Top 9 Best Air Compressors Brands To Carry Around

In the past, an air-powered tool or a pneumatic-powered one was quite like a beast: giant and loud. Thankfully, time has changed everything. Today, it’s easy to find more compact versions from various labels.

Check below for some best air compressor brands that might come in handy. They’re not only portable, lightweight but also powerful enough to do your work.

No matter if it’s about topping up tires or remodeling your home, they never disappoint you!

Top 9 Best Air Compressors Brands To Carry Around

1. Ryobi (1943) – Best industrial air compressors brand

Ryobi air compressor

In 1943, Yukata Urakami set up Ryobi Seisakusho Limited Company in his hometown, Hiroshima. Following that, they organized an opening ceremony for the firm and started producing die-cast tools at a factory.

Shortly after its establishment, the company soon developed from die fabrication to bring the entire processing in-house.

Today, Ryobi is one of the most reliable brand names for industrial air compressors. Like Bosch, Ryobi provides high-quality tools at affordable prices. With 260 innovative solutions, customers have a wide range of choices to make to get their job done.

Go ask Ryobi for whatever you do, from drilling, cutting, lighting, cooling, trimming, edging to clearing.

2. Milwaukee (1985) – Best US air compressors brand

Milwaukee air compressor

Milwaukee is also one of the best air compressor manufacturers in the USA we want to mention in this list. The firm specializes in manufacturing and marketing corded and cordless power tools. The company is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Limited Company.

It got founded in 1985. Nowadays, Milwaukee has become well-known as the leading maker and supplier of home improvement and care products.

In 2016, the brand used to be the largest supplier of cordless tools in North America. Bosch went closer with second place while Stanley Black & Decker was at third place.

3. DeWalt (1924)

DeWalt air compressor

DeWalt makes the name in our best air compressor brands roundup today for different reasons.

Like the two above, it’s an expert in industrial tools for the construction, carpentry, and manufacturing industries. In 1923, DeWalt got established by Raymond E. DeWalt in America, and now it’s still based in the country.

In 1949, American Machine & Foundry Co., Inc acquired the firm and sold it to Black & Decker. Long after that, Black & Decker made a big attempt to rebrand the brand’s quality and classy power tools to DeWalt.

In 2001, DeWalt produced and sold over 200 hand power tools and 800 accessories. Now you can find their products online and through retailers nationwide.

4. Rolair (1959)

Rolair air compressor

Rolair is renowned as a 3rd-generation business based in the center of Wisconsin. Their first goal was simple: make the highest-quality compressors for human beings. After decades, that goal doesn’t change at all.

The brand succeeds in building its reputation for delivering rotary compressors to professional contractors. Most of them get built with decent quality and craftsmanship. For this reason, most contractors highly appreciate the label’s high attention to detail and performance for each option.

And for those looking for a trusted partner with decades of industry knowledge, experience, and service, find Rolair!

5. Makita (1915)

Makita - best air compressor brand

Makita Corporation was born in 1915 and was first known as an electric motor and repair Japanese firm. And now, of all the best air compressor brands, Makita is the most competent for certainty. They own a great variety of power tools on the 18V and 18V x2 platforms together with professional gas tools.

Makita air compressors have gained the trust of every professional user in the world. Coming to Makita when you need power, durability, and performance for products. Most of them appear more compact, have less vibration, and make you feel better when in use.

At the present, Makita is the leader in producing high-class products at ten factories in eight countries.

6. Senco (1948)

Senco - top rated air compressor brand

Senco brand has almost 60 years of experience in power tools. Despite that, the brand used to get challenged by high legacy costs from the ex-owner.

The firm got in trouble when the downturn in residential housing showed up in 2008. Senco overcame that by powering the leadership and applying strategies to control costs and enhance market share.

You can find their products through different professional distribution outlets in over 40 nations. The brand became more famous in the industrial marketplace as the leader in offering handy tools for fasteners.

It owns a comprehensive line of air-powered, battery-powered, and gas-powered nailers and screw guns.

7. Craftsman (1927)

Craftsman - famous air compressor brand

The brand made its debut in 1927 and became reputed due to its high-end tools. It provides an extended line of power tools, garden equipment, and other accessories for home use.

As claimed by the company’s history, Sears acquired rights to avail the Craftsman name from Marion-Craftsman Tool for five hundred dollars.

For years, most Craftsman products got sold at Sears. Started as a house brand, Craftsman gets owned by Stanley Black & Decker now.

Shortly after that, Stanley built a factory in Texas to begin manufacturing tools for the brand. In 2009, Popular Mechanics readers voted Craftsman as their favorite label of hand tools in the Reader’s Choice Awards.

8. Porter-Cable (1906) – Best Air Compressors Brands for Home Garage

Porter-Cable air compressor

Porter-Cable is a  USA company that specializes in manufacturing handy tools. Its name became more prominent mainly before 1960. Around that time, they got famous as one of the finest power tool makers in America.

Afterward, Rockwell Incorporation acquired the company, which decreased the quality of its products. The reason behind it is that they wanted to compete with the affordable tools sold in department stores.

Nowadays, Porter-Cable and Black & Decker are all the best brands having all the power tools you need for home garages. Both of them come at good prices.

9. Ridgid (1923)

Ridgid air compressor

If you’re seeking a reliable unit for air compressors and their parts, then give Ridgid a shot! The brand is the leader in manufacturing innovative equipment for professionals. Besides, they offer trusted and durable power tools to get any hard job done fast.

Though Ridgid is close to the finest performers, they’re priced under other popular brands. In 1923, Ridgid made the modern pipe wrench, which carries its name further in terms of effectiveness and legacy.

They strive for the top in quality, innovations, technical support, and customer service. Obviously, all talented agents of the company share one vision: Make the company the best!

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Final Words

We have the best air compressor brands for your garage above. They can give you the right equipment that needs some power and effectiveness behind it. Every expert contractor needs a compressor.

Thus, choose any of these manufacturers if you know that you must use a lot of compressed air the whole time. Each of the brand names would offer a long-lasting solution for automotive, carpentry, aviation, and many other reasons.

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