an air bed, Vango is the best option! The brand is an impeccable choice for the campsite and sleepovers.

In 1966, Vango got founded in the West of Scotland. After that, the company’s headquarters moved to Port Glasgow. Here, the brand focused on producing tents and camping tools for families and adventurers.

Even today, Vango has been the leader in cutting-edge design and innovative products. You will be able to get a wide range of self-inflating mattresses from the brand. It doesn’t matter if you need a lightweight or a double mattress for your family camping, Vango has it all!

Final Words

The above best brands for air mattresses are trusted and innovative names, so well worth consideration. Whether you desire a single or a double one, you are a happy camper with one of these products. They are also perfect for guests with a high level of comfort. Also, these air beds can be easy to deflate and store neatly in place.

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