Best Air Fryer Brands: List of Top 8

Do you love chips but want to fry them with less oil? Choosing one of the best air fryer brands to earn a perfect fried layer is a fantastic idea for you. They both provide a healthier option to deep-fry foods instead of preparing them in a conventional oven.

Today, we shall only feature machines that prove to be efficient for the money. They differ in size and functions, so consider the following while you do research.

Top 8 Best Air Fryer Brands For Crispy Foods

1. Cosori (2012)

Cosori air fryer

Everyone loves the best quality products, so it’s no surprise Cosori is the winner on this list. The brand specializes in kitchen appliances that promote nutritious and healthy living. Based in Southern California, Cosori gets into the air fryer business successfully.

It’s well-known for selling food dehydrators, toaster ovens, pressure cookers, blenders, and more. With a wide range of products, they make affordable ways to boost daily duties of cooking, eating, and recreating.

Among them, the air fryer from the brand has become the largest seller and one of the most popular ones. It has come with several sales with increasingly positive ratings nowadays. The oven gets crafted to be user-friendly and fits any cooking, baking, and dehydrating need.

2. Ninja (1994)

Ninja air fryer

Out of the 8 best air fryer brands, Ninja proves itself as the best for small and safe machines. It’s one of many house-care companies owned by SharkNinja Operating LLC. The company’s name got created by mixing two major brands: Shark and Ninja. The first one primarily manufactures vacuum cleaners. Meanwhile, Ninja produces kitchen appliances.

In 1994, Ninja got founded as Euro-Pro Operating LLC and then changed the name to mark its popularity. The brand has now turned into the leader in household appliances and cleaning options. By offering innovative products, Ninja has soon become a crucial part of the houseware sector. At the beginning of 2020, it owned branches in 10 nations and sold over 150 products worldwide.

3. Gourmia

Gourmia air fryer

Gourmia air fryers can’t be missed out from the list today. They’re just as passionate about cooking ideas as you are. Its headquarter lies in Brooklyn, New York, mainly producing the tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Most Gourmia products like fryer ovens feature a high standard of innovation and performance. They’re claimed to bring professionalism to any home kitchen and meal.

With many years of experience in this sector, the founders know what cooks desire to make their lives easier. The brand allows its customers to eat better and healthier without spending much time in food preparation.

The Gourmia team has also invited many chefs and consumers to make their tools much better in the category.

4. Cuisinart (1971)

Cuisinart - best air fryer brand

Cuisinart is a U.S home appliance label of Conair Corporation, and one of the best-rated air fryer brands. Starting in 1971, the company succeeded in bringing electric food processors to the U.S market.

Other than that, Cuisinart did an outstanding job at producing air-frying machines. Most of them can finish within 15 minutes from beginning to finish.

Their commitment to creating the best and most functional products has won them many awards through the years. These are not limited to the Gold Hermes Award, the Gold Summit International Award, and Good Design Awards.

5. Chefman (2017)

Chefman - famous air fryer brand

If you’re searching for some best air fryer brands, the Chefman will be the number one label to count on. It’s one of North America’s leaders of little kitchen appliances. Its journey started in 2017 with the modest idea that cooking should be enjoyable for everyone. And now the brand becomes the best option for your next kitchen tools.

Their innovative products will make your daily cooking better while you can spend time with friends and family. Chefman is all about adding value to the kitchen with products that own the highest quality and fashion styling. By choosing them, all home chefs can be confident to gain picture-perfect outcomes with maximum efficiency.

6. Philips (1891)

Philips - top rated air fryer brand

Philips is a renowned Dutch technology corporation founded in Eindhoven in 1891. Its headquarter is now located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The company engages itself in different segments of the market such as healthcare, lighting, and human well-being. It began manufacturing carbon-filament lamps in 1892 and used the first factory as a museum.

Not only that, but it’s also the inventor of air fryers with fat-removing technology. Amongst Philips air fryers, the modern Philips XXL uses less oil to give you healthier fried food in a splash.

With a belief in homemade food, they created kitchen solutions that make home cooking tasks more exciting and more efficient. Philips’s team of experts who know how to perfect air-frying technology would allow you to cook to perfection. The brand name is quite popular in the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, and many nations worldwide.

7. Dash (2010)

Dash air fryer

Getting established in 2010, the company is famous for younger audiences and high durability for the price. Dash can win your heart for its retro designs, delicate colors, and its claim to making cooking more fun. But don’t misunderstand that these are only good for shows because these kitchen tools function quite well.

Based in New York, Dash owns a great variety of appliances that have both excellent quality and performance. Here, they create products that make it easier for you to prepare food and feel your best.

Over the past decade, Dash has marked its name to shake up the world of kitchen appliances. So hurry to check more cooking solutions from the brand for a healthier life.

8. Instant (2009)

Instant air fryer

In Canada, Instant Brands Inc. is a popular brand specializing in a wide range of kitchen appliances. Robert Wang, Yi Quin, and three other partners are the ones who established the company. These are also the designers of the Instant Pot and other items sold under the Instant Brand name.

Now the brand has broadened its line to add air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, and other good-quality appliances. Its mission is to enable customers to have more time enjoying meals with their beloved ones.

If you’re looking for a decent air fryer for quick meals on the go, choose Instant Vortex for crispy results.

Final Words

What’s your favorite among these best air fryer brands? Making crispy fries without oil is the golden claim of them all, and they do it so well. Unlike pots or pans, there are many unknown things with new tools. Thus, we hope you have enough information about them after reading this article.

Get the best option out there and prepare fries without the mess of frying now!

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